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Thule Crossover 32L Review

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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Laptop backpack comes in a wide range and variety but selecting the right one is the real talent. You might have come across many products and it gets confusing when you cannot select the best one. However, in the case of bags, you should not go past the Thule Crossover 32L. It is one of the perfect choices that you can make and believe me you will never regret.
The backpack is perfect for the laptops as it will keep them safe and protected. You can use it for any purpose that you like and the best thing is that it can be taken to the meeting or the class. Everyone will appreciate your choice and the bag will turn into a perfect compliment for you.

Thule Crossover backpack

The first thing that you will love about this backpack is the extraordinary technology. It has been manufactured with the top quality material to make sure that it gives the best performance. The finishing and stitching of the product are simply amazing. It seems like that the group of especially has specially stitched it under their supervision. Every fiber has been so perfectly places that it enhances the look and quality of the product.
The design of the backpack is amazing. You can easily carry it everywhere without the worry of looking awkward. It has the stylish looks and the color contrast is amazing. The blue design of the black fabric looks amazing. It enhances the class and elegance of the product it means that when you will wear it with confidence.
The main attraction of Thule Crossover 32L is its comfort level. The manufacturers have especially paid attention to this aspect of the bag. They have designed the bag in such a way that will reduce the stress on your body. The complete structure of the bag has been added, it means that the overall weight of the bag will be compromised when you will wear it with your products in it. The next important thing is the straps of the backpack. They are adjustable so that you can ensure that the bag falls on your lower back and not on the thorax because that is the right position. Straps are also padded, it means that you won’t suffer from the shoulder pain because of uncomfortable fabric straps.
The durability of the bag is amazing. It will last longer than you can think. The reason is simple it has all the qualities and production material that is required to manufacture a quality product. There is a special main compartment and other pockets to make sure that all your items will be protected and secure. Thule Crossover 32L will help you to perfectly organize all your items.


  • It can easily adjust a 17 inches laptop as well as the MacBook
  • There is a rear compartments that you can elevate to produce some extra space in the bag
  • The bag has numerous compartments where you can keep your books, items or clothes according to your requirements
  • The dimensions of the backpack are 12.5 x 8.5 x 20 inches to provide you with the perfect storage
  • The sturdy aluminum has been used for the manufacturing of the bag
  • It has been manufactured with the perfect internal and internal padding. It means that your products will be protected from heat or crushing
  • You can even keep the bulky items and the bag will never let you feel heavy
  • Thule Crossover 32L comes with the zipper closure to that your items will not fall in case you are on a bumpy surface
  • It provides you with the quick access to all your items
  • There is an organization compartment that will not let your wires and cords mix up
  • The product has special shove it pockets in case you would like to have some more extra space

    Pros and Cons


    • The bag has been tested before it was sent to the market
    • It comes with the 25 years of warranty from the manufacturers
    • The cushioning property of the Thule Crossover 32L will keep all your items perfectly protected.
    • The interior of the bag is gray or light blue to ensure that your products will be properly visible to you
    • There is a black panel cushion and the top handle to enhance the comfort level of the bag for the users


    • It is hard to maintain and wash because of the excessive pads
    • The bag is difficult to dry if it gets wet
    • You might find it expensive as compared to alternatives


    Thule Crossover has been specially designed for you and in case that you like the design that it will your perfect partner for a long time. You can use the bag for anything that you like because the best feature is the laptop protection but look also best waterproof backpacks. So, rock your style and personality with the laptop backpack.

    Check best price on Amazon.com

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Updated: February 7, 2018

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