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7 Best Smelling Dryer Sheets – 2018

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Adding a dryer sheet is a basic part of many people’s laundry routine. However, with the many different brands of dryer sheets out there, it can be easy to get confused as to which is the best. To narrow your choice and help you choose the best smelling dryer sheet, we have compiled a list of the top 7 best smelling dryer sheet available. Before we narrow down to the best of the best in the market, let’s discuss several things about dryer sheets.


Best Smelling Dryer Sheets


What is a Dryer sheet?

Dryer sheets are an important part of any laundry process. When your clothes are clean, these products add a final touch of freshness and softness to your finished load. I know you may ask, how do they make clothes soft, but we will discuss that later. In this article, we will also share products that serve the same function but are not technically sheets.

At this point, you might also ask yourself; what’s the point of using these little sheets? After all, my clothes are already clean. But dryer sheets help in a lot of ways. For instance, they prevent the buildup of static electricity in your fabrics. That’s not all, dryer sheets also;

– Prevent fabric from gathering lint

– Work as a fabric softener

– And make ironing easier

With that in mind, let’s get down to business and check the best dryer sheets;

Benefits of Using Dryer Sheets

Fresh fragrances- dryer sheets leave your clothes with a pleasant, fresh smell. You can also use it to clean suitcases and car surfaces to make them fresh smell as well.

Better softness- when used in fabric such as sheets and towels, dryer sheets makes them softer.

Reduces wrinkles- they reduce wrinkles in your laundry, thereby making ironing easier.

Reduction of Static Cling- by using dryer sheets, you can reduce static cling caused by your dryer. They help to neutralize negatively charged particles in your fabric. The negative charges react with positive charges in your body to cause static cling.

Best Smelling Dryer Sheet – Product Reviews

1. Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Fresh Linen

** Editor’s Choice – Best Smelling Dryer Sheet **

Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Fresh Linen
Fabric softener dryer sheets by Bounce provide an easy and effective method of getting soft and static free clothes that smell great. Bounce is a renowned company that has been producing an excellent line of dryer sheets, and Bounce Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Fresh Linen is no exceptions. The attribute of making quality products has enabled Bounce to beat off competition from other brands making dryers sheets.

These dryer sheets come in several fragrances; Fresh Linen, Outdoor Fresh, Fresh Lavender, Scent-Free, and Spring Free. For those who prefer gentler fragrances, Linen Fresh and Outdoor Fresh will be a better option; if you prefer more intense fragrances that will last, then fresh Lavender and Spring Free will be excellent options.

These dryer sheets are a cheaper option than most of their counterparts, and they are effective. However, one thing to keep in mind when using these dryer sheets from Bounce is that it reduces the flame resistance of clothes labeled “flame resistant,” such as kid’s pajamas. While this may not be a big issue, you may prefer to dry your kid’s sleepwear separately.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

2. Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep

Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep
Although not technically a dryer sheet, the smart Sheep Dyer Balls are one of the best dryer sheets on the market. They are made of 100 percent wool and come in a pack of six. These dryer balls are reusable and have been designed to work by bouncing around your fabric and increasing the rate of airflow around your clothing. This results in quicker dry time and leaves your laundry feeling softer and fluffier. Therefore, they not only save your time but also preserve the environment by using lesser energy. Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep are completely chemical free and have a nice, faint smell. They don’t leave any gunky stuff on your laundry. One package can be used for a very long time, and therefore, they are better for your wallet.

So, the big question is; Do Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep work? These balls do work. Customers who have used these dryer sheets claim that they are very effective. All you need to do is to put the six wool balls into the dryer that has your wet clothes and turn on your dryer. They work by bouncing around in the dryer. By bouncing around, they lift up your clothes to let in hot air into your clothes to make them softer.

The best thing about these dryer balls by Smart Sheep is that they don’t harm the texture of your clothes and are also friendly to the environment.

We would recommend them to anyone who is on a budget and want to avoid synthetic dryer sheets.

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3. Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls

Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls

If you want to become more eco-friendly, Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls is a must-have addition to your laundry list. These dryer balls are made from felted wool. They are 100 percent natural and non-allergic. Just like Wool Dryer Balls by Smart Sheep, these eco-friendly dryer balls work by bouncing around the dryer. They separate your laundry thereby allowing heat from the dryer to dry your clothes faster. These dryer balls significantly cut the drying time especially for those with large loads. Less drying time means using fewer utilities or energy.

The Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls are chemical-free and are a good replacement for liquid fabric softeners. They are perfect for people with sensitive skin and babies. They work to soften and fluff the clothes naturally. When combined with a few drops of essential oil, they leave your clothes smelling nice and feeling softer. They come in packs of six, four, or three.

Note: When using Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls, remember to use only the no-heat setting (air fluff); otherwise there may be a risk of fire.

