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FORA TN’G (Test N’ GO) Voice Blood Glucose Meter Review

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FORA TN'G (Test N' GO) Voice Blood Glucose Meter Review
Increased levels of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream is a common health condition for millions of people in the country and around the world. Blood sugar/diabetes, combined with hypertension are considered to be silent killers. Each year millions of people die across the world or suffer from various health challenges caused by increased glucose levels in the body.

Apart from medication, changes to lifestyle and food habits are considered the best ways to control the problem. Regular monitoring of glucose level is critical due to various reasons. It may not be possible to visit your healthcare provider frequently enough to monitor the sugar levels. Therefore looking for a suitable home-based monitoring device is important. Glucometers are considered to be the first line of defense when it comes to managing diabetes and increased blood sugar levels. There are many brands of glucometers on the market today. Hence choosing the best glucometer could be a challenging and tough task.

In this article, we will be reviewing a well-known brand of glucometer. We are sure it will help customers to understand this device from the right perspective and help get the required knowledge and information to make the right choice.

FORA TN’G Voice Blood Glucose Meter – Key Features

This is also referred to as test and go blood glucose meter and there are quite a few reasons for this device to get this name. We will look at a few important features, attributes, and functionalities, which certainly could go in understanding more about this product.

It comes with the best of Bluetooth connectivity features whereby you could have the blood glucose reading available on your mobile phones, iPhones and other devices, including laptops and desktops. It also offers results that are audible and it also comes with volume control facilities are available. The results are available in English and also in the Spanish language.

Apart from the above, the device also comes with a number of other exciting features. These include

  • LCD backlight, 450 test memories with date and time and four alarm settings.
  • The glucose analysis is as per GDH-FAH standards. Hence there are many who believe that it could be a potential candidate for the best blood glucose meter.
  • You also get the iFora Diabetes Manager app, which can be easily be downloaded free either from Play Store or Apple Store.

Versatile Options

It also is perfectly capable of recording glucose levels, pre-meal and post-meal and you can do it both in the morning and afternoon. The device also could be extremely useful for getting to know more about useful and healthy lifestyles based on your glucose level readings. You also would be able to identify the specific lifestyles that could lead to a spike or reduction of glucose levels because you are able to monitor the levels on a continuous basis.

blood sugar monitoring

The product is quite compact and therefore you will be able to record the readings quite easily and satisfactorily. You will be able to clearly find out as to how insulin doses and other medications impact your glucose levels positively or negatively. It also helps you to come out with graphic illustration and reading of glucose levels in the form of pie charts and other types of graphs. Hence, you will have a total picture available at your fingertips. While helping your physician to efficiently manage your glucose levels, you will also become more educated and knowledgeable as the end user.


  • Accurate reading of data.
  • Just takes a few seconds to get the reading.
  • Compact and lightweight and is compatible with all android and Android devices.
  • It certainly helps to give a new perspective when it comes to managing blood sugar.
  • It just weighs 1.1 pounds and therefore is not a burden when it comes to portability.


  • It is still a new concept and therefore not many people are still aware of it.
  • A few instances of wrong reporting have been reported.


At the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that you are investing in a good product which could help in better monitoring of your vital parameters. The glucometer certainly has won a number of positive reviews from customers and the ratings given by them are also extremely encouraging, to say the least. Hence, it makes sense to invest in this device and the price is also reasonable and not a big burden on your pocket.

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Updated: December 12, 2017

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