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Top 9 Best Wire Strippers In 2018 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

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 What Are Wire Strippers?

If you have been struggling to strip those wires to expose the insulation, for some DIY work around the house, the wire stripper is what you need. These strippers are shaped like your regular wire cutters but with a notch in the center, so that only the insulation is cut and not the wire itself.


There are three types of wire strippers:

  • Manual – You have to strip the wire by holding the wire stripper firmly over the wire and rotating it.
  • Automatic – Hold the wire with the stripper and once engaged, the stripper will grip the wire on one side and cut and remove the insulation from the other side.
  • Laser – A computer controlled tool which will burn the insulation with a laser. Perfect for fine wires.

Why Do You Need One?

Gone are the days when you have to strip those wire insulations with a wire cutter, scissors or a knife. Wire strippers ensure you don’t cut off the wire by mistake and makes your job much simpler and also saves you a lot of time. For a professional electrician, wire stripper can save him a lot of effort and also reduce accidents.

There are a number of wire strippers in the market. If you are a professional and know about the latest developments in this tool, you will know which one you want to buy. However, if you are looking for best wire strippers which are affordable and also top rated, here is a review of a few wire strippers from Amazon.

Top 9 Best Wire Strippers – Reviews:

#1 – Irwin Vise-Grip Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 8 Inches

** Editor’s Choice – Best Wire Strippers **


IRWIN VISE-GRIP Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper, 8″, 2078300


Irwin tools are known worldwide for their professional grade power tools and hand tools. They provide superior performing durable tools for professionals, and these wire strippers are no less. Now you can strip wires of varying thickness, without any trouble or accidentally cutting the wire.

The Review

With a mechanism that is self-adjusting and an adjustable stopper, you can strip wires of thickness varying between 10 to 24AWG, and if you want to strip wires of thickness lesser than 20AWG, the swivel knob can be micro adjusted. You don’t have to worry about cutting too much of the core strip as the adjustable stopper controls the length of it.

With a comfortable grip, you can crimp different wires such as 10-22 AWG insulated, 7-9mm ignition terminals and 10-22 AWG non-insulated wires too. This crimper is so versatile that you can go ahead and do all the wire stripping work with just one tool.


  • The pro touch grip ensures comfort for long handling as crimping wires are not only time consuming but will also require your hand to hold the crimper in a particular position for a prolonged period.
  • Irwin Tools back up its claim to produce long-lasting tools by giving a lifetime guarantee for this wire stripper.
  • With the adjustable stopper, you don’t have to worry about cutting too much of the core strip.
  • Wires come in varying sizes, and some are insulated, and some are not. These wire strippers are so versatile, that they let you crimp a variety of wires, be it in size or type. The swivel knob has the facility to micro adjust for stripping smaller wires.
  • With these strippers, you can crimp wires at a much faster rate and be precise, every single time as the self-adjusting mechanism ensures there are no mistakes.- [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

If you are a professional, you will need to crimp a variety of wires, you cannot afford to make mistakes or waste time. These wire strippers are perfect if you need precision and versatility.

For the current price of irwin wire stripper click here

#2 – Ideal Industries Stripmaster Wire Stripper, #16 to #26 AWG

Ideal Industries Stripmaster Wire Stripper, #16 to #26 AWG

Ideal Industries Stripmaster Wire Stripper, #16 to #26 AWG


The Stripmaster, another practical tool from Ideal Industries is perfect to crimp wires with great precision without wasting time. The job gets done much easier, faster and better.

The Review

Why struggle to crimp wires without cutting the wire when you can strip them precisely with the Ideal Stripmaster? With blades as sharp and shaped like knife blades and automatic mechanism, there is very little room for any error. Whether you want to strip thick insulated wires or a light gauge wire, this wire stripper can do it very precisely.


