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eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Review

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eBags Professional Slim laptop backpack Review

4.9 out of 5 stars

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eBags Professional is a professional laptop backpack that has been designed for the people that have to take their laptop or tablets wherever they go. It might not be very trendy but the backpack is styling looking and it has been manufactured with some of the well-thought features.

The best thing about the eBags Professional is that it will help you to keep all your gadgets in one place. You will not have to keep the things separately and when you are on a tour, you can save your time and easily find everything because you know you have kept them in eBags Professional.

It is a sturdy bag and it will make your journey easy from home to your office or school. The style of the backpack is attractive and it will not make you look odd when you are on a business trip. It has been manufactured with the top quality material to ensure that you can use it for a lifetime.

It is a customized product and apart from the main compartment, there are several other pockets that will allow you to keep your items. Even if you overload the backpack, it would easily survive several trips.

eBags Professional

eBags Laptop Backpack ReviewThe eBags Professional has been manufactured with the thoughtful details. The business friendly design of the product makes it configurable and very convenient. It has been manufactured with the ergonomic design and so you will not stress your back by wearing the bag whole day.

With the capability to convert it into a wheelie you can relax your shoulders wherever you like. The straps have been manufactured with extra padding to ensure that it will remain comfortable against your body. You can adjust the eBags Professional according to your height.
The bag is spacious. The only issue is that you might feel it a little bulky but that is only due to the extra padding. You will be satisfied once your notice that the product will keep your gadgets with proper protection. Even if the bag falls nothing will happen to the devices incised the bag.

It will properly secure your laptop in place so you will not feel uncomfortable due to the moving items inside. Backpack is providing an amazing performance to the user. It gray exterior and the orange lining of the backpack looks very attractive. There are even slots in the bag that will allow you to organize your small items.


  • eBags Professional Slim Laptop BackpackIt has been manufactured with the 900D and 840D twisted poly
  • For defects in material and workmanship, it comes with the limited lifetime warranty
  • The eBags Professional has been properly organized with the lockable laptop and tablet pockets. The compartment for AC adaptor is crush proof and there is a zipped pocket to keep the water bottle separately.
  • It can easily fit a 15 inches laptop and 11 inches tablet
  • Manufactured with high-quality Teflon that will make the water slip from the upper layer
  • eBags Professional is convertible into briefcase
  • The bag has been properly padded to keep your gadgets secure.
  • There is a shock lock sternum strap that is adjustable and removable

Pros and Cons


Your gadgets will not get wet in the rain because it has been developed with water resistant technology
There are many auxiliary pockets that will allow you to maintain your stuff
The bag is theft proof due to the lockable zippers
There is a horizontal and vertical pass through panel for the wheelie bags
eBags Professional has a protected, removable AC adaptor compartment
It will help you to cut through the clutter due to the smart business like design
The bag is available in two different sizes
It is your choice whether you would like to tote or tow the bag
There are several easy access compartments for adjusting different items
eBags Professional is available at an affordable cost


The eBags Professional is a little heavier and thicker in appearance
The shoulder straps are detachable and they can easily catch on the hanging cables.
The smaller laptops might not fit properly and you will feel them moving in the backpack


eBags Professional is famous for its durability and longevity. It would not be wrong to say that this backpack would be a one-time investment and you will never have to buy a laptop backpack again. It is the perfect choice for the individuals that are looking for a best slim laptop backpack that will help them to adjust everything they need. We may also suggest looking at review another eBags backpack.
As compared to its competitors, eBags Professional is affordable and it will provide you an efficient performance. It is the perfect match for its price. It is a configurable and decent looking backpack.

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Updated: February 1, 2018

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