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NAD HP50 Review

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NAD HP50 Review

NAD HP50 Review

NAD’s HP50 over-ear headphone was released in 2013 and has since then become a favorite of music lovers across the board. It produces incredibly accurate sound, is gorgeously designed, and is relatively inexpensive at its retail price of $300. So let’s get to the NAD HP50 Review.
They come in black, red, and white, which accentuates their simple design. With white, these headphones have a stark contrast between the black of the earpads and the headband, which is padded both on the inside and the outside, and the white and silver of the earcups’ shells. An interesting design choice is the squareish shape of the earcups. It lends the headphones a more modern, angular look that might not agree with the aesthetics of some.

These headphones are well-constructed, with careful attention to detail during their design and assembly as well as decent durability. They can stand to be knocked around a few times without losing any quality or functionality. They weigh in at eight ounces, which is pretty light for a full-sized headphone.
The HP50 comes with two 4.2 feet long detachable cables, one of which has an inline, Apple-friendly three-button remote and microphone. Not all of the features of the remote will work with Android and Windows devices, but the microphone will work just as well on either of those two as on an Apple device.

NAD HP50 Review

These are comfortable headphones with their plush memory foam padding. The earcups also do a pretty good job of sealing out the noise of your surroundings, but they don’t have active noise cancellation.


While it isn’t exactly compact, these headphones do fold flat and come with a nice carrying case. There’s also a separate little accessories case that holds the cables and airline adapter. NAD really throws you a bone with how the accessories case fits inside the carrying case, so you don’t need to lug around the two cases separately.

NAD HP50 Review


The HP50 sports a 40mm driver in each earcup, which provides you with an accurate sound balance. It doesn’t emphasize the bass of your music over the treble or midtones and vice versa. Sound, regardless of its tonal distribution, is crisp and clear. It also has great stereo imaging, especially for a closed-back headphone. It sounds wonderfully spacious and airy.
But if it’s big, booming bass that you want, check out our Beats Studio Wireless Review.

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Updated: March 24, 2016

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