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Belkin Slim Laptop Backpack Review

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4.4 out of 5 stars

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Belkin is the perfect backpack for the 15 inches laptop. It is on the go backpack for the students and the people who cannot leave their devices behind. The slim design of the Belkin is very attractive and makes it look very creative. Belkin is a trendy backpack that will enhance your look. It will suit the style of every student who only likes to carry his or her laptop to school.

The biggest attraction of the backpack is the manufacturing. The cuts and the curves are very fine and the finishing of the stitching is so accurate that you will not find a single stitch out of place. It has been manufactured with durable material to ensure that the product will stay with you for a long time.

The product is available in a black shade, which makes it look very decent. Even the office workers can use it to carry their laptops and gadgets during office trips. It can easily accommodate all sizes and ranges of laptops, notebooks, tablets, and gadgets. The backpack and secure flaps inside that will keep the gadgets in place. It means you will not feel uncomfortable by the moving items in your bag.


Belkin Slim Laptop Backpack ReviewThe best feature of the bag is that it has been ergonomically designed. Even if you will carry your gadget in it the entire day, you will not feel any stress on your back. The bag will perfectly adjust according to the shape of your back and you can hang it on the lumbar region so the weight will be properly adjusted.

The backpack has extra padding to ensure that everything will remain protected. It will provide extra protection to the gadgets inside and prevent them from bumps, abrasion, and scratches. There are net pockets inside so you can keep the devices separately so they will not collide with each other.

Even in the bag falls, nothing will happen to your devices due to the padding in the bottom of the backpack. The zipper of the backpack has been properly secured and it has been designed with such perfection that no one can open the zip without your noticing.
This backpack is water-resistant but not waterproof, so, if you need really waterproof backpack look here: Best waterproof laptop backpacks

With the help of the pockets, you can easily manage everything inside the backpack. Belkin can be washed so you can keep it as good as new.


Belkin Laptop Backpack Review

  • The interior and exterior of the Belkin has been manufactured with 100% polyester
  • The lining of the backpack is soft touch and it has been designed with nylon and cotton
  • The polyester cover makes it durable
  • You can easily access your gadgets and MP3 player
  • For power supply, Belkin has been equipped with a removable pouch
  • Belkin can be washed with hands only using water and soap. Do not wash it in the machine and lay flat to dry.

Pros and Cons


The best thing about Belkin is that it is available at an affordable rate
There are many interior and exterior pockets that make it a versatile product. You can easily manage your stuff inside
Apart from the slim design it is light in weight that will allow you to balance it according to your comfort
The shoulder straps have been padded to ensure that you can easily carry it without straining you muscles
You can adjust the shoulder straps of Belkin according to your height
If you like to hear music while you are traveling there is a headphone grommet in the backpack. So you will not have to carry your phone in your hand or pocket
It can even adjust some of your everyday essentials


There no exterior water bottle pocket so you have to avoid keeping it inside
You have to take extra care of the zipper because if it breaks the bag will be unusable.
Not suitable for item larger or smaller than 15 inches
It is not water resistant so you have to take care when it is raining.
Due to the excessive padding, Belkin laptop backpack will take extra time to dry


If you are looking for a trendy and stylish laptop backpack that will look slim and smart when you carry it then Belkin will be a perfect choice. It will fulfill all your requirements in the budget and the product is reliable. You can always keep your products well-managed and the backpack is easy to check when you are at the airport. You can look also Incase Icon Pack and Solo Pro.
It is a hassle free item that will not create any clutter for you. With the unique feature, you will find it exciting to travel with the Belkin. For the style, comfort of the Belkin has not been compromised so you will never feel stressed after your day of carrying the backpack.

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Updated: February 6, 2018

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