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Top 10 Best Gun Oil Reviews In 2018

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Buying The Best Gun Oil For The Conscientious Gun Owner In You

best gun oil

As a gun owner, you need to take care of your gun to ensure it works well when it is needed. For this, the gun needs to be cleaned and lubricated regularly. A gun that is not clean can misfire, jam or stop working.

Lubrication ensures that the inner parts do not grind against each other and damage themselves. You can use gun oil or grease for lubricating. To make your experience more effective, let us look at the best gun oils / grease on the market today:

Comparison Table of the Top 10 Gun Oil or Grease

ImageDescriptionRatingPrice RangePrice
#1 - Mil-Comm TW25B Grease Review#1 - Mil-Comm TW25B Grease Review
** Editor's Choice - Best Gun Oil / Grease **

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#2 - Slip2000 EWG Lube Review#2 - Slip2000 EWG Lube Review
** Best Budget Gun Oil / Grease **

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#3 - Froglube CLP Paste Gun Cleaner Lubricant Protectant Review#3 - Froglube CLP Paste Gun Cleaner Lubricant Protectant Review9.4$

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#4 - Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lube Cleaner Protectant Review#4 - Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lube Cleaner Protectant Review9.4$$

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#5 - Tetra Gun Grease Review#5 - Tetra Gun Grease Review9.0$

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#6 - Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP Review#6 - Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP Review9.4$

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#7 - FireClean Fouling-Resistant Oil Review#7 - FireClean Fouling-Resistant Oil Review8.5$

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#8 - RWS Chamber Lube with Needle Review#8 - RWS Chamber Lube with Needle Review8.8$

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#9 - XADO SNIPEX Gel-Revitalizant Review#9 - XADO SNIPEX Gel-Revitalizant Review9.3$$

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#10 - SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid Review#10 - SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid Review9.0$$

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Top 10 Best Gun Grease / Oil Reviews:


#1 – Mil-Comm TW25B Grease Review

** Editor’s Choice – Best Gun Grease / Oil **
Mil-Comm TW25B grease 8 oz plastic jar


Mil-Comm TW25B grease is a 2-in-1 product which acts as a lubricant and a protectant. Made in the USA, it has been the choice of the US Military and its allies. It is also recommended by the National Rifle Association.

It is an excellent synthetic lubricant which can be applied using a syringe and then wiped down with a cloth. It forms a thin layer of grease which ensures that there is minimum friction. It also acts as an anti-oxidant and prevents corrosion and rust from forming on the gun. It is also safe to be used with guns which have plastic, wood, and polymer based parts. It also prevents the carbon from gunpowder residue from getting deposited on the gun and makes it easier to clean after every use.

It is a purely synthetic product which is not made of petroleum. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment. It, however, needs to be mixed before use if it has been sitting for some time as it can separate.

Many reviewers have also commented on the fact that the jar seems to be only half full.

#2 – Slip2000 EWG Lube Review – The Best Gun Oil For Pistols

** Best Budget Gun Grease / Oil **
Slip2000 EWG Lube


The Slip2000 EWG Lube was designed especially for automatic guns whether it was machine guns/rifles/pistols. It is a greasy product which can stay wet for 5 times longer than ordinary lubricants. This reduces the frequency of use for the product; hence the higher price per ounce is justified in the longer run.

It is an anti-oxidant which prevents corrosion and rust. It has a formulation which does not allow dust, powder residue and metal particles to stick to the gun. This makes cleaning easier.

Rapid fire and automatic guns face a problem of the high amount of friction between parts at high speeds which generates a high amount of heat leading to parts of the gun wearing down fast. This Lube has a metal-treatment formulation which reduces the friction and hence increases the life of the gun.

It is a non-petroleum based product and so does not burn out like a petroleum product. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

#3 – Froglube CLP Paste Gun Cleaner Lubricant Protectant Review

Froglube CLP 8 Oz. Tub of Paste Gun Cleaner Lubricant Protectant


The Froglube CLP Paste is an all-in-one product which is made from plant-based products and not petroleum and so is bio-degradable and non-toxic. It has been “USDA Certified Food-Grade”.

