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Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review

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Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review

Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review

The Monoprice 11944 on-the-ear headphones have a Bluetooth connectivity of v4.0 that allows you from up to 32 feet (10m) away and the quality of the audio sound from these is fair. The rechargeable battery in the Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review can last 32 hours of continuous music play or talk time on the phone and when not in use the power in the built in battery will last the headphones on standby mode up to 1600 hours.

If you need to stream audio from a device such as your phone, A2DP and AVRCP profiles on these headphones make this possible through Bluetooth connectivity and playback control is also possible in this case.Another unique aspect of these headphones is that they support voice dialing, call waiting and last call redialing.

Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review

But for this to be possible, your phone must also support these features. A built in microphone is provided with the Monoprice 11944 as well, that supports HSP and HFP profiles. This allows you to use these as a hands-free communication device to answer calls, terminate and reject calls as well.

Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review: Packaging

The packaging is simple and easy to open revealing the contents. Inside, you will find the user’s manual for basic instructions on what to expect with these and how to use the Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear headphones. A micro USB charging cable is also included in the package that comes with a storage pouch as well, that keeps your headphones looking fresh and new when not in use.

Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review
Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review


Black Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear Review headphones are what you would simply refer to as stylish and the best representation of what great design is. Unlike most headphones, they have an ergonomic design and are a great choice for those who appreciate the stylish look on them when wearing them.

The earcups can be folded easily for storage and are quite comfortable on your ears and when you put these headphones on, the earcups cover your ears completely as a way of filtering out all other external sounds. Though you will not find any headphones that are capable of locking out all of the sound around you while in use, the Monoprice 11944 Bluetooth On-the-Ear headphones do their best to help you achieve this driven by their design.

The headband of the Monoprice 11944 extends downwards uniformly to the earcups and from afar, it might be presumed that there is no detachment between the two. This detachment provides for the chrome plated extension running on the inside of the headband and it aids in the adjustment of these headphones to the desired size for every user’s comfort. Just above the earcups there is an inscription of the letters “L” and “R” on either side of the headphones to guide you as you put them on. But if in-the-ear headphones are more your thing, we recommend checking out the Etymotic HF5 noise-isolating earbuds review.

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