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Few sports provide as much mental as physical stimulation as a pickup game of basketball. Having a portable basketball hoop in your driveway is a great way for you or your kids to pass the time and get valuable exercise.

best portable basketball hoop

Indeed, something as simple as a basketball hoop can make your home the most popular one in the neighborhood. In order to get the best portable basketball hoop, though, it is important to carefully consider all of the factors that go into making a great hoop.

In this buying guide, we will look the top portable basketball hoop reviews as well as all of the info you need to find a great basketball hoop.

Tips on Choosing the Best Portable Basketball Hoop

Tips on Choosing the Best Portable Basketball Hoop

Choose a Basketball Hoop Within Your Price Range

The truth of shopping for portable basketball systems is that its nearly impossible not to find one in your price range. They can be as cheap as $100, so shop to your budget first.

Once you have a budget set, stick to it. While some of the specific features of the basketball hoop will differ, the vast majority of the ones on the market have enough features to make them suitable for backyard basketball.

Top of the line models can range upwards of $2000, so if you choose to have every bell and whistle available for your portable basketball hoop, then be prepared to pay a fair amount for it.

There is a vast majority of brands and models to choose from, so do not feel pressured into a higher price tag due to one specific thing. Shop around and see what you can find.

Choose a Breakaway Rim Design

Tips on Choosing the Best Portable Basketball HoopWhile there are a few main rim designs, the best one for backyard use is the breakaway design, either with the spring covered or exposed. The fixed rim design can be seen in most base models, but this is prone to breaking and rendering the unit worthless once someone dunks on the hoop.

The fixed models have no shock absorbing tendencies, so all the force of the dunk goes straight to the mounting bracket, which is normally plastic.

This causes it to break. Rims with a spring attachment absorb the impact of rough play and dissipates the force, stopping it from reaching the mounting bracket for the most part.

They are not guaranteed against damage that is caused by hanging on the hoop, but they will last longer than the standard fixed design

Search for a Model with a Large Adjustment Range

Due to the possibility of your new portable basketball hoop being used by people of all ages, having a large adjustment range is definitely a good thing to look for.

Adults require a higher rim height than a young child, so look for a range that varies from 5-10 feet. 10 feet is the standard height of basketball hoops, so that is a good place to start for adults and older children or those in leagues.

The height for children can vary depending on their age and skill level, but assuring you have the large adjustment range that can be set precisely, you can assure the best experience by all that use it.

Choose Acrylic or Glass Backboard

Acrylic BackboardWhen given the choice of backboard materials, most will go with plastic because it’s cheaper, but quickly learn that it does not have the rebound response of higher end models.

Glass has the highest rebound response out of all the materials that are available, which is why it is used in the NBA, however it is also the most fragile and hard to maintain. Due to this, a composite or acrylic will do the trick in most backyard portable basketball hoops.

Acrylic is a hard material that is weather resistant, durable to withstand impact, and will last for a long while. Bullet resistant windows are made out of acrylic, so you can be sure that it will not shatter, or crack from playing basketball. Plastic backboards are by far the most durable, and extremely hard to break, however it also provides the lowest performance.


Our Recommended Top 10 Portable Basketball Hoops

Backboard MaterialAdjustment RangeReviewPrice
Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop SystemLifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop System
** Editor's Choice - Best Portable Basketball Hoop **
52"Makrolon7.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height AdjustableLifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable
** Best Budget Portable Basketball Hoop **
44"Polycarbonate7.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height AdjustableLifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable44"Acrylic7.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Lifetime 51550 Courtside Height AdjusableLifetime 51550 Courtside Height Adjusable48"Polycarbonate8' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Lifetime 90061 Portable Basketball SystemLifetime 90061 Portable Basketball System52"Polycarbonate7.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System – Acrylic BackboardSpalding NBA Portable Basketball System – Acrylic Backboard54"-60"Acrylic7.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Spalding NBA Portable Basketball SystemSpalding NBA Portable Basketball System54"Glass7.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball SystemSpalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System60"Glass7.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Street Tournament Side Court Portable Basketball Backstop from SpaldingStreet Tournament Side Court Portable Basketball Backstop from Spalding54"Acrylic8' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

First Team Fury Select Portable Basketball Hoop with 60 Inch Acrylic BackboardFirst Team Fury Select Portable Basketball Hoop with 60 Inch Acrylic Backboard60"Acrylic6.5' - 10'Our Review

Check Price

Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop System

** Editor’s Choice – Best Basketball Hoop **

Lifetime 52

Another great selection from Lifetime is the 52 inch Portable basketball hoop system. It has a thirty-five gallon base to fill with water or sand. The pole is powder-coated and has a rust-resistant finish applied to it. The rim is the typical solid-steel Slam-It Rim with two compression springs.

