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Top 5 Glucose Test Strips for Glucose Meters

Healthcare is not something to underestimate. Especially when you live with diabetes and its limiting consequences. The last thing you want is to have difficulties with the tools and products used to help you manage the condition.

Due to the large variety of glucose test strips available these days, consumers are often confused when it comes to choosing the right one. In addition to that, many of them are not easy to use. Some of them do not even come with instructions on how to read them after the test is done. Even the best glucometer is only as good as the test strips.

A Glucose Monitor is a device that is fitted under your skin which is used to automatically monitor your blood glucose levels. You can then track your blood glucose levels anytime, giving you an accurate indication of how the levels change throughout the day and over longer periods of time. When choosing the best glucometer, there are plenty of choices on the market which have different benefits.

When selecting the best blood glucose meter, remember that you’ll need to buy test strips to accompany it. This could ultimately influence your choice as your test strips need to be compatible with your device. If you’re not sure which test strips to buy, take a look at our top 5 test strips below:

Contour-Next Bayer Blood Glucose Test Strips

Bayer Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips are a reliable way of testing blood glucose levels. They are good value for money as they are a lot cheaper than some of the alternatives on the market, yet they still give accurate results. Each pack contains two boxes containing 50 test strips. They are ready to use straight away making them convenient for using every day. They’re a good choice if you’re looking for an easy way to test your blood glucose levels at home. A new test strip needs to be used every day, and they aren’t reusable.

These strips are pretty lightweight and made of plastic. Moreover, they come in packs of 100. These are compatible with glucose meters like Next EZ blood Glucose testing system by Bayer. They are mostly compatible with other glucose meters by Bayer as well. The strips are compatible with most of the blood glucose meters which ensures that you do not have to upgrade their software or take any extra steps in order to make them work.


  • Easy to use
  • Works with quite a few glucose monitoring systems
  • Long expiry dates
  • Good value for money
  • Accurate results
  • Convenient for everyday use


  • Not reusable

These strips have no coding technology which means fewer errors due to user miscoding. It has a sip-in sampling which easily and quickly absorbs blood sample and high-performance strips with proven efficiency. This strip also ensures highly accurate results with its multipulse accuracy technology and exclusively used with the Contour-Next glucometers. It is also equipped with a tiny 0.6 microliter blood sample and a 5-second test time.

“Next” is an upgraded version of high-quality glucose text strips, now with multi-pulse technology. Such an enhancement allows this device to evaluate a single sample 7 times, over checking to get the most accurate result possible. Also, the “Second chance” feature allows you to apply more blood to the sample (in case if something went wrong) so you don’t have to waste another test device. Moreover, the “Sip in” sample will automatically sip exact amount of blood (only 0.6 µL) to help you make sure you did your test right from the first try. Also, Contour Next Test Strips are compatible with Bayer Next EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring System. To use this device, simply take a blood sample from your finger, pre-washing your hands.

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Accu-Chek Nano Smart View Test Strips

These Accu-Chek Nano Smart View test strips provide a high level of accuracy when testing blood. They are easy to use, featuring a quick fill strip for easy self-testing. The sample size is small compared to other brands. This product is quite expensive in comparison with other test strips, but it’s a very high-quality product which produces very accurate results and the delivery times are fast, making them a good choice if you need them urgently.

If you’re looking for testing strips which require no coding at all to use, this one is the perfect option for you. Owing to no need of additional coding to use them, they are pretty easy to handle. The method to use them is also pretty self-explanatory, and it is highlighted on the packaging as well. Also, the accuracy is much more advanced as compared to some of the other glucose testing strips. The sample size which is needed is also pretty small. This ensures that you would be able to get the accurate results with the 1st attempt itself.


  • No coding needed
  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy
  • Small sample size needed
  • Quick fill strip for easy self-testing
  • Good quality product


• Does not provide you with value for money

With advanced accuracy for best results, these test strips do not require prescriptions and are easy to handle. With its tiny 0.6 microliter drop, this strip is easy to use for people of all ages. Make sure to properly read when the strips expire – using them past the expiration date will just generate an incorrect diagnosis. These strips are compatible with the Accu-Check Nano Meter which is considered one of the best glucose meters in the market. For more details on how to use this glucometer, you may refer to the manufacturer’s website ( It is important to note that when doing tests, do not put blood samples on top of the test strip.

“Smartview” is simple in use and easy to carry, providing highly accurate diabetes test suitable for the people of any age group. Now it’s possible to get a precise reading on your blood sugar level in comfort of your own home or on a trip, if necessary. Product’s simplicity is dictated by its quick-fill strip and Tiny 0.6 microliter drop + it has no need for encoding – just place it into the meter, and within a minute you will get the most accurate result of your sugar level test. Note that Smartview test strips are designed to be used with Accu-Chek Nano Blood Glucose Meter. It is also ideal for insulin users – the device fits them perfectly and will have no side effects or test misreading.

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Freestyle Lite Test Strips

If you’re looking for simple and easy to use testing strips with no frills at all, these are the perfect option for you. These do not require any coding and can easily work with Freestyle Lite and Freestyle freedom lite testing systems. Thus, it would indeed become easier for you to use them as there are no specific steps which you have to follow. The procedure just consists of a couple of steps which are highlighted on the packaging itself.


• Easy to use

• No coding required


• Shorter expiry dates

This is a fast and easy testing strip with its unique ZipWik tabs that target the blood and pull it in. It has a smaller sample size of 0.3 microliters and up to 60 seconds only to reapply blood. These strips are for use with FreeStyle Lite and FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems which has larger and easy to read numbers.

