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Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM SonicPro Headphones Review

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Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7GM SonicPro Headphones Review

Audio Technica’s ATH-M50x has long been the best sounding headphone with a price tag of $150 only. For a while, the company hadn’t made a killer model to go up against its popular premium over-ear headphones ranging $250-$300 until it introduced the ATH-MSR7GM. The headphones come in different colors, are well-built and deliver high-quality sound. Simply put it’s an upgraded version of the ATH-M50x. The ATH-MSR7GM fits most users comfortably and comes with three detachable cables.

Design and construction

The ATH-MSR7GM shares some familiar resemblance with its predecessor ATH-M50x, but it’s sleeker, comes with plushy padded ear cups and features a gunmetal color. Its headband is narrow but firmer, the cups less vulgar with a shape that takes on Sony’s headphones. The ear cups also rotate along the metallic brackets so as to lay flat and sport adequate memory foam padding covered in leather. However, the MSRT headphones do not fold up like the others, but the cups turn 90 degrees and are adjustable along the metal band. The headphones come with three 1/8 inch (3.5mm) stereo L-shape detachable cables that comprise: a 3.9″ or 1.2m standard cable, another 3.9″ cable with in-line omnidirectional microphone control for switching between media and calls and a 9.8″ standard cable. One of the 1.2m long cables features a one-button remote compatible with Android and iPhone devices. The cables come in a protective case.


The ATH-MSR7GM use a 45mm True Motion Driver with light voice coils, a tailor-made printed circuit boards, and uniquely designed diaphragms to improve transient response and reduce distortion to deliver a frequency of 5-40,000 Hz. Its sound signature is well sculpted to provide balance, precision, and clarity in make-up vocals. Where the M50x registered a treble, the ATH-MSR7 brings greater cohesion. It is also livelier and has more energy as it projects wider, more over the head stereo imaging. However, its bass is unashamedly understated in different genres, a highly welcome and pleasant surprise in today’s heavy-handed market. What’s more the 45mm drivers are larger and have lots of potency when used to dig up musical pulses out of classic hip-hop tracks. Further scrutiny of the ATH-MSR7GM shows the upper midrange exposes little extra polish that produces synthetic quality to some tracks. The touch of color leans into electronic tunes but leaves out the authentic wood warmth expected from mandolins, acoustic guitars and cello found in acoustic tracks. As such, acoustic tones and textures are more realistic but slightly blurred and softened.


  • Attractive design
  • Robust construction
  • A balanced and clear sound across the board
  • Excellent clarity


  • The upper midrange sound a little synthetic
  • The tight clamping may be uncomfortable to some users
  • The headbands could use a bit more padding

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Updated: February 12, 2017

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