The backboard is the main difference in this portable basketball system. It is a Makrolon backboard is virtually unbreakable, and is a lot stronger than acrylic backboards. The best portable basketball system reviews for the Lifetime 52 inch say that this goal is heavy duty and very sturdy.

This goal is great for dunking, and can hold a full grown adult. It is well balanced and adjusts its size quite easily. Assembly is a bit of a struggle, but when you are done, you will know it was worth all of the frustration you poured into your new hoop.

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Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

** Best Budget Portable Basketball Hoop **

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch BackboardThe Lifetime 1221 is a good starting hoop to figure out what you want in a portable basketball system. It has a telescoping mechanism that adjusts the system from a minimum seven feet six inches to a maximum ten feet six inches with incremented measurements.

The base can hold twenty-seven gallons of water or sand, and easily rolls the hoop to wherever you like. The entire system is covered with UV-protected, highly durable polyethylene, which resists slight to moderate cracking and chipping. The eighteen inch rim is black and is bolted to the backboard with half inch steel braces.

A five year warranty is additionally included with the Lifetime 1221 system. Reviews for this basketball hoop say this hoop is better suited for goofing off than serious play, and is not a great tool for practicing dunking skills.

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Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

Lifetime 1269

The Lifetime 1269 portable basketball system is slightly costlier than the Lifetime 1221. Starting at the bottom, the base of this hoop is non-cement filled, and requires sand or water. This hoop also has a telescopic mechanism that adjusts the height of the board from seven feet six inches to ten feet six inches incrementally.

The rim comes with a nylon netting, which is attached with welded-steel hooks. The main difference in the 1269 and the 1221 is the backboard. The Lifetime 1269 has a black, acrylic backboard that comes with screen-printed graphics to assist with shooting.

It is made with a high-impact polyethylene frame and a clear playing surface, giving the backboard extra strength and a pro-glass look. This goal is another excellent family friendly portable basketball hoop with younger children aspiring to be pros one day.

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Lifetime 51550 Courtside Height Adjusable Portable Basketball System, 48 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Lifetime 51550

The Lifetime 51550 is a great quality mobile basketball hoop. It has a thirty-one gallon base, which is slightly larger than the 1221 and the 1269, and can be filled with water or sand. The backboard is four inches bigger than the preceding two hoop systems, and is made differently, too.

It is fashioned with shatter-proof polycarbonate, and has fade resistant graphics. The pole is three inches in diameter and composed of three different pieces. It can adjust from eight feet to ten feet. The orange Slam-It Rim is made of solid steel and comes with double-compression springs for support.

The net is all-weather purposed nylon. Be warned, though, assembly of this hoop is not for the weak of heart. It is challenging, but is definitely doable, so don’t let it dissuade you from checking this portable hoop out. The Lifetime 51550 is designed with more durability in mind, and is useful for more serious players.

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Lifetime 90061 Portable Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Lifetime 90061

This is the best portable basketball hoop Lifetime has to offer. Its base, like the other Lifetime goals, is made to hold sand or water to weigh down the goal. A cool, new feature of the Lifetime 90061 is the height is adjusted by two handles on the sides of the pole.

By squeezing the handles together, you can easily lift or lower the hoop. The pole itself is three and a half inches in diameter and is composed of three pieces of powder-coated steel. The Slam-It Rim is orange and has two compression springs for support.

The backboard is made with a steel frame and padding, and comes with a new front height adjustment mechanism for the backboard. The graphics are protected from UV rays. Assembly takes two people (preferably patient people), and according to the manual once the hoop is assembled, it will seal and not come apart again.

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Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System – Acrylic Backboard

Acrylic Backboard

Now we’re getting into the best portable basketball systems for more serious players. This is a Spalding professional portable basketball hoop. It has a forty gallon base that fills with sand or water, and is accompanied by a three piece steel pole.

Each piece is three and a half inches around, and is equipped with a front cover that acts a rebounder. A screw jack lift system adjusts from seven and a half feet to ten feet in infinite increments. The rim is a heavy-duty Arena Slam Breakaway Rim made of steel.

The backboard is a fifty-four inch acrylic backboard. The reviews for this portable basketball system say it is surprisingly easy to assemble, and it is solid as a rock against the elements of nature. Most people would recommend a goal system like this one for those interested in something better than a cheap, recreational portable basketball system.

