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Solo Pro Backpack Review

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Solo Pro Backpack Review

4.3 out of 5 stars

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This is a great bag and it looks like it values twice the cost. It can be used to keep all your stuff at the same time. Solo bags are made for the people who want the bag with the quality of safe compartments for their laptops and tablet or iPad.

The most important thing is its size which is suitable for those who have big laptops because it can keep the laptops up to the 17 inches. You don’t have to worry about finding the bags anymore that have the finest compartments for the devices you want to put in.


Solo pro has excellent features which make it unique to the other backpacks. Following are some features:

  • Solo bags are made from the finest material so the customer keeps it for a long time. So, these bags are made up of polyester that makes them more reliable and allows them to have the longer life.
  • The weight of the product is 1.95 lbs.
  • Laptop Compartment Dimensions is 15.2″ x 10.4″ x 1.7″.
  • Padded pocket protects laptops up to 17.3 with the height of 17″ and width of 12″ and have the compartments for the Tablets and iPad.
  • It has the zippered file pocket in it.
  • It has the net pockets on both of its sides for the quick access to the water bottle and extra stuff you want to keep in it.
  • Adaptable and padded backpack straps.
  • Solo bags have the Moderated carry holder.
  • Front open compartment for large items.
  • Rear Ride Along feature for consolidated travel.

All above features are good and you can take benefits of all its features without any concern of damaging and keep your things in an organized way.

Product description

Solo bags are manufactured in the china. The shipping weight of the solo bag is 2.4 pounds in weight which is easy to carry and keep the bag for the longer period of time. The most of the product has the dimensions of the laptop compartment which is 18 x 7.5 x 12.5 inches.

Most of the people also care about the warranty of the product as it is made up of the fine material so it has the warranty of 5 years which is very generous.


Solo bags are backpacks full of benefits and endeared by the many customers who want all the features in their backpacks which this backpack contains. Here are some benefits:

  • The most significant thing in the backpacks is their volume and Solo Pro has the capacity which all customers want the most.
  • This bag is one of the best bag backs in every way. Its style is exclusive and it has all the features which customers want.
  • As it has much capacity, it has many pockets in which you place your things in an organized way. Basically, it has five exterior pockets which are very uncommon in backpacks.
  • The weight of Solo is 1.95 lb. and the gender is unisex.
  • Not only for laptops, surprisingly, It has also sections for Tablets and iPad you can save them with their laptops without any panic of damage.
  • It has an additional section aimed just for laptops. So, one can save your laptops without any doubts. It reduces your concern because these sections are designed for at least 17 inches laptop size.
  • Most of the clients are worried about the material so, that they can use the thing for a longer time. This solo backpack is made up of polyester.

This bag is valuable for those whose requirements are all above facilities.


Paramount backpacks have all the facilities like a briefcase holds. But briefcases are difficult to wear for a long period of time with all your devices and their accessories in it.

This bag fits the bill. Its back compartment has padded enclosures for a 15″ laptop as well as a sleeve for your tablet. It is equipped with a designed compartment for the laptop. Solo pro gives you the quick access to the all the stuff you want to keep in the pockets. It has the size mesh pockets and has the unique organizer section in it.

The backpack has the rear pocket that fits from the most telescoping handles which help to keep your luggage and makes the traveling easy for you. It has the padded shoulder straps which are comfortable and makes it happen to carry the bag for the longer period of time. It can also take the place of the briefcases because briefcases are always hard to carry for the long period of the time so you can use this bag instead of it and can walk through the stations without any worries.


Solo backpacks are full of beneficial qualities. Its material is virtuous so you can keep it for a longer time. With the materials, the partitions made for the protection of the electronics. It delivers the user with the protected flap opening and you can access the multi-sections to your personal gear.

Solo backpacks are devoted in providing the user with the incomparable product that is verified. So this bag is tested and have the finest worth. Most imperative, you can have the guarantee in contradiction of the flaws in the material because these bags are ended up with the finest materials. Solo bags also guarantee you about all the potentials it made and assurances about the workmanship which makes these bags more vulnerable.

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Updated: February 7, 2018

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