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Grado SR60e Review

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grado sr60e review

grado sr60e review

Though it has been assumed that products from this brand are expensive, the Grado SR60e are headphones characterized by features that are rare to find and built with a high level of precision.

These are some of the reasons that have made this brand continue selling though the prices vary depending on the varieties of this brand available in the market.

grado sr60e review

The Grado SR60e on-the-ear headphones are the latest successor of the SR60i e series and the manufacturer has tried to keep the price low. This has come at the expense of some few inclusions and features. First and foremost, a separate manual has not been provided for these headphones.

grado sr60e Packaging

The manufacturer has opted to use the inside of the box in which these headphones come as the manual. The details are clear and one can read through comfortably. As a result, the packaging has been affected and is a box made of fairly thin cardboard unlike other headphones of the same brand that come in thick cardboard boxes.
Though this is the case, form-fitting foam secures Grado SR60e headphones inside the box and a 1/4” adapter that is already attached, forms the complete package of these headphones.

grado sr60e review
grado sr60e
grado sr60e review


When it comes to the design of Grado SR60e headphones, it is somewhat the old-school type. So, if you are the kind that prefers the stylish modern variety, this might not be what you may be looking for. They have an open-back design on each earcup that is covered with a grille that allows you to see through.

These headphones are adjustable to fit various users and you can do this by pulling slightly on either side. They might not be the best to carry around in your bag owing to the design, because you might risk damaging them but do a perfect job for those who want some serious listening aids. This variety of headphones also comes with a long, thick cable that obviously promotes the production of better sound.
Though this is the positive side of it, you may hardly find yourself wearing the cable on a daily basis for use, as you go about your day to day activities. The GRADO SR60e variety does not come with some of those fancy features such as the removable cable and built-in remotes; just plain and simple.

On the left earcup there is a red button that mutes the audio to engage the microphone; playback controls are also available, as well as the volume adjuster on the outer ring.

Sound Quality

Testing these headphones reveals that the bass experience is not overemphasized as is the case with other headphone varieties and the highs are quite crisp and clear. On the other hand, the midrange is clear and open sounding. Another set of great headphones you might be interested in are the Sony XBA H1 in-the-ear headphones.

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