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Top 5 Best Rivet Gun Reviews – 2018

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Riveting Simplified With The Best Rivet Guns

best rivet gun

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Why You Need a Rivet Gun?

Why weld it when you can pop it? Riveting is today used in a variety of applications that range from general purpose rivets for low load bearing and structural ones for heavy duty tasks. A common application being sheet metal where welding can cause the thin sheets to warp or even expand due to the heat. Pop riveting is the chosen way to attach two sheets. However, if you are in the profession, then it demands the automation and the ease of use that a pop rivet gun can bring to the table.

Pop rivet guns are fast becoming a must-have tool in your kit due to the versatility of pop rivets. But if you buy tool store models, then you will run them down sooner than you run out of rivets. They are cheap for a reason and are just not designed to handle steel rivets. At best they can work with alloy rivets that are smaller than 1/8″ (AS4-4).

For anything bigger than that, you need a good quality pop rivet gun. But buying one is not a simple decision at all. You have to choose between a manual rivet gun and a pneumatic rivet gun that comes in a variety of configurations, sizes, and shapes. How do you ensure that you get one that is best suited for your tasks without spending too much and ending up with overkill or spending too little and buying one that is flimsy?

Top 5 Best Rivet Gun Reviews:

To make the task easier, we have compiled a list of the best rivet guns in the market. It takes you through some of the best options you have in rivet guns from budget priced ones to ones that have a great customer record.  We hope this helps you to make an informed purchase and that you can easily find the best rivet guns for your jobs on this list.

#1 – Astro 1442 13″ Nut/Thread Hand Riveter Kit

Astro 1442 13" Nut/Thread Hand Riveter Kit

Astro 1442 13″ Nut/Thread Hand Riveter Kit


The Astro 1442 is a versatile hand riveter kit that features a Toolless Quick-Change Head that allows you to switch mandrels without having to tinker with tools. A feature that can save you a lot of hours on the clock for repeated tasks that require rivets in varying sizes. This is a complete kit that includes 6 interchangeable mandrel sets and 10pc rivet nuts of varying metrics.

Compact sized and lightweight riveter

The Astro 1142 is a very lightweight tool that won’t strain your wrists or your hands even if you are working on a time-consuming task, like adding some custom modifications to an off-roader. Hold this in your hands for a couple of hours with rivets, and you won’t even feel it.

The hand grips have a contoured rubber grip which makes it easier while squeezing and pulling. This also ensures that you can hold the tool at the perfect perpendicular angle and prevents you from installing the rivet crooked.

Changing the mandrels is extremely simple too. The Astro 1142 is designed for easy usage. Be it greasing or cleaning the tool or popping rivets; you will get the job done with minimum effort.

Compound hinges for maximum leverage

Along with the shorter handle which gives you better control during installation, the Astro 1142 features compound hinges which allow easy squeezing and maximizes the leverage. This avoids the need to pull. You can feel the nut insert, fully expanding, and stop at the right time, unlike cheap rivet guns which require you to pull with all your might increasing the risk of breaking something.

The unique design ensures that you never need to disassemble the tool to complete the riveting. It features a spring-loaded inner hex sleeve that automatically secures the mandrel and it from rotating.

The Verdict

The Astro 1142 is a budget-priced hand riveting kit that gives you enough features at this price point to warrant a purchase, especially if you don’t intend to use it for everyday professional work. This is an entry level riveting kit and will perfectly for the occasional DIY job.

#2 – Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun

Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun

Dorman 743-100 Rivet Gun


A lot of people are thrown off by the dirt cheap pricing on this rivet gun and automatically assume it to be a cheaply made store model. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Dorman 743-100 is an exceptionally durable Rivet Gun that does a fabulous job for rivets up to 1/4″. To top it off, it comes with Dorman’s limited lifetime warranty.

Very durably made rivet gun

The Dorman 743-100 features an all-metal construction that ensures that can sustain corrosion and surface rust even if you use it in automotive applications. The handles are extra-long and give you that extra leverage you seek while installing large sized steel rivets.

The package includes a 6 screw in heads and a package of rivets that are attached to the handle. Also included are storage bottles to store this, ensuring that you do not lose it while working.

Easy action

The Dorman 743-100 rivet gun has an easy action that requires minimal effort from you. As you close the handles, the nut expands perfectly eliminating the need to pull hard. While Dorman recommends this mainly for installing window regulators from the company, the 743-100 can be a lifesaver in a variety of applications, mainly in automobiles. Also, works easily with different sized rivets eliminating the need to change rivet heads each time you need to install a different one.

The Verdict

For a fair price, you get access to an extremely heavy duty hand rivet gun that can complete your pop riveting tasks within minutes. It does not even require oiling. But if you feel that it is not pulling very evenly, then just lubricate the pivot joints with a few drops of oil, and you will be all set to go. Great value for money.