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4. Bounce Fresh Linen Dryer Bar

Bounce Fresh Linen Dryer Bar

Once again we have listed another product from Bounce on our list of top 7 best smelling dryer sheets. Bounce is a reputable company in the field of softener and dryer sheets. In fact, products from Bounce can fill up all the eight spots in this list, but for the purpose of diversifying consumers’ choice, we have to include other brands.

Back to business now; Bounce Fresh Linen Dryer Bar is a convenient and economical alternative to standard dryer sheets. You only need to attach the bar holder to the inside of your dryer and slide in the dryer ball. Typically, this dryer sheet can last for up to six months depending on the frequency of using your dryer. Once you attach it to the dryer, you don’t need to keep replacing it.

It softens clothes, leaving them smelling clean and fresh and also eliminates static. It’s available in Fresh Linen and Outdoor Fresh scents. It’s one of the most popular dryer sheets on the market, and we can highly recommend it to people who are looking for nice smelling dryer sheets that have natural ingredients.

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5. Cling Free Softener Sheets

Cling Free Softener Sheets

Cling Free Softener Sheets may not be a popular option but it’s one of the best-scented dryer sheets you can get. Almost everyone who has tried Cling Free Softener Sheets become loyal customers. From the customer reviews posted on Amazon, virtually all the people who have used it refer to it as “the best dryer sheets I’ve ever used.”

It’s available in two scents; Outdoor Spring and Powder Fresh scents. Consumers rave about its effectiveness in controlling static. Powder Fresh fragrance is the most recommended according to many consumers. When compared to other dryer sheets on our list, Cling Free Softener Sheets is one of the least expensive options available.

We can recommend this product to people who may want to experiment a newer brand on the market.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

6. Downy Fabric Softener Sheets

Downy Fabric Softener Sheets
Downy is not a new brand; in fact, it has made a good name in the softeners and detergents industry, and they are now entering the dryer sheets industry. Downy produces nice smelling, quality products and Downy Fabric Softener Sheets is no exception. The fresh scent of Downy is their trademark, but in this softener sheet, they have diversified by introducing several scents including their original April Fresh scent, invigorating Clean Breeze scent, and refreshing Mountain Breeze. Each of these scents smells slightly different, but all will make your laundry smell clean and fresh.

It helps in fighting static cling and works to remove hair and excessive lint from clothing while they dry. To use it, simply toss a sheet in your dryer with wet clothes in and remove it with the load.

This fabric softener sheet from Downy makes laundry sessions aromatic and easy, and we can recommend it to people who like buying products from proven brands.

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7. Snuggle Exhilarations Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheet Reviews
We sign off our top eight list of best-smelling dryer sheets with Snuggle Exhilarations Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets. It is one of the best smelling dryer sheets on the market. Its scent stays on your clothing even after drying, and you’ll likely get compliments thanks to its fresh scents. It does a much better job than most sheets.

It’s safe to use since it’s made using natural ingredients and doesn’t leave any coating on your fabric. It’s a dryer sheet we can highly recommend.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

How Do Dryer Sheets Work and What Are the Common Ingredients Used In These Laundry Softeners?

Dryer sheets, also known as fabric softer sheets, work to soften fabric and reduce static cling during the drying process. While it might look as if these items are made of thin, scented squares of materials, they actually work in a certain way to accomplish their task; they just do not diffuse to release their ingredients. Dryer sheets use heat-activated lubricants that have lightly coated materials with enough oil to fight static cling and leave a protective coating on your fabric. They also provide a fresh scent.

Dryer Sheet Ingredients

Liquid fabric softeners were first developed in 1950’s, and at that time their major role was to give clothes a softer touch, they were later improved by adding more ingredients to prevent static cling. In 1960, there was an introduction of dryer sheets that offered a more convenient way to achieve similar results just like a liquid fabric softener. There have been gradual improvements in the quality and diversification of scents among the dryer sheets brands.

Some of the ingredients in dryer sheets from renowned brands such as Bounce and Downy includes a surfactant such as ammonium salt or silicone oil to coat the fabric with a fine layer of almost indiscernible oil that gets released when it gets hot. This is what makes your hands feel slightly sticky when you rub a dryer sheet.

Every brand has its own formulation for making their dryer sheets, and you should check your packaging to know the ingredients used.

The Bottom Line

Dryer sheets are a convenient option for consumers who want to build resistance to possible stains, reduce static cling, and prevent lint accumulation. These environmentally friendly sheets are also safe on your skin and leave your clothes smelling nice. They also make ironing easier. You can get them in other alternative forms such as dryer balls and softener sheets. They are typically the same and work in a similar way.

We hope that you’ll find your best choice for dryer sheets among our eight picks; they are typically the best on the market. Check the customer reviews of each to have a better picture of how each of them performs.


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Updated: April 21, 2018

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