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Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System – 54″ Glass Backboard

54" Glass Backboard

A little bit bigger and a little more serious than the Spalding NBA Acrylic Backboard system, the Spalding NBA Glass Backboard system means business in the world of basketball. It has a forty gallon base for water or sand. It has a three piece, four-inch square pole with a four strut mount for increased support.

It comes with a screw jack adjustable height system moves the goal from seven and a half feet to ten feet high in increments. The backboard is made of tempered glass, about a quarter of an inch thick. The reviews say that this goal is easy to assemble, but the glass backboard can be an issue.

The backboard has been known to shatter, as it is made of glass, but it is not a common occurrence. They shatter easily due to missing spacers between the rim and the backboard, so make sure they are there before assembly.

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Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System – 60″ Glass Backboard

Spalding NBA "The Beast" Portable Basketball System - 60" Glass Backboard

This is a much pricier basketball system and as such is much higher quality. The base holds over fifty gallons of water or sand because it has a dual capacity base.

The pole is a two piece, five inch square pole that is angled. It has a screw-in water level gauge for the base. It holds a gray inset cover that is used as a rebounder and also is useful for pre-play movement. The pole can extend the usual seven and a half feet to ten feet high.

The backboard is a sixty inch glass backboard with a Pro Image Breakaway Rim, accompanied by an all-weather white net. 85% of customers rated this portable basketball system with above a three-star review, and 66% gave it a five-star review. Assembly takes two to four hours, and is a big, heavy piece of equipment.

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Street Tournament Side Court Portable Basketball Backstop from Spalding

Street Tournament Side Court Portable Basketball Backstop from Spalding

This is the best portable basketball system that Spalding has to offer. It is also the most expensive. It is designed for street tournament play, and it is the real deal. The base is unique in that it does not hold water or sand, but is simply padded.

Five hundred pounds of additional ballast weight is required for this goal. The extension arm for the hoop provides a three foot offset for a ten foot goal height, and the rim height is adjustable from eight feet to ten feet. The fifty-four inch acrylic backboard has a steel back framework and is able to be folded down for easy storage.

There are two poles to support the padding for the base, and acts as protection for players after dunking. The goal is angled outward to avoid the pole, and is supported by four steel rods.

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First Team Fury Select Portable Basketball Hoop with 60 Inch Acrylic Backboard

First Team Fury Select Portable Basketball Hoop with 60 Inch Acrylic Backboard

The First Team Fury Portable Basketball Hoop is an excellent choice for any level of athlete, boasting serious durability and ease-of-setup. The 60 inch acrylic backboard is completely shatterproof and provides a great degree of bounce when hit by the ball.

Unlike many hoops which are difficult to adjust, this basketball hoop can be adjusted from 6.5 feet to 10 feet just by cranking the handle.

No tools or heavy lifting is required. Safety padding covers the front of the unit, protecting against any serious injuries, and the hoop can be flipped into the rolling position without any tools, making it an incredibly portable option that is high quality enough for any level of athlete.

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What is a Portable Basketball Hoop?

What is a Portable Basketball Hoop?Portable basketball hoops are all-in-one standalone systems that are popular for driveway basketball games. The best portable basketball hoops are those with quality materials that are adaptable for many situations. Portable basketball hoops consist of the pole, base, rim, and backboard that are constructed in such a way that, when the base is filled with water or sand, it can still be moved with relative ease using the wheels that are attached to base.

While portable basketball hoops are not as stable as in-ground units, they are favored because they can be setup with relative ease and don’t require permanent installation using concrete and other materials.

If constructed correctly, and the base is filled, portable basketball systems can stand up to most recreational play, even extending to the more aggressive play between adults.

Best Outdoors Basketball Hoops

The Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System is a fantastic option for those of you who are looking for a basketball hoop to assemble, put outside in your designated court area, and start having fun shooting hoops.

The Spalding is an excellent model for you to use outdoors because it has a large storage cavity in the base to fill with a combination of sand and water to weight the model down. Outdoor basketball hoops are designed in a way that will make them weather resistant and not susceptible to the unpredictable climate.

The Lifetime 51550 Courtside Basketball System also provides an excellent set of standards for these criteria. It boasts of a shatterproof backboard, and a double-compression rim to last for years of use.

Best Basketball Hoops for Home

Best Outdoors Basketball HoopsWhen choosing a basketball hoop for your home, you should choose the best basketball hoop for a driveway. Because you will be using the goal at home, chances are that it might be located in your driveway. Home basketball hoops are different than others because they are designed to be affordable for the average family and to be durable for full family use.

