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Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 In 2018

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Looking For A Mountain Bike On A Budget? We have reviewed the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars!

Mountain bikes are prized possessions for anyone who likes off-roading. Mountain biking can be done anywhere from gravel road to your backyard, but the real fun lies in trying single-track, off-road trails. They are made to handle a terrain which includes ruts, washouts, rocks, loose gravel, loose sand, roots and steep inclines and declines. To handle such a terrain, your mountain bike must have larger tires and suspension on the fork and frame, heavy duty wheels, lower gear ratios, and powerful brakes.

If you are not an advanced mountain biker who goes on a high incline and steep descent climbs, there is a plethora of options and brands available that would only end up confusing you to choose the best one under your budget. So, this review of best mountain bikes under 500 dollars will help you to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Best Mountain Bikes under 500 Dollars – Buying Guide

Buying a mountain bike need not be a daunting task if you are aware of the basic steps that you need to know before investing in one. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the best:

  • mountain bike guideFind out where you plan to ride because the type of terrain is a very significant factor and would help in deciding which type of bike you would buy. Ask yourself what kind of ride you be indulging in-smooth trail riding, cross-country racing, and mountain cruising or more athletic rides?
  • For evaluation of the components, it is recommended to start from the fork and then look at the wheels and rear.
  • Evaluate yourself regarding your skills and interests and what kind of budget you have laid out for yourself.
  • There is no limit to the amount of money that you can spend on a mountain bike. If you are a beginner, then consider buying within a stipulated budget without going overboard.
  • Aluminum and carbon frame materials are expensive but produce good-looking and lightweight bikes.
  • A bike with a front suspension is more popular because of the lighter weight and higher efficiency.
  • Wheel size is an important factor as the wheels roll over trail obstacles and a bigger wheel is definitely safer. A wheel size of around 27 inches is considered an ideal.
  • Bikes with disc brakes are more in demand because they help your wheels last longer.

After considering these factors and doing a little research, you can make a mental note of the factors that are most important to you and while making a purchase, this basic overview would help you to choose a great mountain bike that suits your needs and preferences.

Compare: Top 3 Rated Mountain Bikes Under $500

Here is a basic comparison of the 3 best mountain bikes under 500 in the market.


Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Trail
** Editor’s Choice **

GMC Yukon Fat Bike

Gravity FSX 1.0
 PictureDiamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain BikeGMC Yukon Fat BikeGravity FSX 1.0
BrandDiamondback BicyclesGMCGravity
Brake styleDiscDiscDisc
Wheel size29 inches26 inches26 inches
Suspension TypeFullFrontFull
Frame MaterialAluminiumAluminiumAluminium
Rating 9.4 / 10 9.1 / 10 8.8 / 10
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Top 3 Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars:

When you are a beginner at off-roading, you will not look for expensive mountain bikes but something that is affordable and at the same time durable and good to use. A mountain bike should be light and sturdy at the same time. Here are three mountain bikes that are under 500, along with their details and reviews. All three belong to popular brands in the market.

#1 – Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

** Editor’s Choice – Best Mountain Bike Under $500 **

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a mountain bike with full suspension for beginners and even moderate users for basic trails, the Diamondback Bicycles is the one for you. This is a fun bike to ride, and it drops and absorbs bumps extremely well. It has a great frame and shifts and stops perfectly well. If you plan to use it on really rough terrains, upgrade the fork and rear spring shock.


  • 4″ of travel – provided by oil damped coil shock.
  • The frame is DB recoil aluminum
  • Adjustments on external preload can be done to fit your riding style and weight
  • XCM suspension fork from Suntour has 120mm
  • Mechanical disk brakes from Tektro Aires.
  • 5″ wheels.
  • 24 speeds to choose with an 8 cog cassette and trip chain ring crank from Suntour.


With a few upgrades from the previous version, this bike has become a great choice for all mountain trails. The frame of this bike is really sturdy and at the same time frame and wheels combination is very light. So, It offers excellent performance for a great price. The bike is so good that you don’t feel potholes anymore and it feels as though it floats over bumps and holes.


The Single pivot design and DB recoil Aluminium frame make it light and highly durable. Also, it has a simple and uncomplicated design which is of great quality for the price.


This bike comes with a basic aluminum frame, full suspension, bosses for keeping a water bottle frame. It is a good idea to upgrade this bike and add other accessories to make this decent bike a great one. The bike is easily upgradeable and can be done without spending too much on it. With a little bit of extra effort, the bike becomes a great bike to ride.

Customer Service

The product is stocked and sold by Diamondback Bicycles themselves through Amazon. We could see that their customer service is very good and they are quick to respond to customer queries.

Availability and Affordability

The Diamondback Bicycles Recoil bike is available online through Amazon at great prices. This mountain bike is especially preferred by beginners and moderate users for its easy handling and affordability and the way it works well on different terrains.


