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Burris Tac30 Riflescope – Precise and flawless shooting experience

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burris tac30 review

Burris 200433-FF Fullfield TAC30 1-4 x 24 with Fastfire III Scope (Black)

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The telescopic sight on a rifle is known as a riflescope. It’s like a telescope being mounted on a rifle to magnify the target and helps you take aim in a clearer way than is possible with the naked eye. Telescopic sights can be a big improvement and increase the effectiveness of shooting experiences. The Burris tac30 is an extremely useful riflescope, and this review is to highlight what this product does best and a few limitations that it may have.

Burris is a reputed name in the industry manufacturing high-quality optics. Your hunting expeditions could be exciting and easier when you have the support of the Burris Tac30. Whether used for hunting or competitive or tactical purposes, the advantage of a good scope is immeasurable.

The Burris Optics is a name to reckon with because its products are made with the highest quality materials and tested for reliability. The Tac30 riflescope series offers an excellent competitive advantage for shooters and a reliable battle experience for military operators and law enforcement personnel.

Features and specifications

  • The scope features high-quality lenses with Hilume multi-coatings to provide a very clear picture.
  • The main tube of the riflescope is constructed of an aircraft grade aluminum material which makes it solid and capable of rough and tough use.
  • The exclusive Burris quad seals ensure that the laboratory-grade nitrogen purged in the scope eliminates any possibility of internal moisture.
  • The adjustment system in the riflescope is repeatable and has audible clicks every time it is subjected to a target sighting which makes it almost flawless in every shot in all environments.
  • The Ballistic CQ reticle illumination feature allows for a very fast engagement of close quarter targets.
  • The lifetime factory warranty on the riflescope stands as a testimony to the superior quality of the Burris Tac30 series.
  • The double-spring tension and an oversized ball-joint securely hold the hand-fitted internal-zoom assembly. This ensures the stability of the riflescope.
  • There is an illumination button which is incorporated thoughtfully. It will not turn on when accidentally bumped. The illumination button should be pushed with force to switch on/off or to switch between different levels. This is a big advantage.
  • The Burris riflescopes are water-proof, shock-proof and fog-proof making them reliable in any shooting environment.
  • The fastfire3 red dot Burris riflescope is an advantage because it increases the shooting effectiveness. The red dot type sights are reflex sights which mean that your eye does not have to align with the sight tube and eye relief becomes a non- issue. -( See full features and specs )


What makes the Burris Taco30 precise and effective?


Hilume lens coating

The Hilume lens is multi-coated and provides a clear view of the target. This feature makes the Burris Taco30 a high-performance scope. Burris was one among the first manufacturers to offer multi-coated lenses for their scopes.

The benefits of multi-coated lenses are that all the elements of the lens in a riflescope have multiple proprietary coatings which increase the light transmission through the lens by reducing the reflection and light loss. This enables a clear vision and improves the precision of shooting and has an added advantage of being fully compatible with night-vision technology.

The dual adjustment springs and quality seals

The proper purging of the one-piece main tubes with nitrogen eliminates the possibility of internal moisture because Burris provides superior quality quad seals and quad rings which are much better than the standard O-rings provided by other riflescope manufacturers.

The competitive pricing – ( Check Current Price )

The pricing of the Burris Taco30 is very competitive and a definite advantage when compared to the thoughtful features incorporated in the riflescope. The quality is good and never compromised because of the economical pricing.

The Ballistic CQ reticle illumination feature

The ultra-bright illuminated reticles have a 10-position dimmer which ensures adaptability of the riflescope in all lighting environments. The scope provides an illuminated center dot, large and bright allowing for instant target engagement even in proximity or in mid-range. The reticle illumination feature ensures that the illumination range goes from vaguely or barely noticeable to a bright spot-on glow.

The elevation knobs of the Tac30

The windage or air resistance and elevation knobs are easily finger-adjustable. The audible clicks are positive and occur every time an adjustment is made.

Red dot sights of the Taco30 series riflescopes

The red dot optics provided by the Burris riflescope is highly meritorious because they are accurate, reflexive and easy to use. It puts a lesser strain on the eye the magnification of the target gives a superior experience when compared to open scope sights, aperture sights and laser sights. Aiming through a red dot sight eliminates most possibilities of any complexities in target training.


  • The rifle scope increases the accuracy levels in shooting.
  • It is a solid build and can withstand any rough circumstances.
  • The Burris riflescope is versatile in the sense that it can perform in low light and compatible with night vision technology. Therefore, it works with an anti-glare and can adjust to any lighting conditions.
  • The red dot sights ensure that it is very quick and easy to get on targets.
  • It is self – adjusting and does not require much of a dialing time.


  • There is a minor problem when the illuminated reticle in the scope does not have a brightness adjustment.
  • The auto shutoff has a few issues, and there are some complaints about the unit switching on and off only when the battery is taken out and re-inserted.

Final Review of the Burris Taco30

Most firearm enthusiasts use riflescopes and some sort of optical sighting devices on their rifles and guns.  Scopes eliminate the frustration of any shooting experience and make it effective and simpler to switch their focus from a rear sight to a front sight and then onto a target. The Burris scope does all of this with great efficiency.

The Burris Taco30 is reliable and sturdy and is known for its superior quality because of the effective materials used in its build. It is covered by a lifetime warranty and is available in leading online sites like amazon. These riflescopes render consistency, accuracy, and stability in any shooting experience.

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** All prices and ratings mentioned in this article are accurate at the time of publishing and may change with time.

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Updated: April 21, 2018

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