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Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Review – Perfect Bow For Small Hunters

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barnett recruit compound crossbow review

Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Package, Black

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The art of using the bow and arrow is never lost. Who said those days are in the past and hunters these days use just guns? The bow and arrow has come a long way and is part of the international games as well. This is because using it is not just fun, it requires a lot of patience, a sharp eye and expertise as well.

Crossbows and compound bows are two of the most prominent types of bows used today. The Barnett recruit compound crossbow package is the ideal combination Barnett could offer any hunter or archery enthusiast. Keeping in mind that people come in different sizes, this bow is just what the usually forgotten, small built hunters need.

We have reviewed the Barnett recruit compound crossbow review to analyze this product and why it is perfectly suitable for petite hunters.

Features And Specifications

  • A below average draw weight of 130lbs enables you to shoot without using much force or energy.
  • Adjustable butt stock to suit different height requirements
  • Can attach a crank cocking device and crank your bow with ease
  • Keep your fingers safe with the finger reminder that passes through the fore grip
  • Keep your arrows safe and at reach with the quiver that comes along with 3 20inch arrows
  • The crossbow measures 33.2 x 16 x 5 inches
  • It weighs a mere 6 pounds
  • Light weight and perfectly sized to suit women and smaller frame people who are into hunting – ( See full features and specs )


Why Should You Buy The Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow?


Attach Crank Coking Device

Cocking your crossbow is not an easy task. You need to use a lot of pressure to pull that string all the way back. However, with the invention of crank cocking rope and devices, you can cock your bow with ease. The facility to integrate a crank style aid to cock your bow ensures you can attach this device as and when you want and remove it once the job is done.

Finger Reminders

When you use a bow, your fingers are always at a high risk. When you are professionally trained and have been using the bow for a while, you will know where to keep your fingers while firing your bow. But when you are new or are using a new bow, the chances for an accident is quite high. With the finger reminder that passes right through the fore grip, this bow ensures your fingers are safe all the time, and your grip is not compromised upon.

Draw Weight

The higher the draw weight more is the pressure and effort required from your side, to fire the bow. The general draw weight of the crossbows is 150lbs. When the draw weight is just 130lbs, the pressure required is much lesser, and you can fire the bow at ease. It is just perfect for not-so-big made or not-so-strong hunters.

Small In Size

This Barnett recruit compound crossbow review recommends this bow for women and small-framed hunters since the bow is not only light but is also smaller in size. When the bow is too big for you, it makes it very difficult to fire precisely and hit your target perfectly. When the bow is perfectly sized, you will see how well you can actually hit the target. If you are a small made person, you don’t have to carry a huge or a heavy bow; you have a convenient option right here.

Adjustable Butt Stock

Buying a compound crossbow is an investment. When the height of the bow is fixed, you will be forced to change the bow if you grow taller. This will be a big disadvantage and an expensive affair for kids who are into archery. This Barnett recruit compound crossbow has a butt stock that can be adjusted as the child grows. Hence, allowing the child to use the same bow, for a longer period of time.

Comfortable Quiver

The most important requirement for any hunter or archer is the arrows at close proximity. You cannot keep reaching for an arrow after every shot. This bow package comes with a quiver that you can wear, and it also has 3 arrows of 20 inches each.

Light Weight

This bow is very light and easy to carry. When lesser energy is spent on carrying the bow, you have more reserved for shooting the arrows.


This bow boasts of a 300fps, which is more than many of the other similar bows in the market. This enables the shooter to shoot out arrows much faster, thereby making your hunt much more fun. Of it is a competition, the bow enables you to shoot out fast and precise.


  • Light weight bow with a low draw weight, an ideal combination for any hunter
  • Small sized to suit women and children
  • With a provision to attach a cranking tool, it reduces the effort required from the user
  • Bow can be used for a long period of time, even as the user grows in height


  • Needs to be assembled and is not ready to use out of the box
  • Kids below the age of 14 cannot use this as using a crossbow by children below that age is against the law


When you have the crossbow and compound bow packed into one neat little package, there is not much a hunter or an archer can ask for. You can shoot both horizontally and vertically with just a single bow. You can get the benefits of both the compound bow and the cross bow from a single bow. What’s more, you can carry it around easily and retain it with you even when you grow taller.

The Amazon customer reviews for this compound crossbow package is very good. It is a light, safe and convenient bow to invest in. A good bow should enable you to shoot out arrows at a good speed, without you exerting much. This bow does exactly that is a good buy for the price. Though there are bows at a lesser price, this one is a sure winner for those who want a smaller sized bow that is easy to carry around and use.

Click Here To Buy This Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow at Amazon.com


** All prices and ratings mentioned in this article are accurate at the time of publishing and may change with time.

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Updated: January 17, 2018

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