The Diamondback Bicycles Recoil bike is definitely a good and fun bike to ride. Though It’s a basic bike, it handles well on all trails. It is one of those bikes that can be adjusted to suit the individual style of riding to have the best effect possible. I’d personally say this would be the best choice for users who want best out of their bikes.

check pricing

#2 – GMC Yukon Fat Bike Review

GMC Yukon Fat Bike

GMC Yukon Fat Bike is yet another option for those looking for the best mountain bike under $500. If you are looking for a mountain bike at entry level which is a fun ride, shifts well handles easily and is great on soft hiking trails then this is the one for you. And, If you are looking for a fat bike but are scared of the prices, this one is definitely for you.


  • 18″ handcrafted light Aluminium Frame
  • 26 x 4″ Tires
  • 4″ Aluminium rims
  • 7-speed shifter and rear derailleur from Shimano
  • Cable Disc Brakes


It has great front suspension which is easily adjustable and comes with great shock absorption that helps for easier rides, especially when going downhill. The rear shock is slightly slow but is just good enough for jumps. Also, the gearing works great.


The Aluminium frame makes it light and highly durable. With good quality tires and wheels, it definitely is a great bike to ride on different terrains.


The mountain bike comes with the basic Aluminium frame and 7 gears. There are no accessories that are given with it. If you need anything else, then you have to order them separately. Amazon sells a huge range of accessories like the master locks, helmet etc, that will go with the bike at a really good price.

Customer Service

The product is stocked and sold GMC themselves through Amazon. The customer service is great and, they are quick to respond to customer queries.

Availability and Affordability

The GMC Yukon Fat Bike is available online through dealers including Amazon which does good deals.


The GMC Yukon Fat Bike is definitely a great and fun bike to ride. It is not built for speed but for handling different terrains and handles dirt and snow equally well. The bike works well with minimum adjustments and, the finish and fit are good. This is great for people who don’t use a mountain bike all year round.

check pricing

#3 – Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Gravity FSX 1.0


If you are looking for a mountain bike at entry level with great quality, affordability and, a 24-speed dual suspension, the Gravity FSX is the one for you. The Gravity FSX is a bike which is fun to ride and very fast with great gearing. It is one of Amazon’s best sellers. There are plenty of options in the market, but this is one of the few where it is worth every penny you spend on it.


Gravity FSX comes with these attractive features.

  • Strong and durable with a new welded frame made out of hydroformed Aluminium
  • Lighter
  • Mechanical disc brakes from TektroNovello
  • M190 rear derailleur, front derailleur, EF51 24 speed easy to use shifters from Shimano
  • Aluminum riser Handlebars.
  • Wheelset – 26 inch Double wall alloy.
  • Front and rear adjustable suspension.
  • Front and rear quick release wheels.
  • Triple aluminum crankset, long travel adjustable preload fork from Suntour.
  • 24 speeds.
  • Comfortable Saddle
  • Alloy 27.2 seat post
  • 1 Tire
  • Narrow 8 chain


With a full suspension, this bike is great to ride both on and off road. Additionally, it feels extremely light and is yet very sturdy. This is excellent for beginners to moderate mountain bikers. This bike is sure to make riding pleasant owing to a full suspension and disc brakes.


The new advanced frame made with welded hydroformed aluminum tubing with single pivot technology makes it highly durable. It is very light and yet stable and strong to handle. With a great front suspension which is easily adjustable, the shock absorption is really good and makes it highly durable for usage on mountain tracks.


The mountain bike comes with the basic full suspension hydroformed Aluminium frame and 24 gears. Everything else that you would like to add, for example, the bright headlights, the taillights, etc. are extras and are sold separately. You can pick and choose what you want and add to the list, and it will cost you roughly a maximum of another $50 extra, that is all.

Customer Service

The product is stocked and sold from Sun Cycle Warehouse through Amazon. The customer service is great, and even on Sundays and holidays, they respond to emails within an hour. Though there is no warranty information, they seem to replace damaged parts and ship immediately without any problems.

Availability and Affordability

The Gravity FSX is available online through dealers like Amazon at amazingly tempting prices. This mountain bike is especially preferred by beginners for its durability and affordability.


The Gravity FSX is definitely a great deal for beginners and moderate level mountain bikers given the price factor. It would also appeal to anyone else who wants to have a second-hand bike or try one even on regular roads and soft tracks. Just remember to buy the accessories needed for it even though they cost an extra bit and you can go enjoy your ride on the mountain tracks right away.

check pricing

Our Verdict

If you are looking for the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars, then look no further than the Bicycles Trail Recoil Full Suspension as it is the best bike you can get for that price with full suspension, high durability and a make that is sturdy yet lightweight.


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