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6 Best Backpacks For College

Once college days hit, backpacks become more of a functional necessity than a fashionable one. Keeping everything together for the hectic and often unusual schedule that college life brings becomes easy with the right backpack to carry all a student needs for a full day on campus. From carrying heavy books and stationery to having a safe place to store your tablet or computer, owning a stylish, high quality and fully functional college backpack becomes inevitable.

But, the challenge is getting a good backpack to push you through several semesters. Well, that can only be a simple task if you have information on what to look for when shopping for one. This review has been made with the sole purpose of helping the busy scholar make up their minds about what the best college backpack is. Even when there is a vast range of choices to pick from, the quest can be narrowed down to these six models since all of them make the cut:

1. High Sierra Loop Backpack.

This functional, rugged backpack from High Sierra should fit college students’ needs very well. It has ample storage space to fit up to an 18-inch laptop, along with a student’s textbooks and other materials. Internal straps are made to securely keep all your gear organized, and allow for extra storage when needed. It also offers a Dedicated MP3 player pocket with headphone port, 2 side mesh beverage compartments, and a hanging organizer pocket. These features prove why this is the perfect college bag to keep materials organized while allowing students to listen to music and keep their electronics dry.

The exterior of this backpack features a water-resistant and waterproof, layered material that is designed to reduce the likelihood of ripping and protect your coursework from the elements. Built in shoulder straps make this bag exceptionally comfortable for walks across campus, and the integrated grab handle is perfectly positioned to provide a secure handle without ripping under heavy loads. It also has back padding that makes for ease of comfort when handling it.

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2. Under Armour Storm Hustle II.

With UA storm technology to provide water resistant and element-battling finish; this is a great and secure backpack to store your favorite college accessories in. It is made of 81 percent polyester material and 19 percent quality nylon, with a tough and abrasion-proof bottom panel, ensuring impregnable quality and shock, impact resistance. The polyester-nylon blend allows it to remain very durable, yet flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs.

It features two side bottle pockets to keep you hydrated at all times and also a soft-lined sleeve for holding up to 15-inch laptop. Its easy to adjust heat gear shoulder straps ensure added comfort and convenience, reducing fatigue on the user. There are five exterior pockets and three interior, as well as well-organized interior sleeves for neatly storing your items, from books to laptop to phones and tablets and pens. It also has a top grab handle for easy mobility.

If you study in an environment with highly diverse weather or you just need a bag that will hold up to a fair amount of abuse this highly-water resistant/repellent bag is an excellent option.

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3. The North Face Jester Backpack.

Being the only entry from the company on this list, the Jester is undoubtedly the best North Face backpack for college. This is nice bag has many new features. One feature you will like in particular is the FlexVent straps. These straps are injection-molded and prevent irritation from carrying it around all day. The removable help belt also is very convenient for the days when you need extra support. The main carrying compartment is quite huge which makes it perfect for carrying binders, calculators, books, or supplies.

This model also comes in different colors so it should be easy to find one that fits your style. It’s offered in nineteen different color schemes. Made out of polyester, it’s one of the best choices you could go with for a college backpack. Weighing two pounds and measuring 19.69 x 7.48 x 13.39 inches, this unisex backpack is suitable for any activity. Plus, it helps you look good regardless of what you’re doing. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or commuting to and from college.

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4. AmazonBasics Backpack.

Giving your study essentials maximum protection when you are at school or traveling adds its service life. Therefore, whether they are your books or computer, they should be well protected without sacrificing your comfort. With this AmazonBasics backpack, you can now relax. It is a perfects student companion that guarantees security, style, and comfort. It allows you to organize all your items through the divided compartments. Each pocket is designed either for books, smaller gadgets or a laptop.

It is crafted to fit a 17 inches laptop; therefore, you won’t need a separate carrying bag. When you are carrying your stuff, you will feel comfortable because of the padded shoulders straps. Also, mashed pockets on its sides enable you to carry refreshing beverages. The durable polyester material is sturdy and will provide longer usage.

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5. JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack.

This backpack has a very large capacity of 2100 CU inches, so you will have ample space to put in all your textbooks and a laptop as well. The bag is made of a polyester material which offers a reasonable amount of comfort when you carry it on your shoulders.

This college bag perfectly balances comfort, versatility, and durability. It’s spacious; you can carry so much in its well-organized pockets. There are two main compartments in the bag, both quite spacious. They’re large enough for you to store everything you will need for a day at school. There are several front compartments in the bag as well that let you put in various other items that you may be having.

The shoulder straps are S-shaped, so you shouldn’t feel too much strain on your shoulders when carrying the bag. This is among the reasons this bag is your best partner in your toughest day at school. Walking around, from class to class, with a ton of stuff on your back does not feel like a burden at all!