Freestyle-Lite is a blood glucose test strips, found, designed and made by a worldwide organization “Abbot”, based in the US. This organization is well-known for its researches and high-quality healthcare production, so you should have no doubt that their product will leave you happy and pleased, providing one of the best blood glucose tests and meters on the market. To use this device, simply take a blood sample from your finger, pre-washing your hands. Thanks to unique ZipWik tabs, the process is optimized to be as quick as possible – these tabs simply target the blood and quickly pull in all the amount needed to proceed (extremely low – around 0.3 microliter). The process is also optimized by the fact that no coding is required – you simply put a test strip inside your “Freestyle Lite” or “Freestyle Freedom Lite” meters and save your precious time.

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GenUltimate 50 Test Strips

This is a budget product, and they are priced very cheaply compared with similar products. However, despite the low price, the GenUltimate Test Strips give a good level of accuracy – similar levels that can be found in more expensive products. The code has to change manually, but overall it’s very easy to use. The test strips work with One Touch Ultra meters and Ultra 2 meters. The strips fit easily into the machine, and the results are easy to read. The product is packaged well and the delivery times are fast. This product is very good quality for the price.

If you are specifically looking for the glucose testing strips for the One Touch Ultra meter, these are the perfect option for you. These are pretty easy to use, and the procedure also is pretty self-explanatory. These strips work with different OneTouch monitoring systems which makes it easier for you to use the same testing strips for the different monitors. Also, you have to manually change the coding before using the meter. While coding is easy but this is an extra step which you have to undertake with this particular glucose testing strips.


  • Easy to use
  • Requires smaller samples
  • Good value for money
  • Accuracy is as good as more expensive products
  • Easy to read results
  • Good packaging


  • Manual coding required
  • Moderate accuracy
  • Code has to be changed manually

These strips are the new affordable test strips for OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2, and UltraMini meters. It’s got lower price compared to the other test strips in the market but with the same accuracy – lower price means you can do more tests. OneTouch Ultra Meters offers a large screen with backlight and a simple way to test your blood sugar levels. Be careful not to hold the meter and test strip below the blood drop as this may cause the blood to run into the test port and ruin the meter. More guides on how to use the meter and tips are on the website:

“Gen Ultimate” is a glucose test strip, proudly designed by PharmaTech Solutions, Inc. to be a valuably priced instrument for comfortable usage “on the pulse”, still keeping PharmaTech’s signature quality. Long expire dating (around 15 to 18 months from the date of purchase) won’t let you throw your money away and ultimate compatibility will allow you to use almost every (consider revising and consulting) lancing devise and brand devices, such as One Touch Ultra, One Touch Ultra 2 and One Touch UltraMini Meters. So you can just simply get same results for a much better price (comparing with the standard One Touch strips), still using the meter you already know and trust. So now it finally became possible to get the care you deserve for much lower price.

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FORA TN’G (Test N’GO) Blood Glucose Test Strips (50 Count)

These blood glucose test strips come with advanced GDH technology, and they are designed well for absorbing blood quickly, produces the most accurate results. Its simple design makes it easy to insert and use, and results are easy to read. It’s compatible with ForaCare and Test N Go meters. They also have quite a long expiry date (December 2018) which gives you a while to use them after purchase before they expire.

These glucose testing strips are one of the most advanced on this list as they use the Advanced GDH technology. Also, the sample size which is needed by these glucose testing strips is also on the lower side with 0.5 L. Thus, you do not take the risk of collecting less blood than is required for the glucose testing strip to show the accurate result. Moreover, the time which is required for the result to be shown is just 5 seconds. This ensures that you would be able to get the test done quickly as well.

These testing strips also use the partial hydrophilic layer which ensures that the accuracy is further enhanced of these testing strips. The strips are designed in such a way that they are pretty easy to insert into the glucose meter. There would be no going back and forth for correctly placing them in the glucose meter. Thus, you would be able to quickly insert them owing to their precise design, and you would be able to start the testing quite quickly.


  • Highly precise
  • Easy to insert into the glucose meter
  • Quicker absorption of blood
  • Quicker results
  • Small sample needed
  • High level of accuracy
  • Simple design that easies to use and read results
  • Long expiry date


  • Shorter expiry dates

These test strips are compatible with FORA TN’G (Test N’GO) / TN’G Voice meter. It has a quick blood absorption design and advanced GDH technology. It also has a smart circuit design for a quick insert and simple start. With its patented partial hydrophilic layer you are guaranteed an enhanced accuracy with the results. FORA may not be a well-known glucometer name, but for those tech-savvy diabetic, this brand may be the best glucometer. It has a Bluetooth feature and an app for your smartphone or desktop making the tracking more convenient. Using this glucometer is also easy – just insert the test strip, take blood sample using a lancet and touch the tip of the test strip to the drop of blood. Results can be achieved within 5 seconds or less.

Another one of the best glucometers is the “Test N’GO” – a blood test strip, provided with advanced GDH glucose testing technology, designed to improve testing speed and quality as high as possible. Practical design is, undoubtedly, the strong side of FORA’s device – it provides a medical product with an ability to absorb blood sample 2.7 times quicker than the standard device on the market and the smart circuit was designed for a quick and comfortable insert. Moreover, the accuracy of the device was improved by patented partial hydrophilic layer. Experienced FORA users will be pleased to hear that brand new “Test N”GO” is compatible with their ForaCare meter – as well as new TN’G Voice meter. In order to use this device, simply take a blood sample from your finger, pre-washing your hands.

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Wrap Up

You need to keep in mind that even the best glucometer only functions properly when you have the right kind of glucose testing strips. Consider all the pros/cons of each device and pick the one you find yourself most comfortable with. Of course, be sure that the strips you choose are compatible with your device.


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