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Etymotic Research HF5 Review

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Etymotic Research HF5 Review

Etymotic Research HF5 Review

Reputedly the best noise isolation in-ear-monitors (IEMs) on the planet – woof! woof! The Etymotic Research HF5 Review phones may seem a bit small on kit content but scores big on delivery. Etymonic, who established themselves first as manufacturers of top-range hearing monitors and ear protection, have brought their skills and audio-engineering know-how to this is no-quarter asked, no-quarter given, high-performance product that should really get your tail wagging. The custom-built Accu•Driver™ balanced armature drivers deliver fantastic sound through the IEMs that fit comfortably into your ear canal.

The 48-inch long substantial cable finishes in a gold-plated, j-shaped 3.5 stereo jack; the earphones come in two colours, cobalt and black, all in a carrying pouch with an assortment of their trade-mark ACCU•Fit™ ear tips and ACCU•Filter™ wax filters with removal tool. The long, slender buds are ergonomically designed to fit and are handsome devils too, which will seal off more outside noise than you could hope for – Etymotic even provide clear video instructions for placing them into your ears simply, safely and comfortably to get the most out of them – Etymotic website

Etymotic Research HF5 Review

The Etymotic hf5 IEMs are suitable for Android or IOS users. If you’re after an overall sound that is top dog at a reasonable price these will deliver the goods.


They provide well-rounded reproduction with high-level treble, being smooth rather than shrill; a middle range that delivers the goods; and the bass, while not as dynamic because of its armature-based drivers is perfectly adequate for most listeners, particularly for those seeking tight, mid-bass rather than a hip-hop thump.

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Updated: February 2, 2016

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