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Top 3 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats – Reviews & Buyer Guide

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Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

Source: slco.org

Male or female players, irrespective of age or skill sets, think that the best slowpitch softball bats can give a boost to their performance in competitive or recreational leagues. There are different rules and regulations relating to different leagues, and they decide which softball bat should be used while playing.

Softball bats can be of different types, but their dimensions are generally the same. They have a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inch, a length of 34 inches and usually weigh between 26-30 ounces. Let us take a look at the top slowpitch softball bats available and review them according to their specifications:

We will now take a look at the products in details and find out which one fits into the category of best-rated slowpitch softball bats.

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Choosing The Best Slowpitch Softball Bat

Source: wikihow.com

Source: wikihow.com


Slowpitch softball bats are designed in a unique way. You will need to pay close attention to the kind of bat you need for your league or recreation. It needs to be designed for the kind of softball you are playing with. You will also need to get in touch with the organization you are associated with, so that you know beforehand if that particular softball bat is qualified to be used in the game. These bats can be either balanced or end loaded. The balanced ones have most of the weight evenly distributed throughout the bat. An end loaded one has most of its weight at the end of the bat which makes it heavier and the perfect choice for power hitters.

There Are a Few Factors That Need to Checked Before Selecting Your Bat:

  • Approved for the league or not
  • Barrel size
  • Length of the bat
  • Material used for the bat
  • Weight of the bat
  • The other technical specifications

It is important to know that slowpitch softballs come in various weights, ranging from 26-30 ounces. If you are a power-packed performer, you would want a 28 oz or a 30 oz, while if you are a slow hitter, a 26-28 oz would be your best bet. A few other details can be kept in mind while choosing a slowpitch bat:


These bats are generally made of three major components: Aluminium, Composite and Wood. Different materials give different swings. The ones that are made of aluminium are used by non-professional players. They are lighter but last longer.

They have both single and double layer construction. If you need more power, double layer would be a better idea. Composite softball bats have the latest technology and are used by professionals because of larger sweet spot and better balance.

Wooden bats were traditionally used. The only advantage they offer is the range of choices in shape. Otherwise, they tend to break easily while playing.


Slowpitch softball bats usually weigh between 26 oz-30 oz. Stronger players choose heavier bats that give more power and lesser swinging speeds while smaller players use lighter bats that allow faster swings. To find out which bat you are comfortable with, it is recommended that you try swinging a couple of bats before making the final choice.


Longer bats give the benefit of a greater reach and also the ability to connect with pitches on the other side of the plate. The combination of right weight and length provides ultimate performance. Consider checking out a few bat lengths before deciding which one to buy.


ASA, USSSA, ISA, NSA are all softball leagues that have specific requirements for slowpitch softball bats. Before choosing a bat, one should know which rules are associated with which league.

These bats can be used by anyone, irrespective of gender or age. Men, women, and children can use them as per their needs and ease of use. You would need to try out a few bats before choosing one so that the purchase is successful and you can play your game comfortably. There is no restriction on experience.

New entrants and professionals can pick up bats and play according to their interests. The necessary factors listed above will help in a better understanding and a better choice.

The most popular slowpitch softball at the moment seems to be the 2015 Miken Denny Crine DC41 Softball Bat SUPERMAX USSSA Slowpitch BTGDCU that combines the best features of great power and durability on the field. Try it for a game to know whether it will suit you.

Top 3 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats – Reviews


#1 – Miken DC41 Review – The Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

Miken DC-41 Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Bat (2-Piece), Black, 30-Ounce


Miken DC41 Softball Bat SUPERMAX USSSA Slowpitch BTGDCU is best suited for those who are looking for tremendous performance and unmatched durability.


This is a composite slowpitch softball that has a massive sweet spot and handle flex that is stiffer; which ultimately enhances the all-around performance of the player. For those who want the feel of extra end load for added distance, this is a fantastic choice. The end load carries an extra 20-30 feet. Its revolutionary formula changes the game and brings about Miken’s form and durability to the equipment.


Its Vortex handle technology uses the power of braid reinforcement to enhance strength and maximizes performance. This bat is ideal for players who want an extra end loaded feel for added distance in the game. The braided layers help in even load distribution, and they also move together seamlessly for optimal flex and consistent performance.

It is a two-piece full composite design bat. It has a barrel length of 14 ½ inches, a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches, a length of 34 inches and weighs around 26 ounces. Miken’s Vortex handle and Aerospace Carbon Braid combined makes this an amazing bat to invest in.