#3 – TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun with 40-Piece Rivets

TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun with 40-Piece Rivets

TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun with 40-Piece Rivets


If your riveting tasks are limited and occasional, then why spend a fortune and buy an advanced automated rivet gun that costs an arm and a leg? With a low price tag ( check price of today ), the Tekton 6555 rivet gun provides exceptional value and handles most riveting jobs with an easy flair that is comparable to much higher priced models.

Sturdily built for an easy grip

One of the problems with lower-priced hand rivet guns is that they are difficult to grip especially when you have to turn it slightly and then open the handles again to break. Not the Tekton 6555. This features an ergonomic design with contoured plastic grips that are extremely easy to handle. The handles are non-slip, and you will not strain your wrists while trying to grip this with all your might.

The Tekton 6555 features an all-steel construction with an anodized black wrinkle finish that will deter corrosion and surface rust with ease, making it a great choice for a variety of applications. It also looks very stylish and professional, which is a refreshing change from the mundane cheap store models that one usually gets at this price point.

Perfect for small projects

The Tekton 6555 with its sturdy construction and capability to handle multiple rivet heads is such a great tool for anyone performing the occasional DIY repair task. It works perfectly and is very durable for the price. If you store it properly, it will outlast itself and give you months if not years of trouble-free performance.

One of the best parts of Tekton is that they have a great customer support team. Any customer problems are proactively tackled even if the customer does not demand a refund or a request. This gives you the added assurance that you are buying from a manufacturer who will be there if you face any problems at all.

The Verdict

There is a reason why the Tekton 6555 is the #1 selling rivet gun on Amazon. It is durable, easy to use and versatile enough to be used with a variety of rivet sizes. Add the pricing, and you have a winner on your hands.

#4 – Marson 39000 HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter

Marson 39000 HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter

Marson 39000 HP-2 Professional Hand Riveter


With a flawless reputation that spans decades and its usage that spreads across industries, you’d be hard-pressed to not consider the Marson 39000 HP-2 hand riveter. This is an incredibly durable riveter that will outlast most other tools in your toolbox. But that’s not all. It is designed to take some very heavy duty jobs, and even if you use it to rivet all day, it will continue to perform without any problem whatsoever.

Marson’s Durability at its best

The 39000 HP-2 has Marson written all over it. This is a signature product from the company that boasts of some of the best tooling products in the industry. The HP-2 is crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy, which is extremely lightweight but resilient. You can use this even in the most corrosion-prone application, and it will stay rock solid and blemish free. The drop forged carbon steel upper handle allows the perfect force needed for riveting applications.

Further, the handles are made of vinyl and are cushion molded giving you the perfect slip-free grip while riveting.

Custom design to prevent pin rotation

One of the standout features of the Marson 39000 is the square-shouldered fulcrum pin that is crafted from extremely tensile cold formed and heat treated steel. This prevents one of the most commonly annoying problems that causes most cheap rivet guns to wear out prematurely. It prevents the pin from rotating which in turn can elongate the engaging holes. This enhances the service life of the Marson 39000 significantly.

You can use the Marson to mount up to 3/16” steel rivets. It also includes four nosepieces (3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” and 3/16”) which are mounted on the gun itself.

The Verdict

If you are looking for the bestselling hand rivet gun in the industry that has decades of proven performance behind it without spending a fortune, the Marson 39000 HP-2 is your best bet.

#5 – Malco 2IN1 Hand Riveter

Malco 2IN1 Hand Riveter

Malco 2IN1 Hand Riveter


The Malco 2in1 hand riveter has the reputation of being the professional’s choice when it comes to hand riveters. It is used by countless technicians working in fabrication, carpenters and automobile mechanics who swear by the amazing performance of this hand rivet gun, especially when you are handling stainless steel rivets on a daily basis.

Lightweight with a slim nose projection

The Malco 2in1 is crafted from heavy-duty steel with a polished finish that ensures minimum wear even when used every day in corrosive applications. The nickel-chrome plated finish along with the Red vinyl cushion grip gives it a very stylish appearance, and you would love to add this to your toolbox.

The handles with their contoured grip and spring return handles allow fast and easy operation irrespective of the size of the rivet you are pulling.

The 2 in 1 adjustment allows you to use the single long stroke for commonly used riveting applications and the shorter power stroke with the rachet action for rivets with a larger diameter. The slim nose profile allows you to reach those corners and nooks which are impossible to reach with other rivet guns. The package includes three nosepieces (/8”, 5/32” and 3/16”) which are mounted on the handle itself.

Easy operation for all sizes

One of the best features of the Malco 2in1 is that the jaw-grip adjustment wheel makes it extremely simple to fit any sized mandrel. This improves the stroke efficiency significantly. When not in use, you can use the secure handle lock and store it in your pocket. The compact size and form factor makes this completely possible.

The Verdict

The Malco 2in1 hand riveter is hands down, the best hand riveter in this list. It has years of proven performance to back it up with and is versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications.

It can tackle stainless steel rivets without the jaw wearing off, which will be a common occurrence with cheap store models. For a great price, you are buying a hand rivet gun which will last for years without any problem. Go for it.


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Updated: April 14, 2018

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