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Finding the Best Smelling Fabric Softener

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Everyone wants to look sharp and presentable. One of the things that can help you achieve this goal is by wearing clean and scented clothes. Having clean and well-ironed clothes is a sign that you are paying attention to your overall outlook. This can be important when wanting to make a good impression on others.

Dressing well boosts your confidence. When it comes to taking care of garments, the world is divided into two. There are those who use liquid fabrics and those who don’t. The difference between these two groups is quite significant.

What is liquid fabric softener?

Liquid fabric softeners are conditioners that are used to coat your fabrics, making them soft. Natural softeners use oils extracted from plants, although most brands use fossil-based oils. For a softener to be effective, it must come into direct contact with your clothes, and this happens during the final rinse cycle after you have already washed using regular detergents.

best smelling fabric softener

Fabric softeners have been available on the market for quite some time and were only recently referred to as conditioners by some manufacturers. This is basically for marketing purposes although a few differences may exist between the two.

They work by effectively coating the surface of cloth fibers using a thin layer of chemicals. Such chemicals usually possess lubricant properties and tend to be electrically conductive, a property that makes fibers feel smoother and also prevents the accumulation of static electricity.

You may ask yourself if there are reasons why you should use liquid fabric softeners. These types of products help to achieve more than just cleanliness of the clothes. Just as the name suggests, they soften your garments. In addition to that, liquid fabric softeners leave your clothes with a fresh smell.

With the wide variety of liquid softeners in the market, you may find it difficult to decide on the one that best suits your needs. Don’t worry. This article will give you a comprehensive review of the best smelling liquid fabric softeners that you can get. First, we will give a rundown of the top products followed by a detailed guide to help your search.

Best Smelling Liquid Fabric Softener Reviews

1. Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner

Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric ConditionerDowny April Fresh Fabric Conditioner does more than what your regular detergent would do. It protects and freshens your fabrics. Your clothes will be fully protected against various risks such as fading, stretching, and fuzzing. They will help to maintain that perfect condition for as long as you continue using the product. The product helps to minimize the damaging effects of washing the garments. Downy April Fresh comes with a fresh floral scent that will turn you into a sniffing machine.

The conditioning fabric softener is capable of fighting static and reduces wrinkles, things that any regular detergent alone won’t be able to do. It is also easy to use and is compatible with both top and front-loading washing machines. More importantly, it makes your laundry day to be more pleasant.


  • Prevents the occurrence of static cling
  • Makes fabrics to be super-soft
  • Offers maximum protection against fading, stretching, and fuzzing
  • Has long-lasting scent that will make the clothes smell fresh for a long time
  • Clears wrinkles from clothes
  • Compatible with most washing machines
  • Can be easily paired with Downy Dryer Sheets for better protection and stronger scent


The conditioner is mainly made of biodegradable fabric softening agents. It is safe to use on any fabric and does not cause any side effects. It also has scent pearls that are responsible for the product’s fragrance.

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2. Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener with Odor Eliminating Technology

Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Liquid Fabric SoftenerSnuggle Plus Super Fresh is an award-winning fabric softener that can help you to achieve great results with your laundry. The brand’s dryer sheets were awarded the Product of the Year under the category of Fabric Conditioner. The sheets won the confidence of over 40,000 people, and this just shows how the product is one of the most trusted fabric conditioners on the market.

Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener utilizes its odor-eliminating technology to eliminate the toughest odors that may be in the fabric. It replaces the bad smell with a fresh snugly freshness that you will love. Unlike other fabric softeners, this is the only product that is designed to get rid of an odor. If used as directed, a single container will last for 155 loads.

It comes with an accurate dispenser and dosing cup that can measure loads of all sizes. Snuggle Plus Super Fresh is HE compatible, hence can work on any washing machine.


  • Results to snuggle softness
  • Eliminates the toughest odor with the help of its efficient Odor Eliminating Technology
  • Scent – It is designed to release a pleasant fresh scent on fabric that lasts long before wearing off. This is what ensures that clients’ fabrics are always smelling fresh.
  • Ingredients – It is formulated with powerful ingredients that function to eliminate bad odor from fabric so as to leave them with a fresh scent.
  • Has no-mess dispenser
  • Capacity – A single container of this potent fabric softener can last up to 90 loads if used as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Reduces wrinkles and static cling
  • The softener has a light blue color

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3. Gain With Freshlock Original Liquid Fabric Softener

Gain With Freshlock Original Liquid Fabric SoftenerGain With Freshlock liquid fabric softener will give you a scent that you will definitely love. It helps to make clothes soft and less static. The liquid softener leaves a great scent on all your laundry, meaning that your mood will always be high whenever you wear those clothes. It also has a user-friendly packaging that is made of recycled plastic.

