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ONE Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Meter Review

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With busy living schedules, it has become difficult for us to keep tabs on our health. With increasing conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and more, they posing a potential threat towards mankind. It is not easy to maintain a diet, but we can track our bodily functions with the help of certain tools. ONE Touch Ultra 2 is one of the best blood glucose meters available in the market.

When we talk about the best glucometer, it is difficult to find one because there are so many; they come in different sizes, shapes and possess different functionalities. ONE Touch Ultra 2 is designed in such a way that it helps the individual to manage his/her body glucose level.

ONE Touch Ultra 2 Specifications:

In many ways, the ONE Touch Ultra 2 surpasses other glucometers in terms of technology, ease of use, and access. General physicians suggest it to their patients due to its accuracy. This new variant comes with modern specifications designed to cater the needs of the users.

• Unlike other glucometers, ONE Touch Ultra 2 uses a faster processor for testing the blood samples. That is, you can get your results within five seconds, faster than any other device.

• The end-fill test strip is designed in such a way that it is able to draw blood automatically.

• The user can use it on his/her fingers, forearms or even palms for drawing the blood to measure the body glucose level.

• In most of the glucometers, the users complain about the size being too small and compact. What makes ONE Touch Ultra 2 the best glucometer is its compact design with a large screen display. It is easier to take readings and with the likes of backlight installed in it, it can be used even in dim light areas and surroundings.

• What makes ONE Touch Ultra 2 different from others is that it comes with the functionality of transferring the data back to the computer and laptop. This helps the user to keep a track of all his/her glucose level data, ultimately helping him/her to maintain the body glucose level. The data can be ported using the data port functionality.

• You just have to throw away the stripes you used for testing, and no further cleaning required. You have not to worry about the device being infected with several microorganisms. The device is fully secure and multiple individuals can use it blood glucose testing.

• You can store up to the maximum of 500 test results which is more than enough. Once it is full, you can port the test result to your computer and start new.

• It sports a 3.0 Volt CR 2032 lithium battery which gives longevity to the device (approximately more than one year).

• The best feature of ONE Touch Ultra 2 is that it comes with a date and time stamp. It helps the user to know when he/she last used the device.

• Moreover, the user can tag the tests as post-meal or pre-meal for better tracking.

• Setting it up is easy, you just have to follow the simple instructions provided in the user manual.

• Unlike other test stripes, ONE Touch Ultra 2 uses glucose test stripes for better readings and accuracy and it can be easily availed from the market when emptied.

• You are only required to provide a sample of small size, there is no requirement of drawing too much blood for the test.

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Why ONE Touch Ultra 2:

1. The doctors and nurses prefer their patients ONE Touch Ultra 2 just because of its accuracy and reliability.

2. It can be used by anyone from a child to an eighty-year-old adult. Those who find it difficult to read characters can also use it because of it big and bright display with LCD backlight.

3. The users can enjoy the facility of results tagging and commenting using this device.

4. Unlike other glucometers, you can use it to calculate the average of your blood test results.


1. One can only perform a limited set of calculations using ONE Touch Ultra 2.

2. The interface is not attractive and its dated menu makes it a clunky device.

3. Once the tagging and commenting are done, it can’t be undone or customized.


ONE Touch Ultra 2 is a, calculating all the aspects, stands up to the expectations of the users. It has been provided with new features and functionalities for accurate testing and if you have any query regarding the usage, you can call their customer service helpline.

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Updated: December 12, 2017

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