Combining Triad technology with a layering of high strength fibers at extreme temperatures, it ends up with the ultimate sweet spot and has improved off the wrapper durability. This ensures great distance and a long-lasting exterior. It is approved by USSSA, NSA, and ISA. It has a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.


The end loaded feature of the bat is its biggest advantage. The feel and the sweet spot add to the benefits of having this bat.


The price range could be a deterrent in the purchase of the product. Not many people can afford a high-end bat like this one.

The Verdict

Despite the fact that it is expensive, it is the most popular choice among players because of its incredible durability and the end loading feature that enhances power in a performance. The revolutionary formula of 100 Comp, Miken’s Vortex handle and Triad Extreme’s layering of high strength fibres make this bat too difficult to resist. It is the best USSSA slowpitch softball bat.

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#2 – DeMarini 2015 Juggy ASA Review – The Best ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

DeMarini 2015 Juggy ASA Slowpitch Bat

DeMarini 2015 Juggy ASA Slowpitch Bat, Silver/Black/Gray, 34 inch/30 oz


The Juggy ASA Slowpitch bat brings along the power that you need when you reach the plate that has a stacked composite design. It ensures that you have the right equipment with the right specifications when you go out for a game with your partners.


The bat has a triple wall barrel that is end loaded and provides strong yet light on weight hitting zones having a springboard surface and a two-piece feel. It is topped with the Big D end cup, and that is the reason all the energy is focussed on the sweet spot. DeMarini bats have a reputation of crushing everything that comes its way.

You don’t want to leg out the infield singles. You would rather mash with an unrivaled bat in your hands, and that is what the demarini slowpitch softball bats are all about.


The bat has a barrel length of 12 inches and a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches. The material is stacked composite. Its weight varies from 26-30 ounces, and its length is 34 inches. Its handle type and barrel material are composite.


Its exterior makes it highly durable, and its stacked composite design allows it to be used for powerful sessions without succumbing to any wear and tear. It has a certification from ASA.


This bat enhances power. Its triple wall barrel ensures that you get a promotion in your game. The big D end cup ensures that all the energy is focused on the sweet spot.


Some people are of the opinion that the bat could have been a little well-designed. Its rather plain exterior might not impress a few people.

The Verdict

The effortlessness in swinging the ball, the skinnier handles, the power it brings to a game make this bat a popular choice among players who like a power-packed performance on the field. It is the best ASA slowpitch softball bat.

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#3 – Combat DBGSP2 Reviw – The Best Cheap Slowpitch Softball Bats

combat DBGSP2

2015 Combat Derby Boy’s G3 Chris Greinert Slowpitch Softball Bat DBGSP2


2015 Combat Derby Boy’s G3 Chris Greinert Slowpitch Softball Bat DBGSP2 is the best choice of slowpitch softball bat in its price range. Its users have come up with a statement that says, “It’s not a bat but a lifestyle”


This is a brand new bat that has been launched this year and it is already creating quite a stir. People who tend to spend more time playing on the field; this is the one that should definitely be their choice. This brand new Chris Greinert Derby Boys G3 has been designed for excellent performance and it is bound to surpass your expectations from a slowpitch softball bat. COMBAT carries the reputation of having the best bats from the wrapper.

Their Separation Barrier Technology allows maximum movement between barrel walls so that new bats can be exploited to provide the best performance early on.


It is a classic composite ball smasher that also has a huge sweet spot that maximizes performance on the field. It is made with Combat’s blended fiber technology. There are continuous glass and carbon fibers throughout the length of the bat. This results in a seamless construction of the bat. It has a 12 inch barrel length and a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter. It also has a precision molding technology.


This bat has a Nanocomp technology inside that helps to fill in the microscopic gaps in the fiber with resin. This ensures its high durability. It has been approved to be played in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF. It has a 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.


Its separation barrier technology allows it to perform from day 1 because of free movement between barrier walls. This does not need breaking in. New bats are ready from the word go. Its durability is yet another promising factor.


The bat might have a stiffer feel to it because of its end loaded feature and might also feel a little barrel heavy during the swing.

The Verdict

Considering the power that it brings to a performance, it is a great team bat. It is a lifestyle choice that players make for the ultimate performance on the field. It is the best cheap slowpitch softball bat.

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In Conclusion

After a thorough review of the best products in this range, it can be clearly seen that there is not much difference between the features and functions of the three bats. Choosing any one would be tough but going by performance, 2015 Miken Denny Crine DC41 Softball Bat SUPERMAX USSSA Slowpitch BTGDCU seems to be the best slowpitch softball bat, owing to its end load feature that provides added distance, its massive sweet spot, and its extreme durability.



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