It is a wax-like substance which is greasy and has a heavy specific gravity which means that it has a high migration factor. This means it will get into all the pores of the gun without you having to work it in. Just warm it up a little by putting it in the sunlight for 15minutes or by using a hair dryer and spread it using a brush which is provided with the tub.

It is also a good cleaner which dissolves carbon from gun powder on contact. It is also an anti-oxidant and so will reduce the appearance of rust on your guns. It is also safe to use with any kind of gun grip like plastic, wood, polymers etc. it also smells good.

#4 – Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lube Cleaner Protectant Review

Ballistol Multi-Purpose Lubricant Cleaner Protectant Combo


The Ballistol Multi-Purpose acts as a combination product that is not only a lubricator but also a cleaner and protectant. This means you disassemble your gun, use Ballisol Multi-purpose, wipe it down and assemble the gun. You don’t need any more products.

It is safe for all kinds of finishes on your gun, be it plastic, wood, leather or metal. However it is not as strong a cleaner as many other products and does not remove copper and powder residue, you will need to work a little with it.

As a lubricant and a protectant, it is one of the best. It is nicely greasy and forms a protective film around all the moving parts of the gun. It has a high migration factor, which means you don’t need to work very hard to get it into all the cracks of the gun.

It is non-toxic and bio-degradable and best off all comes in a spray can which makes it easy to apply.

#5 – Tetra Gun Grease Review

Tetra Gun Grease


The Tetra Gun Grease is a fluoropolymer penetrating heavy-duty grease lubricant which can be used on pistols, rifles, and shotguns. It is a pure lubricant which when rubbed onto the metal it provides a protective coating on all the moving parts which ensures lower friction.

It is not sticky. This means that it does not collect dust, dirt, load and metal particles. This makes cleaning the gun easier.

It has a large temperature range of -100o F to 750o F, which means it can be used in any extremes of weather. One of the best parts is that it comes in an easy to apply tube which means you don’t have to get your hands greasy. Just press the tube, apply a small amount and wipe using a rag.

Only one problem with this product is that it separates when put away for some time. You need to knead the tube before using it.

#6 – Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP Review

Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP Review


The Grizzly Lube Non-Toxic CLP is a 3-in-1 product which acts like a Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant. It meets and exceeds MIL-SPEC Technical Standards (US military standards for products). It has been designed to withstand any extreme weather; from a harsh arctic winter(-50oF) to hot desert climates.

It is a strong cleaner which removes carbon from gunpowder residue on contact. As it cleans it leaves a thin coat of the product which acts a lubricant which reduces the friction and hence the wear and tear on the gun. It also protects the gun by acting as an anti-oxidant and protecting it from corrosion and rust. It has a non-greasy formula which means it does not attract dust, dirt, and copper and lead particles which makes it easier to clean and maintain. It also makes the surface moisture resistant.

It is non-toxic and a USDA Certified Bio-Based which means it is safe for the environment.

#7 – FireClean Fouling-Resistant Oil Review

FireClean Fouling-Resistant Oil Review


The FireClean Fouling-Resistant Oil is an all-in-one product which cleans, lubricates and protects your gun. It is one of the best cleaners among the 3-in-1 products in the market today.

It has a special compound which makes it easy to remove carbon fouling from the gunpowder residue on your gun, even if it has built up for a long time. This compound also prevents further carbon fouling. Once your gun has been conditioned, you can just wipe away the carbon with paper towels after every shooting practice.

It is thin but has a slick viscosity which ensures that it spreads to every pore in your gun and lubricates it thoroughly ensuring that the gun operates smoothly and with minimum friction. At the same time it is not sticky, and so dust and metal particles do not stick to your gun, making cleaning the next time a little easier. It is also extremely heat-resistant, which means it does not evaporate due to the heat generated while shooting and stays for a long time on the gun.

