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List of Accessories for Ruger 10/22 Rifle

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People who love hunting realize that .22 rifles are a perfect weapon to possess. Light, dependable, and effective, the Ruger 10/22 is probably the most discussed among these rifles. It is used and appreciated around the globe. A primary reason for this recognition is that the Ruger 10/22 is customizable to a large degree.

Best Ruger 10/22 Riflescope

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It is not that simple to find accessories which will really enhance the effectiveness of your weapons. Where should one begin with personalization? The Ruger 10/22 is already an excellent weapon straight from the factory. However, in the following paragraphs, we will provide you with some suggestions on how to enhance it further.

Seven amazing Ruger 10/22 accessories:

1. Magazine release

The release of the normal Ruger 10/22 is fairly difficult to use so buying a replacement could be a great step up for the weapon. Although it is not something that makes shooting simpler or better, it is an accessory which will enhance your experience when using your Ruger 10/22. Since Magazine Releases are relatively inexpensive, you should not hesitate to buy them.

2. The Magazines

You need to consider selecting the best kind of magazine when accessorizing your Ruger 10/22. Two of the choices are the normal 10 round rotary magazine and aftermarket magazines. You need to be careful when purchasing the second. Aftermarket magazines may be of bad quality and ruin your weapon rather than improving it. One magazine that is worth consideration is made by Tactical Solutions. Things to look for are, whether it fits your weapon well, is it adaptable, and is it easy to put on.

3. The Extractor

The Ruger is a weapon you can tote around the backwoods and can rely on in survival situations. For this reason, even though Ruger 10/22s rarely need cleaning compared to other weapons, it is advisable to possess a good survival package that includes extractors. Purchasing a great aftermarket extractor such as the Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor would be a good idea.

4. The Automatic Release

An automatic release is a favorite accessory. This simplifies the action to release the bolt. All that is required is to pull the bolt back slightly and the bolt will be automatically released. It eliminates some of the normal action required. Even if you are comfortable with the normal action, the automatic release is a nice simplification and frees up your hands.

5. The Sling

This really is the most essential of all the accessories we will mention. Unless you are shooting in a practice range, you will need your weapon taken care of. Having a sling, your Ruger is easily placed on your back leaving your hands free for transporting other equipment or navigating the forest and wilds with ease.

6. The Handle

This is subject to preference; however, the typical handle with the Ruger 10/22 is a bit small for many. It is thus a fantastic choice for some people to upgrade and replace the handle on their Ruger 10/22 with a bigger and much more comfortable one.

7. The Scope

Being a weapon mainly employed for daylight hunting of small prey, finding the best Ruger 10/22 scope is a great add-on option. Although not strictly necessary, a scope can add both fun and accuracy for target practice and small game hunting. Because the Ruger itself is not a costly gun, you need not purchase a very costly scope for this type of weapon. Purchasing a simple scope could be fine for the typical uses of this weapon. However, you should purchase per your exact requirements.

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Updated: November 27, 2017

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