Features and benefits of Gain with Freshlock Original Liquid Fabric Softener

  • Soft: The ingredients of the product are designed to soften the fabric by decreasing its static. This leaves them with a flawless texture.
  • Great scent: Your clothing will not only be clean but will also retain powerful scent. The sweet smell will stick to your clothes for a long time. In fact, it will retain the fragrance for two straight weeks.
  • HE compatible: The softener can work on all types of washing machines. You can use it to the fullest without worrying about your safety and that of your fabrics.

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4. Purex Liquid Fabric Softener, Sweet Lavender, 100 Fluid Ounce

Purex Liquid Fabric Softener, Sweet LavenderPurex liquid fabric softener is one of the products from the Purex brand which is known for having the best smells. It reduces static cling from all types of fabrics, making them softer. This is a top-notch product from the renowned Purex brand and it is famous for its high efficacy.

The liquid softener also penetrates deep into the fabric getting rid of the hidden dirt and stubborn stains. This means that it is more than just a softener. The liquid conditioner is also available in different types of scents including lavender, cotton, aloe, almond milk, after the rain and mountain breeze.

Features and benefits

  • Deep penetration power. The liquid softener is capable of penetrating deep into the fabric to execute different tasks.
  • Can remove stains. The liquid is specially formulated with various ingredients that can remove stains from your clothing.
  • Comes in a wide range of scents which gives you the freedom to choose the scent that will meet your preference.
  • Its ingredients are safe and don’t cause any adverse reaction to your skin. You don’t have to fear about being affected by allergies due to using the softener. In fact, all of its ingredients have been tested by dermatologists to ascertain their safety levels.
  • HEPA label. The product has HEPA label, and hence can be used in any washing machine.
  • Makes fabrics softer.

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5. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Fabric Softener

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Fabric SoftenerIf you need to soften your fabric and give it a refreshing scent, a half cupful of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day fabric softener is what you need. The liquid, which is added during the rinse cycle of a normal washing process, will make your clothes softer and fluffier. It also gives them a fresh scent. Note that it is a fully natural product.

Ingredients and the role they play

  • Water: The product contains dematerialized water whose main function is to hold together all other ingredients so that they can form a powerful and efficient solution.
  • Ingredients – The softening ingredients of this product have their origin in plant sources such as essential oils for gardening and cotton extract.
  • Dehydrogenated Palm methyl Hydroxylammonium Methosulfate: Performs the softening role whereby it softens the fabric.
  • Fragrance: It gives the liquid an aromatherapeutic experience. The ingredient is made of a mixture of essential oils that are responsible for the sweet scent.
  • Cotton Seed Extract: Softens the fabrics and gets rid of wrinkles.

The liquid is rich in other natural ingredients, and all of them play separate roles in improving its effectiveness.

Features and Benefits

  • HEPA Label: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Fabric Softener is HEPA labeled meaning that it can be used on any washing machine without causing negative repercussions on your clothing or even on the machine.
  • Softens clothes. The liquid has several ingredients that play significant roles in making clothes soft and fluffy. It gets rid of all the wrinkles and roughness.
  • Attractive scent: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day Liquid scores pretty well when it comes to smell. It is formulated with a scent that is crisp and cool so as to have a calming effect on the nerves, clear the head and revive the senses.
  • All natural: This is one of the few products that are made with only natural ingredients. They are safe both to the fabrics and to users.

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6. Member’s Mark Liquid Fabric Softener, Spring Flowers Scent

Member's Mark Liquid Fabric Softener, Spring Flowers ScentMember’s Mark Liquid Fabric Softener is well crafted with Fragrance Burst Technology. This makes it powerful enough to leave your clothes with the scent of spring flowers. The bright side of it is that this scent is capable of lasting for up to 30 days.