One model that fits this perfectly is the Lifetime 52 inch Portable Basketball System. This highly rated model has a clear polycarbonate backboard and breakaway rim, so it’s a great model at its price point. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper model, you can go with the Lifetime Pro Court 1221 Basketball Hoop.

This model, while slightly smaller, is still regulation size and is one of the most affordable basketball hoops on the market. It is made of sturdy materials, and is the top rated basketball hoop in its class.

Best Adjustable Basketball Hoops

Best Adjustable Basketball HoopsThe best portable basketball goals often can be defined by the components that they persist of, so one of the best adjustable basketball hoops on the market is “The Beast” Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System.

Featuring a glass backboard and precision height adjustment system from 7.5-10 feet, it outmatches most others on the market.

If “The Beast” is a little intimidating, another top contending adjustable basketball hoop is the Spalding 68395W 54-inch Portable Basketball System.

With an adjustment system that gives the users infinite adjustment intervals, you can choose the precise height you wish without the restrictions of pre-drilled adjust holes.

Mini Basketball Hoops

Mini Basketball HoopsMini basketball hoops are for those times when you want to play basketball inside without having a huge space requirement, or the weather won’t allow you to be outside, but you still want to work on your game. Of the millions of people out there, the Spalding NBA Slam Jam Basketball Hoop is placed near the top of the favorite mini basketball hoop.

A high-quality polycarbonate backboard is a favorite feature of this design, and it will give you a realistic rebound and accurate playing experience to allow a seamless transition outside. Basketball goal reviews also place the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop on the list of favorite mini basketball hoops. Easy assembly and simple mounting to the wall or a door provides a pleasant user experience.

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops

Best In-Ground Basketball HoopsFor the ultimate stability and playing experience, the in-ground rendition of the adjustable basketball hoop is the way to go. This is ideal for those that have a specific basketball court sectioned off and don’t mind leaving the hoop behind if they move away, and for those who see themselves playing basketball for years to come in the same location.

As such, it also is essential to pick the right model because you are permanently installing it, so an error in shopping is eternally consequential. Have no anxiety though, because one of the top recommended models for permanent installation is the Silverback Basketball System with Tempered Glass Backboard.

It has a full adjustment range between 7 and 10 feet, is powder coated to withstand the weather, and has a breakaway rim. The Lifetime 90084 Basketball System is also an excellent choice for a permanent installation. 6” increments between its 7 and 10 foot maximums allow for precision adjustments, and its shatterproof backboard provides stability and longevity to the hoop.

Basketball Hoops for the Pool

Basketball Hoops for the PoolEveryone likes to have fun in the pool, so why not bring a great family game to the pool with you? The Lifetime Pool Side Basketball System is an excellent addition to any pool, because it combines its top rated Amazon reputation, with the high quality materials and stability that is needed in a poolside basketball hoop.

The SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Poolside System is a smaller model of basketball hoop, so if space is an issue, this is an excellent model to go with. It has an adjustable range from 3.5 to 7 feet so the SKLZ is an excellent choice for any pool depth or situation, and is also backed by high reviews.

Best Basketball Hoop for Kids

Best Basketball Hoop for KidsBasketball is a sport for people of all ages, so kids should also have a basketball hoop they can use too. Kid’s basketball hoops are typically shorter and the maximum height you are likely to see is a 7-foot basketball hoop.

The Lifetime 90022 Youth Basketball System is an excellent choice for younger kids who want to start playing basketball, or for those in a youth basketball league who want to practice. This model is adjustable between 5 and 7.5 feet, and has a classic stability rim on it.

For kids of a younger age whom you want to start on the sport, or just provide a fun avenue for them to expend some of the extra energy, the recommendation is the Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set. With an adjustment range of 4-6 feet, you are able to introduce them on an inexpensive model that allows them to grow and continue to play beyond this model, while improving their athletic abilities and functions in the process.

Best Portable Basketball System Brands

Lifetime Portable Basketball Systems

Lifetime portable basketball systems are one of the best portable basketball hoops in the market. They have many different types and models to choose from, and have one that will fit what you are looking for. One of the top models that they produce is called the Life Time 51550 Courtside Height Adjustable Portable Basketball system.

This particular model has a backboard span of forty-eight inches, and is composed of a shatter-proof material. Another model produced by Lifetime is the 90040 Lifetime adjustable Portable Basketball System, which has a backboard span of forty- four inches, and is height adjustable.

This model is one of the best outdoor basketball hoop because it has a twenty-seven gallon base that you can fill with either sand or water, holding it firmly to the ground. The Lifetime 71566 portable basketball system could be considered one of the best basketball hoops because of the fifty inch back board incorporated into the design, giving it a wider span than usual.