Many reviewers also loved the fact that it is odorless.

#8 – RWS Chamber Lube with Needle Review

RWS Chamber Lube with Needle, 0.5-Ounce


The RWS Chamber Lube is designed to help maintain your air gun in an immaculate condition. It can also be used with CO2 guns too.

It is made of silicone oil which means it will not ignite or detonate when used inside the power chamber where there is high temperature and pressure at the time of firing. You face these problems if you use regular lubricating oil in air guns. Common lubricating oils also have solvents which will eat through the seals, which could then blow when subjected to high pressures.

It comes equipped with a needle dropper which can be used to apply few drops on top of the CO2 cartridges or to drop oil directly into the air chamber exhaust port.

It is a little expensive but considering you use only a few drops at a time and it lubricating capabilities, this 0.5ounce bottle will last you years even if you shoot over a 1000 pellets/year.

 #9 – XADO SNIPEX Gel-Revitalizant Review

XADO SNIPEX Gel-Revitalizant for riffled barrels of Firearms


The XADO SNIPEX Gel-Revitalizant has been specially designed to help with maintenance and restoration of rifled barrels be it rifles, handguns, machine gun or carbines of all caliber and use.30

It uses a patented formulation developed by XADO Chemical Group to repair damage caused to rifled barrels due to corrosion and heat. It restores microcracks, caverns and other signs of wear out. It also helps improve the accuracy of shooting.

It is easy to apply – just apply into the barrel using a barrel brush and also apply to the ends of the bullets. Do not worry if there is a little more smoke than usual when you shoot. Within 30 shots your barrel is almost fully restored. It does not affect smooth barrels.

Most importantly regular use protects your rifle barrels from further wear and tear.

#10 – SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid Review

SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid Review


The SEAL 1 CLP Plus Liquid is a 3-in-1 product which cleans, lubricates and protects. The manufacturer says it put a plus on it as “it really works”. Keeping in with the manufacturer’s motto, this product is a bio-based product which has been green engineered to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

It is a strong cleaner which removes carbon built up from gunpowder residue on contact. It is a dry lubricant which means that moisture just falls off the gun’s surface and it does not attract dust, dirt, copper particles and lead particles which mean your gun does not get fouled. It also means that your cleaning time is reduced each time you use the product.

The liquid unlike many others in the market today does not separate during extreme weather conditions and so can be used without shaking after it has been sitting for some time.

We really like the leak-proof (with a plug) squeeze bottle packaging which makes it easy to apply the liquid onto the gun. It is safe to use on plastics, composites, and polymers and so safe to use on modern guns.

Gun Oil Buying Guide

Best Gun OilA gun is like any other machine you use; it needs to be maintained well so that it can be used when needed. It needs to be cleaned, lubricated and protected.

For your gun to stay in tiptop condition, you must clean it using quality gun oil. Gun oil is not only used to clean a gun but also to keep its components smooth and performing optimally at all times. If you are a firearm user and enthusiast, you must keep your gun in top condition, and with the best gun oil, your gun will be in a ready state and stylish all the time even on days you are not using it. A well-cleaned and maintained gun can function optimally even after years of not using it, thanks to gun oil.

It is important to understand the key features of a quality gun oil so that you can choose the right one for your gun. There are plenty of new brands making oils and all of them taut themselves as the best, but too often people end up spending their hard-earned money on products that do not offer them value. These oils are available in a wide range of formulas and come at different prices. There are also a lot of gimmicks in the market, and therefore you have to understand the key aspects of a quality gun oil. Here are the key features of the best gun oils;

  • Superior Lubrication

The biggest reason guns fails or jam is because all of the working components require mechanical interaction between metallic parts. That is why quality gun oil is an important cleaning component to have. It must lubricate the metal parts on your guns so that when they interact with other metallic components, they function smoothly. The thicker the gun oil, the better lubrication it will provide.