  • The does not move and is held in place by the wire gripper. When the wire is held firmly in the center, it is very easy to cut and strip to the required length.
  • The blades are like that of a knife. This enables you to make sharp and clean cuts, which is very important if you want to avoid unnecessary accidental cutting of the wire or stripping more than required.
  • This tool can strip a wire up to 22mm which is 7/8th of an inch. This feature enables you to do even minute stripping with ease.
  • The cushioned handgrips ensure you are comfortable even when you have to work with the Stripmaster for a long period. The pressure required is also much lesser, thus preventing any pain due to prolonged usage.
  • The body of the wire stripper is also strong and sturdy. The die-cast frame will last a long time and not bend under pressure.- [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

If you have been looking on Amazon for a top-rated wire stripper, this should be seriously considered as it can not only give you cleanly stripped wires but can also save you a lot of energy, time and pain.

Click here to buy Ideal Industries Stripmaster Wire Stripper on amazon

#3 -11063W 8-22 AWG Katapult Wire Stripper From Klein Tools


Klein Tools 11063W 8-22 AWG Katapult Wire Stripper


Built with precision and sturdy body, this wire stripper from Klein Tools is a preferred wire stripping tool by the professionals. This company is known for producing hand tools for the electrical industry that can change the way a professional operates. True to its name and fame, these wire strippers are perfect.

The Review

Made with cast alloy chassis, this crimper is meant to last for a very a long time. It offers precision when it comes to stripping the wire as it is equipped with a stripping hole that is precision machined. Designed, keeping in mind the needs of a professional, these wire strippers enable you to strip up to 1 inch of insulation with utmost ease.

When the stripper is engaged, the wire is held in place, and the insulation is removed in one single motion, without causing any damage to the wire. When these strippers are used, quality is guaranteed.


  • The recoil spring design is used to facilitate easy stripping, without much effort.
  • You don’t have to worry about the wire moving away as it is securely held in place with the precision machined stripping hole.
  • The compound action stripping ensures the wire is stripped very clearly and precisely in just a single step.
  • The tension loaded wire-grip ensures easy and safe handling without causing you any pain from holding it for a long period. – [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

These are the top rated wire strippers at a very affordable price. They are cheap, great to work with and produce high-quality results. If you are a professional or a DIY type looking for one of the best wire strippers, this should be on your list.

For the current price of Klein Katapult Wire Stripper click here

#4 – Hakko CHP CSP-30-1 Wire Stripper

Hakko CHP CSP-30-1 Wire Stripper, 30-20 Gauge Maximum Cutting Capacity

Hakko CHP CSP-30-1 Wire Stripper, 30-20 Gauge Maximum Cutting Capacity


Who wouldn’t love a multiple use tool? It is always easier to carry just one of those handy tools for all your work than a few of them occupying a huge space in your pockets or bag. The Hakko CHP CSP-30-1 wire is one such tool with multiple uses.

The Review

If what you are looking for is a sturdy tool with multiple uses, look no further. The Hakko CHP CSP-30-1 wire stripper is not just a wire stripper but can also be used as shears and pliers. With a strong grip and a sturdy body, this tool is meant to last and facilitate easy cutting and crimping of wires with a large capacity of 30-20 AWG.


  • The wire stripper’s body is strong and durable as it is made of heat treated steel. This ensures there is no bending or rusting with use.
  • You will never lose your grip on these pliers/ stripper as the handles are serrated for a firm and strong, secure grip.
  • The soft and rounded rubber grip ensures your hand doesn’t hurt from long hours of stripping or cutting. Comfort is ensured so that the work is executed with precision and high-quality results are produced.
  • This tool comes with the maximum cutting capacity there is. It has a wide capacity of 30-20 AWG and is perfect for using on standard core wires in regular electronic sizes.
  • It can serve more than one purpose as it can also be used as sheers or pliers.- [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

If you are looking for an all in one pliers for all those small jobs around the house, you can invest in these. They are cheap, efficient and serve the basic purpose of a stripper, pliers, and sheers. You can accomplish all these simple tasks by owning just a single tool.

For current price of Hakko CHP CSP-30-1 Wire Stripper click here

#5 – Xcelite SAS3210 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with Spring

Xcelite SAS3210 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with Spring, 32-10 AWG Stripping Range

Xcelite SAS3210 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with Spring, 32-10 AWG Stripping Range


If you want a tool that can crimp the insulation off wires of different sizes without having to adjust the crimper every time, these wire strippers from Apex Tool Group is just the tool you are looking for. Grip, design or capacity, this tool offers it all.