When purchasing a college backpack, the choice of color is quite important since you will be carrying it around with you each time you go to college. The JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack gives you several color choices to choose from with whopping 28 different colors. The bags are all priced per their colors, but they would typically cost less than $50 to purchase. You can enjoy the benefits of a great quality bag while still rocking it with your clothing!

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6. Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack.

Herschel Supply Co.’s Retreat backpack is as known for its reliability as it is for its distinct design. You will never have to worry about a caught zipper, as this pack uses stylish straps to cover a large opening. This makes it easier to load your pack in a rush. The top flap is closed by sturdy magnetic pin clips, and underneath, this pack is fully padded and fleece-lined in its characteristic pinstripe design.

This pack’s internal dimensions are 17 x 12 x 5.75 inches, making for a total 19.5L volume. The pack can expand to hold two 3-inch thick books, one 2-inch book, and some other items. There is a laptop sleeve inside for laptop, but it does not offer enough extra padding to protect a laptop from drops, so be sure to grab a laptop sleeve.

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Buying Guide.

There are numbers of things that someone should think about while purchasing a backpack. Awesome backpacks have adjustable straps to offer a comfortable fit on the back, well cushioned and ventilated back, ergonomic, contoured harness, comfortable zipper pulls, water-resistant build and plenty of compartments to store both big and small objects. However, modern day bag manufacturers try to incorporate some security especially when it comes to protecting technological gear, such as laptops, photography equipment or any other mobile device.

Factors to consider when buying your backpack.

  • Will it survive four years of college, and maybe more?

Remember that you’re buying this backpack for at least a few years of college, possibly adding a master’s degree and maybe even postgraduate school. Think about how your style will evolve in the next couple of years, what gadgets you’d like to purchase and how many books or other school supplies your college requires.

Your backpack should easily be able to fit everything you need in the next four years. Also, pay close attention to the fabric of the bag and its overall sturdiness. While leather bags tend to be heavier than their cotton or synthetic counterparts, they’re much more resistant and age better.

  • Size.

It’s not just about finding a bag that will fit all of your stuff; you want a backpack that will fit you, too.

When it comes to backpacks, finding the right size bag is all about your torso length. You don’t want one that falls below your hips, where a waistband (on larger packs) is designed to help distribute the weight. If you find a bag that has options for men and women, be aware that women’s bags are often slightly smaller to accommodate their typically smaller frames. Taller individuals will want men’s packs, while the more petite are likely to appreciate women’s packs.

  • What You’ll Be Carrying.

Science students know that their backpacks will be stuffed with textbooks, lab books, lab equipment and other bits and pieces. They’ll need large enough pockets to hold books and smaller pockets to hold instruments (and their teeny motivation to continue their major). Meanwhile, other majors like art and drama probably won’t carry much to class because their materials will be in the studio or theater. A big backpack for these students will make them look like a lost skydive.

  • Comfort.

Comfort is one of the most important factors in choosing your backpack. If it hurts your back, you will not be able to use it. At worst – you will injure yourself.

You shouldn’t be carrying more than 15 percent of your total body weight, so keep this in mind as you load it up. The heaviest items should be placed closest to your back and lowest in the bag.

Ensure you get these features:

· Adjustable, padded shoulder straps to ensure the bag sits comfortably, reducing strain on your back.

· Contoured, padded backs to follow the shape of your lower back. This allows for a natural arch ensuring no back pain.

· Padded hip belts to remove weight from your back and shoulders. It places a large portion of this burden on the leg muscles so you can carry heavier loads for a long time.

Pick a Bag That Makes You Happy!

More than anything just pick something you like! What works well for others might not work for you. Don’t stress about finding the “perfect” bag. It doesn’t exist. Even if it did, your needs would change over time, and you’d have to adapt your bag to fit or replace it entirely. Have fun, pick something you enjoy, and keep these tips in mind so that it’s one you’ll want to keep around for a long time.

Several Keys to Organizing Your College Backpack.

1. Separate your textbooks based on which classes are being held on different days of the week. This way you can fill your bag with one small stack at the beginning of every morning, and then replace that stack with another the following day.

2. If you carry pens, pencils, a compass, or any other pointed instruments, it’s beneficial to store those items in a plastic case. The case will provide a buffer for the backpack’s stationary compartment, and it will also keep those items from sticking out and pricking your skin.

3. If specific classes require you to keep separate notebooks, be sure that each of those notebooks features a different-colored cover. Color-coding is an efficient way to avoid packing the wrong notebook, and it may also wind up saving you a considerable amount of time.



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