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Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 In 2018

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Looking For The Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 dollars? – Read More To Find Out

Why should you be looking for the best mountain bike under $1000? Mountain Biking is one of the best exercises you can have while getting closer to nature. It is therapeutic and will bring adventure back to your life.

They are available in a wide range of prices from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. But if you are just starting out or are planning to be a weekend biker, then you might want to look at buying a good bike priced below $1000. Even in this price range, you are spoilt for choice, be it is full suspension bikes or hardtails (bikes with only front suspension).

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Choosing The Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Dollars

To choose a bike that is just right for you, compare all the features, quality and prices among the various bikes available in your local cycle shops. Also look online e.g. amazon.com for a wider range of products and better deals.

Best mountain bikes under $1000Let us look at few things you need to consider while selecting the right mountain bike for you.

  1. The first step is the price you are willing to pay, as a beginner or a weekend biker you need to look at bikes which are below $1000. Once you are more proficient or bike more regularly, then you can look at higher ranges. Budget about $100/year for maintenance and replacements.
  2. If you are buying online, you might need to put aside $50-$100 for any assistance you may need to put your bike together by an expert.
  3. Type of bike
    1. Trail: All-purpose from dirt roads to Singletracks
    2. All Mountain: Stronger Frames & Longer Suspension for technical trails
    3. Cross Country: light, nimble competition bikes
    4. Free-ride/Downhill: designed for fast downhill rides
    5. Dirt/Jump: for aerial stunts
  4. Suspension
    1. Rigid – no suspension
    2. Hard Tail – Suspension in the front
    3. Full Suspension – Both in the front and the back

The suspension is important for cross-country and mountain biking. For uphill and slow downhill, a hardtail bike is good enough, but for some serious downhill riding, you need full suspension.

  1. Frame Material
    1. Steel: Corrosion resistant and used for bikes <$500
    2. Aluminum: Can take hard usage and used for bikes from $500-$1200
    3. Carbon: Serious riding bikes and from >$1200
  2. Tire Sizes:
    1. 26”
    2. 5”
    3. 29”
  3. Disc Brakes
    1. Hydraulic: Advanced, easier braking, expensive
    2. Mechanical: cheaper and wear out fast
  4. Drivetrain: Range of gearing more important than a number of gears.
  5. Size: Comfortable reach to the handle while seated and should be able to stand comfortably with both feet on the ground when standing on the crossbar.

Compare: Top 3 Best mountain bikes under $1000

If you have decided to buy a mountain bike, you can read about the three of the best-rated mountain bikes in the market below before making a decision:


Diamondback Recoil Trail

Diamondback Line Hard Trail

SE 24-Speed D Hard Tail

PictureDiamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike
FrameDB Recoil aluminum frame6061-t6 aluminum alloy hardtail frameSE 1 Double Butted Steel alloy
SuspensionSuntour XCM suspension forkSr sun tour suspension forkHL 595SAMS 29
Suspension TypeFullHard TailHard Tail
BrakesMechanical discHydraulic DiscMechanical disc
Chain & CogSuntour triple chain ring crank & 8 cog cassetteSram 1×9-speed drivetrain with chainShimano EZ Wheel Top, 42/34/24T, 8-speed
Wheel Size27.5″ wheels27.5″ wheels29”
Weight (Pounds)334040
 Rating9.4 / 109.4 / 109.7 / 10
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Dollars Reviews

For the bikes which will serve your needs whether you are a beginner or an experienced biker, let us look at the three best-rated mountain bikes in detail below.


#1 – Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Trail Full Suspension Mountain Bike with 27.5-Inch Wheels Review – The Best Mountain Bike For Beginners

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Recoil Trail is one of the few full suspension mountain bikes available under the price range of $1000. It is one of the best mountain bikes for a beginner or a weekend adventurer.


Some of the features of Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike are:

  • DB Recoil aluminum frame which has an optimized single pivot design and 4” of travel
  • Suntour XCM full suspension fork which has 120mm of travel.
  • Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes
  • Suntour triple chain ring crank & 8 cog cassette which gives it 24 gears to work with
  • 5” wheels.
  • Weighs about 33 pounds
  • Available in three sizes – small, medium and large.


This bike has been designed and built to deliver a solid performance on off-road terrain without any problems. The frame has a 4” of travel thanks to a coil shock with oil damping. When this is combined with the full suspension Suntour XCM fork which has 120mm of travel, the bike gives you a smooth ride over any rough terrain.

The fork has a preload adjustment, which means you can tailor the bike for your weight and riding style. It has front and rear Tektro Aires mechanical disc brakes. This gives you a lot of control over speed especially while riding downhill. It is easy to decelerate smoothly and for stopping quickly.

The Diamondback recoil bike has a Suntour triple-chain ring crank & 8-cog cassette which gives you 24 speeds on the trail. The shifters and rear derailleur are easy to shift and so give a smooth and controlled ride across any topography.