The Review

When you are using a wire stripper to strip the insulation of different sized wires, the last thing you want to do is accidentally cut off the wire. This will not only result in more work but can also ruin the entire wiring and spoil your reputation if you are a professional.

The Xcelite SAS3210 self-adjusting wire stripper comes with stripping cassettes that can be changed very easily. This facilitates precise stripping and no errors. You can use this tool to strip a variety of wires, be it your PVC or PTFE.


  • It is very convenient to use as you can crimp wires measuring from 32AWG to 10 AWG and all this without having to adjust the tool.
  • This tool boasts the widest stripping capacity among tools of the same type.
  • It is ergonomically designed to ensure you are comfortable using it. It is not heavy and is strong, thus offering durability along with ease of use.
  • It can strip different types of insulations ranging from PVC to PTFE. You can just carry this one tool and no matter what type the wire is; you can work on it.- [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

If you require a handy tool to strip wires of varied insulation sizes on a regular basis, you need something that is comfortable, versatile and efficient. This wire stripper is all that and more. By using this stripper, you can get your work done with great precision, and it will not hurt your hand.

For more information about Xcelite SAS3210 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper click here

#6 – Neiko 01924A Self-Adjusting 3-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimping Tool


Neiko 01924A Self-Adjusting 3-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimping Tool


Copper and aluminum are the most commonly used materials in wires. Tools should be able to cut, strip or crimp them at ease so that you can execute your job efficiently. The Neiko self-adjusting 3-in-1 tool does exactly that and prevents you from carrying a separate tool for each of these works.

The Review

The Neiko 01924A self-adjusting 3-in-1 tool is designed in such a way that you can pull away the insulation of the wire in a single swift movement. This saves you a lot of time, and the adjustable stopper ensures the length of the core wire that is being stripped, is controlled and maintained between ¼ to ¾ of an inch.

With this tool, you can strip wires, cut them or even crimp them. When it is a single tool that does it all, you will never forget your tool back home nor will you carry multiple items.


  • Blades are sharp and of high quality. Can cut wires ranging from 10-24 AWG.
  • Teeth grabs are machine made with utmost precision to ensure you can hold or pull the insulation without causing any damage to the wire.
  • The length of the core wire can be controlled with the help of the adjustable stopper.
  • The crimper can crimp insulated wires ranging from 10-22 AWG, non-insulated wires from 4-22 AWG and even auto-ignited terminals from 7-8mm.
  • Holding and using this tool is comfortable and easy due to the flat sided handle that is loaded with an 8-inch spring.- [ See Full Features and Specs ]

 The Verdict

This 3 in 1 tool from Neiko is one of the best wire cutters which has multiple uses and is cheap. For its price, the versatility offered is very impressive, and it enables you to do various jobs with just a single tool. Reduce the weight you carry while you increase the work you do with it.

Check current price of Neiko 01924A

#7 – Platinum Tools 15041C BR1 Multi-Stripper


Platinum Tools 15041C BR1 Multi-Stripper


Platinum tool offers the multi stripper which can be used to strip a variety of wires. It can handle wires used in the data, voice, and video networking fields. The voice and video industry usually have many wires with different specifications, and the wires need to be handled differently, not to forget- to be folded over too. This tool can do it all for you.

The Review

This wire stripper from Platinum tools is a professional tool for cutting and stripping cables easily. You can use it on most of the cable varieties that are used in the video and voice networking industry.

This wire stripper cum cutter comes with preset coax cassette blades, and when you want to work on twisted pair and various audio cables, this tool can be adjusted to suit the diameter of the cable.

Made out of the best materials and using the best solutions available for better and easy working, these wire strippers can do the job at hand at ease, with precision and high quality.