It’s very durable because of the all- weather nylon net, and the steel hooks holding the net in place. The Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Adjustable Portable Basketball System is the best option for those looking for the best basketball hoop that is waterproof and can be used from pool.

It’s not only adjustable, but it’s easy to move because of the wheels attached to the bottom of the base, allowing a simple moving process. The Lifetime 71524 XL model produces by this company has a whopping fifty-four inch backboard, so this would be the one to choose for those looking for a wide, easy to use basketball goal.


Spalding Portable Basketball Systems

Spalding portable basketball systems are a very well known, durable brand. Basketball hoop reviews say that one of Spalding’s top models would be the Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System. This set includes a backboard of fifty-four inches wide, made up of tempered glass, which may cost more but is completely worth it.

This type of glass gives your basketball more of a bounce, giving you the best possible equipment to practice your playing on. Because of the tempered glass backboard, this model is recommended for those who are above average players, and are looking to go pro.

The basketball goal extends from seven and a half feet tall to ten feet tall, so it accommodates your height easily. The stability on this goal is ensured by a forty gallon base that can be filled with water or sand. Another top rated basketball goal made by Spalding is the NBA Portable Basketball System – Acrylic.

This model has a forty gallon base, and a fifty-four inch backboard, made out of Acrylic. This material gives your basketball a fair amount of bounce when hitting it, giving average basketball players a bit of an advantage when shooting. This is a popular among portable basketball hoop reviews because it can be used by many basketball players.


SKLZ Portable Basketball Systems

SKLZ is another well known brand of portable basketball hoop brands. It is one of the best portable basketball goal brand offered. One of the models made by SKLZ is the SKLZ Portable Basketball System with a fifty inch backboard. It adjusts out to ten feet, and has a thirty five gallon base.

The backboard is made of polycarbonate, and is shatterproof. This goal is not over expensive, and can be used by virtually anyone. Another great hoop offered by SKLZ is the SKLZ Pro Mini.

This hoops is incredibly affordable, allowing you to get set up for a game no matter your budget. Its thirty inch backboard isn’t regulation size, but it is great for portability and affordability, and its spring action “Break-A-Way” rim makes dunking the ball a blast.


The Popularization of Basketball at Home

The Popularization of Basketball at HomeFor the longest time back when basketball immerged in the 60’s, it wasn’t the most popular sport. As time has gone on, it has increased in its draw and its appeal to all viewers. When Spalding and Lifetime came into the picture and first designed the concept of the portable basketball hoop that provided people with access to a basketball court wherever they were, the popularity grew exponentially.

People were thrilled with the idea of having the ability to have fun with basketball and enjoy the sport from their very own backyards. This concept of the portable basketball system didn’t start out as the typical 54-inch basketball hoop that we think of now, but rather a simple backboard and rim that would be mounted to the side of the garage.

This is still a popular model today though many favor the idea that was thought of later, which is a completely independent system like the movable basketball hoop we think of now. This collapsible basketball hoop that comes compact in one box that, once assembled, becomes a standalone system, revolutionized the market.

Further development allowed for an adjustable rim height and more stable systems. As the market developed, the popularity grew, and now you see portable basketball systems in many driveways, workplaces, and loading docks, where people spend their free time exercising and playing a fun sport with their friends, relieving stress and improving mental and physical health.

Benefits of Having a Portable Basketball Hoop

playing basketballThe benefits of having a mobile basketball hoop far outweigh the small cost it takes to purchase one. Whether you are the user who plays every day, or once a month, everyone can benefit from having a portable basketball goal available to use.

Because of the variety of game styles and the endless possibilities of games that can be played, from trick shot competitions, to dunks, to serious 5x5 matches, everyone can find fun in a basketball hoop. Aside from the variety of gameplay, there are several specific benefits to having your own portable basketball court.

One of these benefits is introducing your child or neighborhood children to a new sport, which they may find the focus of their time. Children are the leading reason behind having a portable basketball hoop, and while the result of interest may vary between groups, the largest reason for this is because of the quality time that can be spent with the children while they learn to play.

While normal basketball hoops are too tall for young kids, adjustable ones can be shortened to a level that will allow kids to learn the fundamentals of the sport. As they grow, it can be adjusted to allow them to increase their skill at the same time. Having a basketball hoop helps to develop new skills too.

As you practice, your legs and arms will become stronger, and you will learn discipline and competition while forming a higher image of physical fitness. Some children will instantly love playing basketball and want to continue and become serious about improving their skill and playing on a team.