The fragrance also gives all types of fabrics a smooth texture and decreases the static cling. On purchasing, a single container has adequate fabric softener that can be used for 197 loads. It also comes with a no-mess dispenser and a dosing cap.

Features and Benefits

  • Scent – It has a strong attractive scent of spring flowers that will make your senses come alive.
  • Machine – This product is very convenient as it can be used in a majority of machine types. This kind of compatibility is very rare to find in most liquid fabric softeners in the industry today.
  • Dispenser – It has a dispenser that is well designed to discharge the liquid fabric softener without causing any mess. The dispenser is also fairly easy to use.
  • Capacity – A single container of this amazing liquid fabric softener is designed to last for 197 loads but only if used as directed.
  • The fabric softener utilizes fragrance Burst Technology which makes its scent stronger and long-lasting

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7. Vernel Fresh Morning Fabric Softener

Vernel Fresh Morning Fabric SoftenerThis is a magnificent liquid fabric softener for those individuals who treasure how their fabrics feel.

Features and Benefits

This product is characterized by the following interesting features:

  • Size – This liquid fabric softener has a convenient size that can easily be stored i.e. 11.8 x 4.5 x 3.3 inches.
  • Weight – It is quite light in weight at 4.6 pounds making it very portable and relatively easy to handle.
  • Variety – This product is sold in 4 great varieties to cater for the different client needs i.e. Fresh Morning, FreshMorning, Wild Rose and WildRose.
  • Compatibility – It is dermatologically approved to be compatible with the skin. It also uses a formulation that is friendly to the environment and facilitates easier ironing thus saving on electricity costs.
  • Scent – It has a pleasant scent that lasts long on laundered clothing. This is because it contains 100% more fresh pearls which release their pleasant smell gradually.
  • Capacity – This product has a capacity of 33 loads (per bottle).

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Ultimate Guide:  Finding the Best Liquid Fabric Softener

From the above list, it is clear that you have to make tough choices when it comes to fabric softeners. Different brands laud their products as the best in the market such that settling for the very best can be quite challenging. Before you buy any product, there are several facts that you need to know. Having the right information can help you to make the wise decision on which fabric softener to use and how to utilize it to the fullest.

  • Understand the difference

Before you head out in search of the best liquid fabric softener, it is important to note the different products you will come across. A softener is formulated to soften and freshen laundry (fabric). Some products have formulas with added benefits that protect your fabric from stretching, pilling, and fading. Conditioners also do the same and may include a range of appealing scents not only to keep the fabric fresh but also to keep the pests away.

  • Review the formula and safety

When it comes to cleaning agents, safety is very important particularly if you are concerned about your chemical exposure. While fresheners are not actually cleaners, they are used in the cleaning process. The existing fabric softeners include different compounds and chemicals in the formula to provide the promised benefits.

liquid softener formula

Some formulas are marketed as natural meaning they only contain natural “safe” ingredients, but even some natural chemicals are harsh. In fact, all softeners will include a warning for users to avoid direct contact before diluting with lots of water. They should not even touch your fabric directly since they are high concentrates sold in small amounts.

Names like baking soda and vinegar should be encouraging. Lookup any strange salts and compounds to determine their safety and approval. Matters of environmental hazard and interaction with biodiversity may also be important for you to consider.

  • Product reputation

What are other users saying about that particular liquid fabric softener? The best product will have a positive vibe surrounding it, and this does not entirely come from intense marketing strategies. Rather, reputation speaks for itself and is developed from satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Softeners that work and are safe and easy to use will generally have a good reputation among users. You can gauge this from comments, complaints, and testimonials from previous and/or current users of the formula. If there are too many negative reviews and complaints, it simply means the product may not be as effective as marketed.

When reviewing reputation, remember to look up the manufacturer and what they are known for. Some sub-standard brands may quickly disappear and reappear under new names with the same product, albeit twisted a little to remove the prime concern.

  • Ease of use

Usage will depend on the stage you are using the formula when cleaning. Some softeners can be added during the washing process while others are recommended during rinsing. This is because some formulas are slow acting and they will get washed away quickly.

liquid softener reviewsNonetheless, the best offers should be added during washing and rinsing without causing any damage. Make sure you read the instructions provided as some formulas are very potent and will damage your fabric if you do not add to lots of water or stir properly. It should not be too hard and cautious using a fabric softener. This is why the best liquid fabric softener comes in an ergonomic grip bottle that allows safe sprinkling without any contact.

