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CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Innovo Review

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best pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen
CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Innovo is an important device to have if you are looking to monitor your condition during pregnancy. It snugs perfectly on your finger, and therefore you can wear it during jogs to monitor your oxygen levels to ensure they are still normal. There are times when you need to go out jogging, go for workouts, or take a walk; but to take health matters into your hands means monitoring your breathing system to know when it is the optimal time to take breaks.

Having CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Innovo when sporting or during exercises will show you how the routine is working for you. You can also check if you’re losing blood oxygen saturation because of poor breathing techniques. The device will also know when an illness is catching up with you so that you can take preventive measures before it overwhelms you. The best thing with this wristwatch pulse oximeter is that it is multipurpose and does more than telling you your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate; it works along with you in your sports routine.

CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Innovo Features

  • It Is Multipurpose

You can use this device in sporting activities as well as for aviation. People who often fly such as flight attendants and pilots need to keep on checking their oxygen supply in their bodies- as it is something that is not plentiful at high altitudes.

  • It Is Highly Convenient

It comes with a connector that clasps on your finger and a rechargeable lithium battery. If the connector is not properly clipped, an indicator will show. This means you can sleep or jog with this device on your wrist.

With an infrared absorbent material, this device minimizes infrared interference that might mess the accuracy of your reading.

  • It Is Relatively Affordable, Yet Loaded With Handy Features

The CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Innovo comes with a Bluetooth connection that you can patch to your phone and PC.

It can also record your pulse rate readings for the past 24 hours for analyzing.

Its automatic shut-off feature turns this device off after 5 seconds of inactivity thereby saving your battery. All these features and many others make CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Innovo the best pulse oximeter on the market.

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The Pros of CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Innovo

  • It comes with an upgrade Innovo’s SnugFit probe for better usage
  • It provides accurate readings for Pulse rate and SpO2 levels thanks to the use of modern technology

pulse oximeter reviews

  • With an advanced software, you can analyze the data recorded by this device
  • It features an alarm to notify you when you have worn it incorrectly, or when readings are below the expected levels
  • It comes with convenient accessories such as wristband, lithium battery, and charger


  • From the CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter reviews posted by its users on Amazon, we learned that over time it might develop technique issues such as Bluetooth and USB cable incompatibility.
  • Also, a couple of users reported lack of comprehensiveness of instructions for its use provided, claiming that they are below par for such a quality device

The Bottom Line

Innovo has always created quality medical devices, and its latest device, CMS 50F PLUS OLED Wrist Pulse Oximeter, has maintained their reputation. This means that buyers should be confident that this pulse oximeter is capable of living up to its claims.

Featuring an inbuilt alarm that alerts you if the device is placed incorrectly, this pulse oximeter is able to measure your oxygen saturation in blood as well as pulse rate alongside other metrics. All the readings are presented on a bright LED screen that is easy to read; you don’t have to look for a shade to view your reading. A lot of users praised the clarity offered by its bright LED screen, which makes it easier to review results. Also, the SnugFit system has been praised, with many users stating that they wear the device all night and it doesn’t detach no matter how much they toss and turn in their sleep.

With a commendable rating of 4.0 stars, this may be the best pulse oximeter when used correctly. It is capable of offering reliable and accurate readings.

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Important Note: Notwithstanding any of the information in this article consult your doctor on the use of this device, and how it can be used to monitor your personal health situation. Also, consult the instructions and warnings for your particular device.

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Updated: February 6, 2018

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