Having a hoop for them to use will allow this dream to be lived out, and help them to improve their skills and performance as they practice on a daily basis. This does not happen with every person who plays basketball, but even if it does not spark the drive to play on a team, it incorporates exercise that helps maintain good health and provide a fun avenue to play outside to change the epidemic of childhood inactivity.

This approach is increasingly effective if the parents are playing and setting a good example, however, it provides an avenue to prevent the overweight nature that kids are drifting to now.

The Components of a Portable Basketball Hoop

The Components of a Portable Basketball HoopComponents of a portable basketball hoop are fairly straight forward, but there are slight variations of these parts between different units that are available for purchase. Whether it is the best portable basketball hoops, or the economical models, the 4 basic components of the portable basketball hoop remain the same.

The first of these components is the hoop itself. This is a circle that is attached to the backboard, which the ball goes through to score the points. The standard size for these hoops is 18 inches, which works for almost all situations, as most people play with regulation basketballs.

These hoops can be standard connection, spring loaded, or breakaway hoops. The second main component is the backboard. This is the piece of material that the hoop is attached to, which provides a target for shot aiming. The material of the backboard varies from glass, to an acrylic, to even glass.

The size can vary from 44-72 inches in size, depending on the price and intended users. The most common shape for the backboard is a rectangle, however that can vary slightly in different situations. The third standard component is by far the most simple. It is the net.

The net is present on all hoops; however, there are small differences that can be made between models. A difference is the length of the net that can range from 15-18”, which can differ in color slightly as well. The forth component is the pole and base system.

This component varies slightly between models, however it provides the stability to the unit that allows the backboard and hoop to be extended up in the air without the fear of it collapsing or falling over while being used. The base can either be filled with water or sand, depending on the climate and desired stability of the situation.

The pole is often a two or three-piece pole that is assembled and attached to the base to allow for stability. In practice, it is found that the fewer pieces the pole has, the more stable the system is, but that is not always the case.

Favorite Features of Portable Basketball Hoops

Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews and Buying GuideWhile there are always benefits of using a permanent basketball system, there are some favorite features of a basketball portable hoop that push it to the favorite rendition of this backyard sport. The first is the upgradeability or the ability to easily find replacement parts if something breaks.

The market for these portable basketball hoops are rapidly increasing, so if you desire to install a breakaway rim on your hoop because it didn’t come with one before, you can easily find one online to use, or if your backboard breaks you can find a replacement and install it yourself.

By far though, the most favorable feature of the portable basketball hoops is its portability. Due to the nature of being a portable system, you can move it anywhere and put it on virtually any level piece of land that you have on your property.

Some have even chosen to put it at the end of their street to let everyone use, because they live on a dead end street. The ability to move it around is very desirable, not to mention the fact that you no longer have to spend the hours mixing concrete and vertically aligning the pole to permanently install other models.

A favorite feature common to most basketball hoops is being able to fill the base with water for support, but pulling a drain plug if the need to drain it to move it a significant distance arises. Many find that combining this water with sandbags on top of it provides a decent balance of sturdiness with portability.

This makes it ideal for families who may have to move around for a job. The days of leaving behind a basketball hoop are days of the past because most models can be collapsed into a smaller size that can be put in virtually any moving platform.

Should you ever need to store it for a long period of time, the footprint of it isn’t very large once collapsed. While you can purchase one of the best basketball hoops on the market that feature premium materials and special mechanical advantages, you are likely to find that the price is a bit excessive.

What you will realize is that with maintenance, the average portable basketball hoop will last just as long as the conventional in-ground systems.

What Height for the Goal is Good for Your Child?

What Height for the Goal is Good for Your Child?Choosing the right height for the basketball hoop can either guarantee frustration or it can allow for a fun user experience. When used for adults, it is normal practice to maintain the 10-foot basketball hoop height. This is the height that will be in most gyms, and in the National Basketball Association.

If the goal is to be used more by younger children, then judge what would be best for them. Most hoops are adjustable in height to allow for both children and adults to use the goal, but reading the portable basketball hoop reviews will allow you to get real user experience as to the adjustment range and ease of adjustment for a particular model.

All models should come with an instruction manual to show you how to put it together, but this will also show you the adjustment system and how to set it to a desirable height. There are two primary methods of adjustment which can be seen on adjustable systems, but the primary one is a spring adjustment because they are easy to work with and reliable.

This type of system will last for a long time with little issues. Depending on the configuration, most basketball hoops are adjustable from 7-10 feet, but some may be able to be lower, but that varies by model.

Choosing the right specific height, while debatable depending on the situation, follows a small variation of standard heights. Adults go with the standard 10 feet goal height, because that is what they are likely to see other places.