The wheel size of 27.5” is big enough to make it easy to ride over most obstacles, but small enough to give a quick acceleration and comfortable to steer through tight turns. It is lightweight at 33 pounds, making it easy to cycle uphill.

It is easy to build. Most beginners who do not have much experience building bikes have said that they were able to build these in less than two hours.


Built of an aluminum alloy, it is extremely strong and durable despite being lightweight.


The plastic pedals become slippery in wet and muddy conditions. The manual is also not very instructive.

The Diamondback recoil bike is the best bike for the beginner who wants to learn the act of mountain biking and for those weekend adventurers who do not want to spend a lot of money on the bike. This is a value for money bike.


check pricing

#2 – Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Line Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review – The Best Ride Quality For Hard Tail Mountain Bikes

The Diamondback 2015 line Hard Tail Mountain Bike aptly nicknamed the Hook delivers the best ride quality among hardtail mountain bikes under $1000 in the market today.


The main features of this bike are:

  • Hand built 6061-T6 aluminum alloy hardtail frame with progressive, low slung geometry
  • SR Suntour XCM hardtail suspension fork with 120mm travel
  • SRam 1×9-speed drivetrain with a chain guide
  • Avid DB5 Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • 5” wheels.
  • Avid DB5 Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Weighs about 40 pounds
  • Available in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra large


This bike has all the high end features one wants in a mountain bike but at an affordable cost.

It has a hand built frame which has a progressive low slung geometry; it is long and low which when combined with SR Suntour XCM suspension fork, considered being one of the best hardtail suspensions in the market today, gives the rider the best quality ride. The suspension comes with a 120mm travel which means there is a lot of give in the front system which ensures a smooth and controlled ride.

The SRam gearing system has 1X9 gears for smooth and simple shifting. The single cog set means the gears do not cause lockups between shifts.

The Avid DB5 Hydraulic Disc Brake is the best in the market currently. These brakes are highly responsive and give an effortless deceleration and a quick stop when required without any squealing which is common to most mechanical discs and some hydraulic discs.

The 27.5” wheel size is just large enough to go over most obstacles, unlike the 29” wheel it is easy to maneuver through tight turns and also give a faster acceleration.

It comes mostly assembled and only a very small amount of assembly and adjustment is required before using.


It has a 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy frame. This alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and silicone is considered to be the best for cycle frames because it has a high tensile strength (45000 PSI). This makes the frame extremely rugged and durable. The tires are double rimmed and so will last longer than regular tires.


The Price is a concern, and some customers have complained that the front end is slightly heavier.

If you want all the features of the high-end bike, this is the bike for you even if it is slightly expensive. The high quality of the ride experience is worth the price.

check pricing

#3 – SE Bikes Big Mountain 24-Speed D Hard Tail Mountain Bicycle Review – The Best Value For Money Hardtail Mountain Bike.

The 24-Speed D Hard Tail Big Mountain Bike from SE bikes is the best value for money hardtail mountain bike in the market today.


Some of the features of Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike are:

  • SE 1 Double Butted Steel alloy Frame
  • HL 595SAMS 29 Hard Tail Suspension Fork with 100mm travel
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 24-speed Shimano EF-40 EZ-Fire shifters with 8-speed wheel top, 42/ 34/ 24T crankset
  • 29” Wheel Size
  • Weighs about 40 pounds
  • Available in one size – medium


The 17” frame made of steel alloy is semi-integrated for a smoother and more controlled ride.

The big mountain bike is a hardtail bike, so the HL 595SAMS 29 Hard Tail Suspension Fork which is placed in the front has a 100mm travel that will absorb shocks well over a rough terrain.

The bike has a Shimano EF-40 EZ-Fire shifters with an 8-speed crankset on top of the wheel for easy and smooth shifting of gears. This also ensures that you have 24-speed options for a more efficient uphill and downhill movement.

It has integrated mechanical discs brakes with 160mm which are good enough to stop quickly and safely.

It has 29” wheel size which makes it easy to move over small and large obstacles like rocks, overgrown roots and holes and bumps on the trails. The high-quality tires provide good traction over these roads even on a wet and muddy terrain.


Made of high quality, double butted steel alloy; the frame is strong, durable, lightweight and able to endure the rough terrain.


The front-loaded suspension works well for riding uphill, but the ride downhill can be bumpy. Also, some customers have complained about the front end being heavier than the back. This bike has just one size of 17” frame; there may be a problem of fit for people taller than 6’. Also, the 29” wheelbase makes for a clumsy maneuvering. There are no instructions included in the manual for building the bikes.

In spite of its issues, the SE Big Mountain Bike has enough good points especially its low price to make this bike the best value for money hardtail bike in the market today. No wonder this is one of the highest rated mountain bikes on Amazon.

check pricing


Of all the mountain bikes available in the market priced below $1000, the Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Trail is the best. For one it has a full suspension which is better than hardtail bikes with only front suspension. It is also the lightest and has the best wheel size of the three reviewed here.


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Updated: April 21, 2018

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