  • It measures 5x3x1 inches and weighs 3.8 ounces, making it handy and sturdy.
  • It can easily strip Cat5e, Cat6, RG6, RG7/11, and RG59 which are the most common used cable types in the data, voice and video networking industry.
  • You can easily fold back the braid over the jacket of the cable with the help of the in-built touch fastener and braid comb.
  • If you want to use this tool on audio cables, you can adjust it accordingly.- [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

The 15041C BR1 multi stripper is very affordable and has multiple uses for a reasonable price. If you want something compact, comfortable and easy to use, these wire strippers are a good choice.

To check current price of Platinum Tools 15041C BR1 Multi-Stripper click here

#8 – Universal Wire Stripper / Cutter From Electriduct

Universal Wire Stripper / Cutter for Flat or Round UTP CAT5 CAT6 Coax Cable Stripping Tool

Universal Wire Stripper / Cutter for Flat or Round UTP CAT5 CAT6 Coax Cable Stripping Tool


Electriduct.inc known for its products related to electronic equipment ensures the users’ safety while using its tools and not just that of its equipment. This company offers the universal wire stripper/ cutter that can strip a variety of wires with comfort and ease.

The Review

We all need tools around the house. We cannot keep seeking the help of a professional for every small work and to do it yourself; you need the right tools that are not only easy and comfortable to use but are also pocket-friendly if not downright cheap.

Electriduct’s universal wire stripper/ cutter can be used to strip UTP, Cat5, Cat6 and even coax cables. Data cables can be easily cut or stripped by adjusting the blades to the required thickness. It is convenient and handy.


  • Blade’s cutting depth can be easily adjusted to suit the different sizes of cables to be cut.
  • A 2 in 1 cutter cum stripper to handle all installations at home, by yourself.
  • It is bright yellow in color and is loaded with a spring for effective and effortless usage.
  • It is not very big and measures only 5.6×3.4×1 inch and weighs a mere 1.6 ounce, thus making it easy to carry around in your pocket. [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

When you want a handy tool to do all the electrical installations yourself around the house, you should buy this wire stripper/cutter which is both handy and cheap. Easy to use and light on your pocket.

Click here to buy this Universal Wire Stripper

#9 – RJ45 and RJ12, RJ11 crimping tool From Crimpswell

RJ45 and RJ12, RJ11 crimping tool - network ratcheting wire crimper, cutter, striper for cat5, cat6 coaxial cables - all in one

RJ45 and RJ12, RJ11 crimping tool – network ratcheting wire crimper, cutter, stripper for cat5, cat6 coaxial cables – all in one


When a crimping tool can do more than just crimp wires, it is a handy tool that is a treat to own and use. You can do multiple jobs with just one tool. Pay for one, carry one but do the job of three. This 3 in 1 tool is perfect for all your wiring needs, be it professional or the DIY types.

The Review

This tool is a universal tool that can crimp a variety of wires. The blades are sharp and offer you a clean cut every single time, reducing unnecessary damages or fraying of the wires. It is not just the blades but the body of the tool is also important, and the manufacturers have not forgotten that. The all carbon steel body ensures the tool lasts long and serves well all through its life.


  • The error-free clean cuts offered by these sharp blades are a must when you are a professional. There is no room for errors or lesser than satisfactory work; it will ruin your reputation and your business.
  • You can ratchet a wire, cut or strip the wire with the same tool.
  • The comfort of the user has been ensured, with the compact design and handle-grips that are easy and comfortable to hold.
  • It can crimp 4p, 6p and 8p connectors. Round and flat Cat5 and Cat6 cables can be easily stripped with the same tool. [ See Full Features and Specs ]

The Verdict

This is a top rated wire stripper on Amazon and has some great reviews from its users. It is affordable, durable and professional. No reason why you shouldn’t buy this tool.

Read what amazon customers say about this wire crimper


Now that you have a detailed review of the 9 best wire strippers on Amazon, you can go ahead and choose the one that suits your needs the best. If you are a DIY person who does a lot of electrical work around the house or are a professional, you need to invest in a state of the art technology that will enable you to get the job done faster.

If it is just for small odd jobs around the house, something cheap, durable and preferably a multi-faceted tool is what you need.


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