Youth basketball leagues typically play at 7-foot goal heights, so that is decent place to start, and raising it slowly to the standard 10-foot height as they get to Junior High and above is good practice to develop their skills. Elementary age kids are a little trickier to pick a height for.

If the portable basketball hoop can be adjusted below 7 feet, you might consider lowering it to 5 for 6 feet, but you shouldn’t notice a vast difference in their ability to have fun on even a 7-foot net height.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Portable Basketball Hoop

Even the best outdoor basketball hoop is prone to degrade over time without proper maintenance. Understanding what needs to be done to maintain the top quality of your portable outdoor basketball hoop is essential for both the longevity of your purchase, and the happiness and exercise you get from owning a good basketball hoop.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Portable Basketball Hoop

Courtesy of Mike Smail

Taking care of the rim is the first step in maintaining a portable basketball system. While the rim is unlikely to be worn out, it can be bent or rust over time.

The most likely breaking point of the rim is where it connects to the backboard. This joint can break from excessive hanging on the backboard, or from it being knocked or blown over. While meant to be outside, weather can still take its toll, so maintaining a good coat of paint on the rim is essential to the longevity of the rim.

Preventing rust over the whole system is an absolute must if you plan to keep your basketball hoop for a long time. Covering it during periods of non-use will greatly decrease the chances of rust forming on the components. While this could be slightly excessive, it’s a good habit to get into because it protects hoop from weather damage.

Following the instruction manual will also guarantee unnecessary wear and tear on your basketball system. It will list some specifics like the weight that the rim can support, or how much weight to put in the base to prevent the tipping of the unit. The manual will also list some maintenance tips for the unit that you can follow to extend its life.

Things like lowering the height of the hoop during a storm and installing a lightning rod are mentioned in the tips guide. Also, greasing the adjustment joints and adjusting it periodically, even if it doesn’t need to be adjusted can prevent it from locking up. Once it locks up, the chances of being able to adjust it in the future are slim to none, so maintaining it now is essential to future success.

Requirements for Basketball Hoop for the Serious Players

Requirements for Basketball Hoop for the Serious Players

Courtesy of Josh

When choosing the best basketball hoop for you, there is a list of certain requirements that must be met if you are a serious basketball player. Whether its league play, or an aspiring athlete who hopes to make it at the next level, whatever level that may be, you must look for features of your basketball hoop that will help you reach that level.

The most important requirement is that it has a weatherproof coating on it. Waterproofing of the metal is essential because that is what will resist the forming of rust in the future. O-rings are important in the installation as well, as they prevent the seams in the metal from harboring water, thus degrading the quality and rusting through with time.

Thick padding around the metal pole and base will also improve playing experience and reduce the risk of injury from collision. Another requirement is ensuring it has a breakaway hoop, as this will prevent the system from being unusable when the rim breaks from a dunk. Precise height adjustment of the rim is key in practice as well.

If the rim is off by a few inches, and is not noticed, a player can become to the height and notice a significant drop in performance when they get to the gym because of a different rim height. Having a backboard made of a shatterproof or tempered glass material can also be critical.

If the wrong material is chosen, the ball will rebound off the backboard differently and cause a different playing experience. This also allows for durability and consistent playing techniques. Models that are easy to put together are helpful when shopping for a portable basketball system, however if a model is not easy to assemble then investing in someone to assemble it for you must be done.

An improperly assembled unit can be a hazard to those using it, but also hinder the development of basketball skills. Incase of such an event as this, look for a portable basketball hoop with a good warranty. One other optional add-on that can be useful is finding a basketball hoop that has lights surrounding the backboard and the rim, which can help with low light, or evening practice sessions.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Portable Basketball Hoop

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Portable Basketball Hoop

Backboard SizeBackboard Size

Regulation backboard size, the size you will see in the NBA, is 72” wide. This is not the size that you necessarily need to go with for your home basketball hoop however. This large of a backboard may prove more cumbersome than you desire, as well as reducing its portability and greatly increasing the cost.

Many people find that a background around 54” fits their desires perfectly, and is a good compromise of portability and size. If you have a slightly larger area and desire a backboard closer to regulation, you can go with a 60” wide backboard.

Basketball hoops around 54” are recommended for all spaces, however 60” wide backboards aren’t recommended for places with any less than a 2-3 car driveway, due to the space they take up.

Backboard MaterialBackboard Material

Backboards primarily come in three different materials: Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and Glass. Polycarbonate is the cheapest and most durable in all weather conditions however, it has the least rebound of the materials. It is the common backboard on lower budget portable basketball goals, however it is not the ideal material of use.

