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A girl’s wardrobe is incomplete without a corset. There is no denying the fact that the corset is the garment that has evolved the most in the fashion world. Earlier used just to hold the torso or as a weight training device, over time it has gained the status of a top. It can be teamed with jeans, shorts, leggings or even skirts! A variety of ways have been discovered by the fashion experts and all of them look equally appealing and attractive.

Constructed from a strong yet flexible fabric, a corset has a great strength for holding your waistline in a great shape. Coming in a number of styles, corsets have gained a great popularity in the fashion world over the years and are a favorite with the celebrities too. Finding a corset that suits your body shape is generally an uphill task for some women.

Five Exclusive Ways To Rock A Corset This Summer

  1. UNDERBUST OVER A DRESS – A corset is a piece of clothing that comes with a lot of wearing options. Wearing it under your bust line will give you a completely new look. This look is most recommended for a picnic or a day out with your partner. Simply wearing the corset over a shirt or a dress can give you a completely new look or a dress maybe. Teaming the corset with a cropped polo neck jumper work wonders for the look. The femininity that it brings to the look is beyond expression.
  2. WEARING IT WITH SHORTS – Teaming a corset with a pair of shorts is another great idea for this weekend party. A corset top definitely looks attractive and appealing. The fashion statement that it defines and the appeal that it brings along is definitely worth the money. An overbust corset with cups goes great with denim shorts. Not just shorts, a corset can literally be teamed up with anything ranging from jeans to leggings. A corset as a top looks and feels great.
  3. UNDER THE DRESS – Corsets slim the body. Thus, another way to rock a corset is to wear it under that dress you have been postponing since eternity because of that bulging tummy. Corsets can give your body a great shape for dresses and gowns. They emphasize a curvy figure by reducing the waist thus giving a great look while highlighting the bust and the hips. Wedding and Bridal corsets are a great choice to be worn under your wedding gown on your ‘The Day’.

A corset, however, can also be worn to achieve a tubular and straight body shape minimizing the bust and hips. A corset worn under the dress can do it with great ease.

  1. VINTAGE CORSET DRESS – Versatility and choice are an added advantage when it comes to corsets. Among the many ways to wear a corset, the best one is definitely to wear it as a dress! Yeah, a corset can help you get a retro look. Corsets can perfectly be paired with vintage clothes to give you an amazing traditional look. An interesting fact here is that the term ‘corset’ used for tops these days has been borrowed from the historical piece of clothing called a ‘corset’.
  1. OVER THE CLOTHES – Wearing a corset over an oversized shirt or top is an underestimated fashion idea. Kylie Jenner recently made an appearance wearing a corset above an oversized plain T-shirt and it looked absolutely stunning. This way of rocking a corset is quite trending these days and is a favorite with the celebrities too. Keep the color coordinated with the footwear and you get an all-new dress!


Thus, these are some of the ways to rock a corset. A corset, rather than a clothing item, is more of an accessory. From bags to rings, socks to necklaces, something or the other keeps trending. A corset is the new talk of the town. Wearing it over the dress or under it, or just as a top, all of them look equally good, wearing a corset is all about layering.

Interestingly when it comes to corsets, there’s something available for everyone. For instance, healthy corsets are very popular these days as waist trainers for women looking to mold themselves into a particular shape.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go on girls! Rock it.

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Updated: April 23, 2018

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