  • Type of Washing Machine

    There are several ways of using a liquid fabric softener. It all depends on the type of washing machine that you are using. If you are using a regular top loading washing machine that has a liquid softener dispenser, your job will be much easier. This is because the machine is designed to release the softener at the right stage of washing. If it does not have a dispenser, then you can use a softener ball or do it manually. For HE washing machines, you won’t face any difficulties as most come with liquid softener dispensers.

    • For a front-loader: Use the cap to measure the appropriate amount of the liquid. Pour the softener into an automatic dispenser tray. Wait for the results.
    • For a top-loader: After measuring the recommended amount of liquid softener, pour it into a dispenser. The liquid fabric softener will be released into the fabric during the rinse cycle.
  • Precautions to know about liquid fabric softeners

    • liquid fabric softener precautionsImproper application can leave your clothes with some stains. These are oil-based products, and they can leave stains if they come into direct contact with your fabrics. The stains will take the colors of the softeners.
    • When adding the softener manually, execute the action during the rinsing stage. Doing it during the washing cycle can clean all the softener, rendering it ineffective.
    • They can reduce absorbency power of some fabrics. Based on their composition, these products can make some fabrics to have less absorbing power. One such fabric is the towel.
  • Importance of a liquid fabric softener

    • Liquid fabric softeners are important as they provide textile material with a good feel and that is what most consumers value.
    • Textile materials endure various chemical and mechanical processes that leave the material surface harsh in texture.
    • Resin finishing and soaping are known to add a harsh feeling to texture.
    • Liquid softeners are more efficient and leave long-lasting results than dryer balls.

Liquid Fabric Softener Technical Details

If you would like some additional technical details please read on otherwise you may skip to the next section.


Due to the ionic natures that characterize fabric softeners, they are usually classified into 6 main groups:

  • Silicone softeners.
  • Reactive softeners.
  • Amphoteric softeners.
  • Non-ionic softeners.
  • Anionic softeners.
  • Cationic softeners.

Properties of a good liquid fabric softener

There are a number of desirable properties that a good liquid fabric softener should have, they include:

  1. It should be easily bio-degradable.
  2. It should be both non-caustic and non-toxic.
  3. A good liquid fabric softener should be non-volatile by water vapor.
  4. It should be stable even at high temperature.
  5. It should not be a cause of any yellowing effect on a dyed material and the finished material.
  6. It should not have any effect on the shade of the fabric material.
  7. It should possess excellent compatibility to other chemicals.
  8. It should be fairly easy to handle.

Raw materials

  • Conditioning agents
    The most popular ingredient used is dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride (DHTDMAC), a quaternary ammonium compound. It is an important ingredient as a portion of the molecule contains a positive charge which attracts and consequently binds to the fabric fibers that are negatively charged.
  • Emulsifiers
    These are essentially conditioning ingredients that are utilized in fabric softeners that are insoluble in water owing to their oily nature. The 3 types of emulsifiers used in liquid fabric softeners are emulsion polymers, macro-emulsions, and micro-emulsions.
  • Other ingredients
    There are other ingredients which are usually incorporated into fabric softeners so as to enhance their aesthetic appeal such as color, fragrance, emulsion stabilizers as well as preservatives.

Which liquid fabric softener is the best?

best smelling liquid fabric softenerLiquid fabric softeners from different brands are generally capable of achieving their primary goal. When it comes to making choices, it all depends on what you want. If you want your clothes to have a particular scent, go for the softener whose fragrance has that specific smell.

There are several other minor things to consider when looking for the best liquid fabric softener on the market. Aspects like price, how long the softener has existed, and its general effectiveness are all important. It is hard to know if the softener will work as advertised, and none will reverse the fading and stretching damages that have already happened.

The best way is to try it on new fabric. Some manufacturers offer quality guarantees mainly for delivery to make sure you get what you ordered. This may include provisions to refund or replace any deliveries that arrive damaged. Compare prices, after considering all the above aspects, before making your final decision.

Our overall recommendation is to try the Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner. If you like the idea of a particularly eco-friendly minded brand you can give the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Fabric Softener a try.


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Updated: December 12, 2017

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