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Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex Review

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Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex is the best tactical scope in the market and is designed for hunting operating in low light environments. This tactical riflescope features a large objective bell that offers great comfort with a larger eye pupil for easier focusing. It utilizes the Twilight Max Light Management System to produce clearer images with amazing clarity even in low lighting condition.
Leupold Tactical Scope

Features and Benefits of Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex

  • It Has a Sizeable Objective Lens

For many people, the objective lens is the most important part of the optics in any scope. This is true because all scope descriptions include objective lens diameter details after the magnification. The reason for this is that it is the foremost lens in a scope, the one closest to your target.

Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex’s objective lens is angled in a way that any light reflecting off the target goes through it before any other lens, making this scope highly effective. By it being sizeable, you get better gathering qualities as it allows more light to enter through it. This results in a bright image with sharp colors.

With Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex, you are assured that this scope is a serious piece of a precision unit.

  • It Has a Generous Eye Relief and Precision Adjustments

The eye relief refers to the distance the eye is kept from the scope nearest lens to see your target with optimal clarity. This scope is uniquely designed to protect users from scope eye injury where you get a nasty bruise or reddening above eye due to the scope irritating the skin during sharp recoils. With 3.6 inches of eye relief, we can term it as quite generous considering that many scopes in its price range only offer 2.7-3 inches of eye relief. Therefore, you can be assured of safety when using this scope with rifles and high recoil cartridges.

However, besides the generous eye relief, most people are much interested in what VX-3I has to offer when it comes to precisions. It comes with elevation knobs and windage to help account for variable wind conditions and altitude, all of which helps ensure precise clicks.

  • Its Opticals Are Coated, and the Equipment Is both Waterproof and Fog Proof

The VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex by Leupold has been given a special attention on the optical coatings front, with the optics having Twilight Max Light Management System that transmits low light wavelengths which enables you to see low light environments in exceptional brightness. This, in addition to other coatings on the lenses, ensures transmission of light without hindrance, making Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex the best tactical scope in the optics market.

However, the scope is of little use if it fails to perform well in the woods. Leupold has used DiamondCoat lens coatings to cover the exterior lens thereby enabling it to withstand knocks and bruises- this makes it scratch resistant. Besides, the scope is fog proof and shockproof. It has been treated with Argon/Krypton mixture that makes it water resistant to any hunting condition.

Pros of Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex

  • tactical scope reviewsIt features Twilight Max Light Management System for an unrivaled light management. This feature also helps produce brighter images even in demanding lighting conditions
  • It comes with a patented DiamondCoat on its lenses for clarity and durability
  • This tactical scope comes with a Leupold Scope Cover and lockable fast-focus eyepiece
  • It has a twin bias erector spring that enables it to reduce backlash on high-tech components
  • The Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex comes with DiamondCoat on its exterior lens enabling it to remain scratch resistant
  • It has an Aiming System that ensures precise and more detailed long-range shooting for an enjoyable hunting experience
  • It has a well-sized objective lens with larger exit pupil for a better focus and optimal comfort
  • Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex has Argon/Krypton waterproofing making it usable in any weather condition

Cons of Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex

  • From the Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex Tactical Scope reviews, we learned that it could be bigger for smaller rifles

The Bottom Line

The Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex is a high-quality rifle scope that makes shooting and hunting fun and easy. It is equipped with great features that make shooting and focusing easy. Whether you are hunting antelopes in the woods or stalking sheep in a rugged terrain, this riflescope delivers vivid images to ensure you bring home your trophy. It is made by a legendary manufacturer, Leopold, and therefore you can be assured of its quality. The Leupold VX-3I 14x50mm Duplex is a durable, precision targeting equipment that will last a lifetime.

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Updated: April 21, 2018

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