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Lee Auto-Prime XR Primer Tool Review

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There are few requirements for doing cartridge reloads yourself other than having the right equipment and know-how. Of course, you will need the best reloading press possible and some other support equipment. If your reloading press does not have a priming tool attached to it then you will most certainly have to buy a handheld model in order to do this important step in the reloading process.
Lee Auto-Prime XR Primer Tool Review

There is a new primer tool from the reputable Lee manufacturing that is getting much praise for doing this task. Come with me as I take a closer look at this innovative primer adding tool.

The Primers Role in Making a Cartridge Work

Some people are not familiar with a primer’s role in the process of making a bullet work. It’s a hugely important piece of any cartridge because it’s the catalyst that gets the whole bullet firing process started. A primer creates the spark necessary to ignite the gunpowder in a shell casing so it can create the rapidly expanding gas that is needed to force the bullet out of a gun at go towards its intended target.

It’s safe to say that without a primer installed in a cartridge it simply will never fire the bullet out. So the Lee Auto-Prime XR Primer Tool and other priming tools perform a critical step in the cartridge reloading process.

A Quick Overview of the Lee Auto-Prime XR Primer Tool

As was mentioned the best reloading press models will come with priming tools already installed on them. Read the reloading press reviews on each individual model to determine if users think their included primer tool works well.

If your reloading press does not include a primer tool or you don’t like the way the included primer tool works, then you may be interested in purchasing the Lee Auto-Prime XR Primer Tool.

Here is a quick look at the good and bad things about this auto-primer tool from Lee:


  • Made in the USA
  • Its fast, safe and effective to use
  • Works in conjunction with affordable Lee shell holders
  • Can be used with any manufacturers primers
  • Improved primer feeding system
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Slightly awkward in the way it needs to be gripped
  • The surface can be slippery for some users (try wearing latex gloves for better grip)
  • Sometimes tries to feed multiple primers

Taking a Closer Look at the Lee Auto-Prime XR Primer Tool

Reloading your own shell casings and cartridges can be a very tedious and lengthy process. That is why you need tools that will help give you an advantage as far as expediting and making the reloading process more efficient. That is exactly what this primer tool from Lee does for you. It helps to make the primer insertion phase of the reloading go faster, smoother and get done in a safe manner.

reloading ammo tools

It works in conjunction with Lee’s very popular and proven shell holders and it can insert primers made by just about any manufacturer. It can hold over a hundred primers at once. Every so often it will try to feed two primers at the same time.

This affordable and compact handheld primer tool is very easy to operate with the exception of somewhat awkward hand positioning that takes a little getting used to at first. It’s just a little over 5-inches long and weighs only 9.6 ounces when empty.

*** Please note: as per the manufacturer’s advice, it’s important to wear eye and ear protection when working with this or any other priming tool. As a matter of fact, you are encouraged to wear these safety devices during every step of the cartridge reloading process. ***

Some Final Thoughts on the Lee Auto-Prime XR Primer Tool

There seem to be some mixed feelings as to whether or not this newer primer tool from Lee is really the upgrade over the old model that it’s supposed to be. Most users are very pleased with the improved primer feeding system on this model but at the same time, some complain about the slightly awkward way they need to grip the handle when using it.

Overall from what I can tell this primer tool will definitely help when it comes to making your reloading process smoother and more efficient. It does have a few drawbacks but I don’t see any of them being a real deal breaker. It is definitely worth checking out more if you are in the market for a new handheld priming tool.

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Updated: January 18, 2018

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