Acrylic is typical favored material because it is the middle ground of the possible materials being used. It provides decent rebounds and is durable, but is still relatively inexpensive. It is also lighter than glass, so it doesn’t require as much support, making the goal more portable and user friendly.

Glass is the material used in NBA backboards, and provides superior rebounding and response, but is the most fragile and pricey of backboard materials.

Rim TypeRim Type

There are three different rim types that are common among consumer basketball hoops. The most common is a standard fixed rim without any sort of compression springs. This is the cheapest option for a rim, however it is prone to warp or break if dunked on. The second type is a breakaway rim.

This rim is identical to a standard rim, however it features a spring on the mount that will allow the rim to flex. This exposed spring is prone to rust over time, however provides a level of protection towards dunking.

The third type is a compression breakaway system, which features a covered spring and is seen in all professional basketball hoop systems. This style will support harder dunking and more abuse, but is still not recommended for hanging on for long periods of time.

Adjustment RangeAdjustment Range

Goal adjustment is something to look for in a goal. Most are adjustable between 7-10 feet and use either a ratchet system or a crank system to adjust the height.

Adjustable portable basketball hoop systems are important because they allow a lower rim for younger kids and dunk contests, or the rim to be raised to 10’ to help stabilize and improve your game on a regulation height board.

The ability of a basketball hoop system to be usable by a diverse age group, and a wide range of situations, is what separates the quality basketball hoops from the rest. Look for something that can be adjusted to precise levels, allowing you to dial in your game on a specific height and become comfortable on the rim height you will be using in future situations.

The Right Height of the HoopThe Right Height of the Hoop

Choosing the right height for the hoop is fairly easy, but totally dependent on what you desire out of your basketball hoop. The height of the basketball hoop can range anywhere from 3-10’ depending on if you go with an indoor basketball hoop for younger children, or if you go with an outdoor, full size model.

As mentioned previously, height variation can be chosen based on game stipulations. If the game is chosen to be a dunk competition, or young teens are shooting on the hoop, you might consider adjusting the hoop to 7-8’ or, if adults are trying to improve their game, you should consider 10’ to be the regulation height.

Look for height adjustment for regulation size goals, adjustable between 6 and 12 feet.

Basketball Pole and BaseBasketball Pole and Base

The pole and the base are very understated things to research when buying a portable basketball system, or even an in-ground basketball hoop. There are both round and square poles, but both will do the job. Round poles are typically hollow multi-piece tubes that are on portable systems.

Most square poles are on permanent systems. They are normally solid pieces of steel that work to reduce vibrations and greatly increase the strength of the system.

A thing to look for and consider is the extension that they pole provides away from the base, allowing users to run under the backboard without worrying about hitting the pole or base. Bases come in different capacities, but range from 25-50 gallons that can be filled with either water or sand.

The more capacity they hold, the more stable they are, but also the harder they are to move. Confirm that the model you are shopping for has wheels to ease in transport, and padding on the pole is always beneficial because it provides a bit of protection from those potential impacts that happen in the game.

Basketball Pole and BaseFeedback from Other People

When shopping for the best portable basketball goal, it is important to read the specific basketball hoop reviews for the model you are looking to purchase. Reading the reviews are important because it gives you an honest and unbiased opinion of what people like and dislike about a model.

The key to shopping for a particular model is to search the model on popular retail stores and read both the positive a negative reviews, or search for basketball hoops on those same retailers and sort by top rated. This will give you the top models that users have recommended and let you purchase them and leave your own review.

The information stated in these reviews may be information left out of the product description, or may highlight and reinforce a specification that is stated in the description.

Where to buy a portable basketball hoop?

Basketball hoops can be purchased at a large variety of retail and sporting goods stores. However, many people are instead choosing to buy portable basketball hoop online instead. Thanks to online retailers such as Amazon, who often deeply discount their prices, it is now easier than ever to find cheap portable basketball hoops.

The question of how much do basketball hoops cost is really dependent on where you buy them, and if you are ordering from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer, you can usually get them for much less. For this reason, if you are searching for a portable basketball hoops for sale, you may want to consider ordering online.

Making The Right Decision

Making the right decisionBasketball hoops can provide countless hours of fun for you, your friends, and your family, and if you buy the right one, they can last for years.

There is no need to take the time to go to a gym when you can turn your own driveway into a basketball court that is always ready for a game.

Armed with all of the info necessary to find the best portable basketball hoop, go out and purchase a basketball hoop that will provide you with tons of exercise and entertainment.


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