The product should be able to lubricate the moving parts of the gun and reduce friction to reduce wear and tear. The lubricant should be able to withstand heat which is generated during the firing.

  • Cleaning Properties

Check for what solvents are present in the gun oil which can remove the carbon, copper, lead, salts, etc. from the gun.

  • Safety

The product should be safe to use on different materials like plastic, polymers, etc. which the modern guns are made of. It has to be non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment. If it is bio-based, that is even better.

  • Great Penetration Capability

Another best quality of the best gun oil is to have the ability to penetrate into hard-to-reach areas that need lubrication as well. There are some places you cannot get to in your firearm that still need to be lubricated for them to work right. Quality gun oil will penetrate through crevices and minuscule areas once you apply a generous amount of oil to your gun.

  • Easy Application Process

easy gun oil applicationIt does not matter how good a certain brand of gun oil is if you cannot get it to your guns internal component. The best gun oils should be applied using an applicator tip or a cloth so they can easily coat the parts of your firearms that need it. They should also help guns parts work smoothly once applied.

  • Provide Metal Protection

Quality gun oil should not only penetrate into miniature parts but should also offer protection to gun’s metallic parts to prevent them from corroding. Best gun oil should repel things such as moisture from reaching your gun’s metal parts by acting as a barrier.

The product should leave a thin layer of protective coating that prevents the gun from rusting, corrosion and also from having metal particles, carbon residue, etc.

  • Forms

Gun Oils are available in Liquid and grease (wax) forms.

  • Makes Your Work Easier

Firearms are meant to be cleaned regularly; in fact, they should be cleaned after every action to prevent the buildup of carbon and grime. Best gun oil will make it easier for you to clean your firearm. It should help you remove build up easily from your gun components.

What Does Gun Oil Do When Applied to a Firearm?

As we have mentioned above, gun oil is intended to act as a barrier between metallic moving parts of your gun. It is meant to help the parts work smoothly and slide across one another with as little friction as possible. Superficially, your gun might be working smoothly, but it might not be the case on the inside. If you open your gun, you would see that its interior parts have tiny craters that, if left unlubricated, might grind against each other and cause wear and tear.

By applying gun oil to your firearm, you will make it easier for your gun parts to grind smoothly against one another. It aids in reducing friction by allowing different metallic parts of your gun to function without contact. This means your firearm will be functioning optimally and last for a long time as there will be less wear and tear on your weapon. In technical terms, this is called “hydrodynamic lubrication.” Gun oil allows the moving parts of your gun work smoothly by aiding friction-free movement.

best gun grease review

The best gun oil has an added boundary substance that makes it more solid allowing it to coat the inner components of your gun in a way that it will not be pushed out when you engage the gun. Best oils are designed to offer an array of protections for your firearm as many of them include different anti-wear agents, anti-rust agents, and compounds meant to handle pressure.

When oil is applied, it works to disintegrate dirt and grime that have piled up in your gun. In other words, gun oils not only keep guns clean but also lubricate the internal components. This is important as dust and grime can settle inside a gun and cause malfunctioning. Guns need to be regularly cleaned as part of routine care.

Wrap Up

gun grease buyer's guideGun oil is important in keeping your gun performing optimally. However, the type you choose depends on a variety of factors including what type of gun you have, the type of environmental condition it is frequently exposed to, how often you use it, and many more. Whatever gun you have, having a basic understanding of the features a quality oil should have and how it works helps you make an informed purchase decision.

With the above best gun oils reviews and buyer’s guide, you now possess the needed information that will help you choose the right gun oil and maintain your firearm properly. A well-maintained gun aims and fires perfectly every time, no matter how long it has been since its last use.

We will keep scouring the net searching for the best gun oils, and we will update this review periodically to ensure it has the best and modern gun oils for shooting enthusiasts and gun owners.



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